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hi . I’m ali 34 my wife desire is 31 years old, let me tell you about my wife, desire is
a white skinned woman, 170 tall, 75 kilos, with a big ass and a big
ass who enjoys licking her pussy . We have been
married for seven years, our sex life is perfect. He
couldn’t even take my dick in his mouth. Of course, in the future, I made him watch a lot
of porn cds, I was dying to lick my desire’s cunt.
2 days ago, I made him watch a cd that I just bought. While my wife was watching the cd
, she started stroking my
cock. I was fingering then my wife got naked
and she started blowing me, my wife was giving me a blowjob
I can’t explain, his mouth was dry while shooting, he was pouring his saliva so that it wouldn’t dry out
. I was enjoying my dick very much
. I said to my wife, come on, I’m going to lick your meaty
pussy. My wife doesn’t leave my dick in her mouth . he was opening and closing it to me, I just got up from under him and he was like butter, I got in his pussy, my wife’s pussy was burning hard I was fucking hard on my wife continue my husband fuck my pussy

I’m going crazy by fucking me and even by fucking
my ass. I thought of putting my arm in my wife’s pussy at that moment.
My wife said I’ll take anything now, my pussy will take everything now, I took my
dick out of her pussy and slowly insert it into her pussy starting from my fingers
, my wife separated her hips with her hands for me to insert it comfortably
and she lifted her head up and said, come on, now it will go
in. My wife even took my arm
. I was making gestures with my fingers in your cunt.
I had put my arm in about 40 cm in the fuck, my wife was now doing my arm
feeling like a dick and doing it back and forth. At that moment, the ass hole caught my attention and
I started to massage your beautiful dick hole with my tongue, my wife said
put your dick in my ass. He said die but he was having trouble breathing. I said can I forgive my wife, babe, I’ll fuck her too, so that you can get enough, and I stood up a little
and forced her ass while my ankle was in her pussy, I forced her ass into her ass even though it was hard , I accelerated a little bit and then my wife ejaculated in her ass hole. my wife said a deep ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a relief my man thanks

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