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One day, I had to go there to buy flowers for a friend at work
. He was very warm to me.
I couldn’t decide which flower to buy. He gave me advice.
There were thousands of types of flowers, with different petals.
He said I had to touch it to understand the difference in quality .
Our hands touched at one point while testing the petals of a flower . . We were both excited.
I think he noticed that I was staring at his breasts, too.
Smiling cutely and openly to me. Do you have time tonight,
we can have a coffee if you want. He offered to go out! I was shocked.
My heart was pounding. I agreed. To meet after work tonight
we agreed. Then I jumped into my tiny golf cart and hit the gas and yihhuu!
I congratulated myself. I managed to get her attention!
I left the modeling agency I was working for early that evening. Actually , I
am always well-groomed due to my job, but today was a special day and I should have been better
prepared. I went to my apartment, which I kept in the most central place of Bonn and carefully furnished, and tried
on my most striking clothes
. When we met, we were both merry like children. We went to a nice
restaurant and sat at one of the deserted tables in the back. We deepened the conversation by
ordering light meals from the menu cards brought by the waiter.
Once in a while my legs are under the table
I was checking her reaction by rubbing her legs. He was also responding
. . We sipped our red wines after dinner and I
invited him to my house. He didn’t react. It was very comfortable. “Come if you want,” she said.
I agreed.
We parked the car in the restaurant’s parking lot and jumped into his sports convertible together . Passing through the streets of Bonn like lightning,
we came to a very stylish district. I felt like I was going to pass out when we got to his apartment. I finally
achieved my goal and managed to get the girl I liked! As soon as she entered the house
, Clara (her name was) immediately turned on the music and cheered up.
Before I knew what it was, it clung to my lips. It was so
fast! We started to love and caress each other like crazy. First time
I was making love to a fellow man! Yes, this was my first lesbian relationship in my life!
told me after reviewing my boobs as I am naturally brown skinned .melissa, you are amazing! I was very happy when you said
it. He adored me! We made love to each other that night. We were aware that we had sinned
, but this time our
feelings were controlling us, not our reason! We were ashamed that we were doing something we shouldn’t have done. The
next day I had a shoot for a fashion catalogue.
I asked Clara if she wanted to work at my agency
. His body was very attractive. Why not? Clara agreed.
I talked to my boss on the phone and gave information about Clara. More
Then we went to the studio for test shots. Clara was admired.
He was hired with a high transfer fee. I brought a new model to the fashion world and
found myself a lover!

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