Greetings, friends, I am a young man living in Izmir. While telling my memory, there will be places where I
make unnecessary literature by breaking the boundaries of eroticism or pornography .
If you are a direct action enthusiast,
then half of the article is for you. But I think you should read it from cover to cover
because it will allow you to get to know me a little bit and to comment better while reading my other memoirs
. Enjoy watching.
Alsancak was just a sightseeing place for me at first. First of all, I started to spend time in alsancak
with x cafe, where a girlfriend took me to live .
On my 2nd or 3rd visit to X cafe , we
met a friend named Özgür who works there. foreign music player
It was a place and didn’t have many customers. On my 4th visit, we
went with Ayten, who took me there for the first time. The cafe was in the shape of an “l”
and there was a narrow break in the dom section. From this gap
, it could only be seen that the free person was entering and exiting to serve customers.
That day, Ayten and I started to get close.
That is, until my cigarette went out to the door of the cafe to get some air
. On one of the fake stools at the door of the cafe , a girl of
45-50 kilograms, weighing in

he was sitting waiting for someone. he was sitting.
As soon as we got out , we made eye contact and you were locked in there. After 5-6 seconds
, I came to my senses and went up the stairs and
lingered in the middle of the street, but my eyes were constantly cutting the girl. I’m sure he was aware of the neat legs and the constant gaze of my eyes on the tie he wore around his
neck from a boyfriend . Unable to resist, I went inside. After a while, as her daughter was entering the working section through that tiny gap , I poked Ayten and said, “Who is this girl?” Ayten annoyedly said “free’s girlfriend” and boiling water poured down on my head all of a sudden. a hand on the free girl’s thin waist

He crossed the line and
asked , “We’re going out, will you come?” . I was trying to hide the erect little guy while I made an effort to look reluctant
. When Özgür insisted a little more , I
started to collect the items without answering.
We went to another cafe. They sat down and ordered a cherry soda and
looked at each other and laughed. I was crazy, I wanted that girl, but I
knew she couldn’t be. That day, we left there and went to our house with Ayten (
I know a different story, you want action, but you’ll have to wait). I was
free and started to spend a lot of time with her friends.
During this time, he said that the girl was of Austrian descent, and that he
was studying at the end of high school, and when he finished high school, he went back to Austria-Vienna with Özgür.
I knew they would be back. A week or two later, the girl (natalie) became
intimate with us.
We were just talking , as I had some newbie times when I couldn’t show my feelings . I wasn’t making any mistakes. He
caresses her hand as he shakes hands without her noticing. While I was walking, I was smelling her hair for fear of being caught free and I
was slowly falling in love.
One of the next days, the girl got bored of waiting for Özgür in the cafe and
I was alone, so she said let’s go out for a while. I said yes before
I could control my excitement and he was taken aback. We were sitting in a street called Church Street in Alsancak
and talking about her relationship with him. The conversation inevitably
started to shift to donkey talk and he said that little free is very thick.
And I found out that he suffered during intercourse. Their relationship had become mundane and
unhappy. He looked at my picture. He looked a little longer and kissed my lips
. I was surprised and alarmed. But as a person who draws, I had a respected background in
artistry and anatomy . I slowed the rate of kissing that composited
her raising shit to the tannery . I slowed down enough to let him
feel my lips . As my hands wander around the sensitive parts of her neck, I grasp her thin waist with my other hand and sit her on my lap. I wanted him to feel power and protection . We were kissing like crazy in the middle of the street and we were surrounded by a stone

we built a wall. Nobody cared. He had to wait a bit.
We were in Alsancak and Özgür had dozens of friends. I slowly pulled my
lips from hers.
He was still standing with his eyes closed when our lips were glued together .
I gave him a kiss that he couldn’t have with anyone else in his life , and it
earned me + points.
Ball now. it was me. That same day, the idea of ​​staying in the free was thrown out and I
had already set up the script. Natalie’s girlfriend from school and her
boyfriend, me and free have decided to stay free. They were sitting in Evka
bimnemkach and the road was long. This road was painful. Natalie
‘s reluctant free kisses and apologetic gaze at me.
I was watching. I was inexperienced and in pain.
When we got home, we
started preparing our standard student meal pasta . While preparing food in the free kitchen, natalie was
talking to her friends . His friend looked at me and smiled. Natalie came to me and
said that everyone knows except free now and they will learn in free tonight. Fear
and stupid love feelings were at war inside me.
It was night and everyone went to bed. I was
expecting the sounds of arguments from Özgür’s room, but I could hear the sounds of making love later in the night
. Natalie
came to me crying at night when I started to nap and she came to me and lay down next to me with my pike off. I hugged him tight
and said don’t cry. I knew his medicine. gently behind the ear
I kissed his junction with his neck and began to descend towards his neck.
He turned his face to me and said I love you.
We were shouting our one night stand to each other .
I turned her towards me and offered her my desired lips. We were kissing again
between the walls, but I was out of money and
I took off his clothes. Her erect breasts greeted me. I slowly took off her bra and started stroking
her breasts as I slowly kissed one after the
other. Gradually, the instinct of love gave way to animality
. My tongue was running faster and faster around
her breasts, and I was squeezing her breasts in my palms.
While licking one, I was stimulating the tip of the other with my wet finger. By the way
I pulled my hand away from his licked chest,
stroking his legs, his crotch, around the sacred hole. I felt the heat of hell in
my fingers even though I hadn’t touched the more sacred hole.
I was pulling up the skirt of her nightgown, on which I was running my hand . He was so high
that he forgot to please me. As if to explain that this worship is not free, I placed his hand on the attitude and the little one, squeezing his
hips .
I think I heard a little laughter between his deep breaths
, or so it seemed to me.
That’s enough affection for the breasts, I said to myself, and
turned towards between her breasts, vaguely formed by the belly muscles. follow the line
I started kissing. Now that his hand couldn’t reach the little one, he was
scratching my shoulders and stroking my head.
I was making sure that only my lips
touched him so that he could focus on the places my lips said. When I got to the belly button, my hand
was looking for the glass of water I put on the edge of the bed. He did. I lifted my lips
and slowly (he should feel) the water that I took in my palm, towards the belly button
and below. I started dripping right. Trembling
, he let out all his breath as if to scream until he was out of breath, and
he contracted so much that while he was squeezing my hand with one hand, his hand slipped
due to sweat and twisted my finger.
I was satisfied thinking that I knew this job, and that was my orgasm.
When he came to himself, he looked at me out of breath and said how can you do it.
I thought I’d straighten up and give him a kiss and relax and carry on and take you to
the top of the world tonight . He
thought I was going to give him a blowjob, and I
bent one of his feet to my face, breaking his grip and knee . I took off your socks, I kissed your heel, it was so soft. I was right again
. (beautiful girl will have beautiful feet). I took off the
socks on the other foot and placed them on my chest.
I took off the white cotton briefs. His two feet and his panties were on my nose.
I took a deep breath and lifted both legs and took them out. I was
licking your feet . I was licking between her toes, I was licking her ankles and the
smooth top of her neat feet, and I was
I was playing with the g-spot with my hand. His moans were quickened again.
I kissed her feet one last time and left. Now I needed attention. Me .
He pulled me under him and slowly started licking all over my face. As for my earlobes, I felt that the boy might explode with a force that could
shatter his walls for a moment and destroy the world . I understood him better now. He was a quick learner and was not bad at his execution . When he got to my throat, he turned my head sharply to the right (or left, I don’t remember) with his hand and slowly licked it from behind my ear to my scapula . He wanted me to feel and he was torturing me. His tiny body was dominating me. Pressing my face with his hand

He started licking my breasts. He was teething lightly. I was dying, I
think I was taking my last breath, and by feeling it, he stopped and started to go down to my belly
(he made a mistake, he should have continued 🙂
I guess the hairs on my body weren’t bothering him. After I finished licking my belly, he tried to grasp
the little one over my boxers with his tiny hand,
but he was
able to do so only when he pulled his hand with two fingers in front of me and peeled off the boxers. I was burning. He kissed her head gently.
Licking the vineyard just under his head with his tongue, he suddenly lowered his head
and drew a circle with his tongue. He quickly took as little as he could
and slowly took out as little. It was unfair, I didn’t
touch it.
I straightened up and placed his waistline and legs beside me. I picked it up again
properly and we were in position 69. I was rearing
as he licked me. I licked the sacred hole in a line from head to toe
and greeted him with a hello, just as he did.
And there was no such thing as slow anymore . I was licking it all over using my nose. .
I was sucking his clistorie. From time to time the little one was cut too short for him to lick
Since his tiny little molars could only control a quarter of the tool, he would at least
take it out and lick it sideways, pressing it down and licking it all
over. That was enough to drive me crazy.
I felt him take the tool under his chin . He tried to cram most of my balls into less and
could click. I was crazy and sped up. My tongue was making 8000 revolutions per minute (
keh keh). He just took the ball out and licked it one last time,
spitting on the head of the tool and began to pull himself forward.
I pulled my hands. He took his place on the instrument with his back to me.
I grabbed the little one and parted one of Natalie’s ass cheeks. There was not a single
hair. I left the kid at the entrance to the holy temple and said it’s your turn
, pulling my hands away. He slowly started to sit up. He was
able to get one of the top four. oh my goodness. What a tightness. What temperature was that?
I was in hell. He straightened up again and pressed himself down again. It was just
a matter of time, but I was on fire. it was hot. He straightened up and groaned one last time and
his muscles emptied and he took them all. I was squeezing the pillow with my teeth.
I grabbed her just below her waist and started pushing her forward.
I was stroking her beautiful neat back and ass cheeks. he was skiing on me
, it was as if the little one was going to break as I went back and forth
, but I was enjoying it like crazy and I was getting higher and higher. Just as he was about to ejaculate
, I picked him up sharply and laid him on his back. I squatted, placing a pillow under
her stomach and placing both my feet at the level of her butt. I put one
hand behind my back and with the other
I pressed the tool all the way through and slowly inserted it.
I pulled back and inserted again. He was screaming with the pillow pressed against his face.
Now he was free and happy. I went for about five minutes. Each
time I stabbed like a dagger. I dropped to my knees
, lifted his hips a little more, and moved into a half-dog position. I grabbed his waist and
firmly rooted the tool. I was slapping your ass with my waist.
I slowed down as the sound got too loud . But now I was coming and I was speeding again.
I tucked the sheet behind my throat around my throat and stuffed some of it in my lower back , and I
lifted her up, pressed the tool to her chin and pressed it over her with my hand.
I was yelling. I was crying so hard. My sperm were getting
into her nostrils, her eyes, her hair. When it was over, I clenched my jaw
and ripped the sheet I had torn with my teeth. take the tool less
cleaned the remaining sperm. And I piled on it.
The girl was under me. He got up, went to the bathroom, washed his face, came
and hugged me and lay next to me. “I beat you four to one,” he said.
I looked immature . You ejaculated once, I ejaculated four times, what else did he say? I
was from Crete and the match would never be over without scoring 4 goals.
We made love 3 more times that night . After the second, he said enough, I am not a machine, but
of course he couldn’t stop. The next day, after so long, he was
smiling. But I think he understood the free ones.
He was silent because he was afraid that his Austrian ticket would be burned. Later, the girl
told him everything and went to Austria. free .
He never met me again . But natalie didn’t take him to austria.
A message came from Austria a week later. “I’m pregnant, god damn
it, what am I going to do now” he said.
I walked around crying for a week . A second message came 1 week after the first message. “I’m making fun of
you. Would a guy like you have a child? I think he had the child
removed and made such a cover so that I wouldn’t wear it out.
After Natalie, I had 2-3 more relationships. I
have not been in a relationship for about a year now. Thanks to Natalie’s incident, I’ve
calmed down a lot. I can’t get close to girls. I expect the first reaction from them but
I guess girls never take the first step. Some of my friends used to think of me as a very flirtatious
, they still do, but if they only knew, I wouldn’t want to be asexual.
They’d be upset that I started. I don’t know which section to put this article in,
but I hope you like it .

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