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Since I grew up with my cousin, they raised us like brothers. That’s why I hadn’t even thought about him sexually once. We used to take a shower together and get dressed together. Cousin sex story what I’m going through right nowI still can’t believe I wrote it here. After my cousin moved to the other side of Istanbul, I tried to keep in touch with him, and now we could be together once a month instead of every day. Of course, when we met again, we did not neglect to take a shower together. It was as if I couldn’t take a shower without her, years passed and the bond between us was severed. I was constantly daydreaming and masturbating while I was fucking my cousin in the garage. I was so upset now that I wanted to fuck him as soon as possible. To recapture this bond, I entered Instagram and started liking their photos. Now I had it in my head, I literally wanted to shout that I fucked my cousin in the garage. The garage was very important to me because we were there undressing and looking at each other.

Years later, when we looked at ourselves naked, I almost wanted to fuck him. We started small talk with my cousin. He began to tell her that he had a girlfriend and how much he loved her. My dreams were slowly falling into the water, I didn’t know what to do. I offered to meet him as soon as possible and that I would be by his side no matter what. She agreed, but I had a problem, her boyfriend was going to come to my meeting. I had in mind to make sure that he did not come by saying that he wanted to come to my mother, but I was not worried about the child either. I wonder if he is fucking my cousin too. We coincided with the weekend and we met. The boy was not like me at all, and the boy was a very strange person. He was one of those types who played online games and talked about him all the time without chatting. When I went home in the evening, I found something to disparage the child. I was pretty sure that it hadn’t fucked my cousin. In fact, my cousin was probably a virgin. My penis was rising from thinking about these things while sitting next to them. I wanted to go to the toilet and masturbate as soon as possible, but I didn’t want to get up next to my cousin. Because this moment would never come again.

When I returned home in the evening, my cousin called himself and asked how did you like my darling. So I opened my mouth, buried my face, I constantly vilified him, and at the end I emphasized that he did not even have sexual intercourse with you. She replied with a laugh and said no we didn’t. That’s the moment I wanted, for God’s sake, I asked if I could be such a man, and when I asked why, I replied, look, you are a very beautiful girl, your body features are very beautiful, I like you very much, but you are more beautiful, I said, someone who will make you happy in bed when appropriate. After this message, I noticed that he was getting horny too. I couldn’t find someone like that, I’m very curious too, he said, “If I find someone who can handle me well, the first thing I’ll do would be to fuck with him.” I exploded, before I could even reply to the direct message, I went to the toilet, hung up, got relieved, and started texting again. But now that I have ejaculated, I started to speak coldly. At night, I got horny and texted again, I asked if you’ve never fucked before, so are you a virgin? Yes, I’m a virgin. I’m waiting for someone to spoil me. I was so horny after talking to you todayHe said we became a cousin fuck story . He said I want to spoil now, I want to taste a dick. I’m shocked of course, I want to say that I brought him to our house as soon as possible and had a cousin sex story in the garage .

My parents found out that they were going on a picnic next week, and I told them. My plan was ready. When we went on a picnic with our guys, I would make up an excuse and say we forgot something and go home with him and fuck him. That was my dream. But my smart cousin made it so that my boyfriend could come too. And my fathers are very angry, I said, don’t bring it, if that boy came, I could not fuck my cousin next to him and all my dreams would be a lie. There was nothing I could do anymore, I had no other choice, I would risk anything to fuck my cousin. I picked up my cousin from the bus stop, crossing the wooded road, wondering if I should give him a blowjob over there. I also wanted to open the issue. I wanted him to know what was going to happen to him, but I didn’t know how to get into it. While walking towards the house, when we came to the last part of the forest area, I wanted to open the subject by saying that I hung out with my girlfriends here. The room was surprised, he said, “Wow, what did you do, let’s see what you did there.” I said it’s shameful, I can’t tell, and my face started to turn red. When we got home, my parents were very happy to see my cousin. I saw them love like they were their daughters. After a while, I started to wonder what it would be like if she came to this house as her bride, not as her daughters.

Anyway, my cousin started to tell us that he missed our house very much and he went around the house one by one, do you remember that we did this here, we did that here. When it comes to the bathroom part, I wanted to remind you directly, I said, do you remember this place, we were taking a shower together. If it’s my cousin, will I forget it with a smile? He said that I wanted to show the garage as soon as possible. It’s like reminding us that we were undressing in the garage and sticking to his lips, but I didn’t have such self-confidence. My father took us to a picnic in haste. I had no hope in the car, what excuse could I take that girl home again? If I can’t fuck someone else, it would be very difficult for me. I couldn’t handle this situation. While my fathers were grilling, I said to my cousin, let’s go for a walk. We started walking, my aim was to be out of sight, but now I had nothing to lose. Because I wasn’t going to fuck my cousin in the garage anyway. After we descended into the depths of the forest, we heard a scream. Curious, we started walking towards where the scream came from. We saw that a man is fucking his girlfriend. We both started watching them through the bushes. The man puts it in his girlfriend’s mouth and starts to fuck, involuntarily my dick got up and my cousin, my onerealized that I wanted a sex story . “I see you getting up,” he said, putting his hand on my penis. Now was the time, I clung directly to his lips and said that was my plan. What was the room he said fuck me? If you have such a plan come and do it now I have a sex storyHe said he wanted to live. I told him that my dream is not here, I want to fuck in the garage. He’s smiling, okay, let this be my first time here then, because it will hurt so much, my dear, I can shout as much as I want here, no one will hear. If it happens in the garage I can’t shout and I’ll be so bad. Then let me stay with you today, let’s go down to the garage at night and he started to undress by saying fuck me in the garage. The woman I dreamed of curled up in front of me and started shouting come on fuck me. Without waiting, I put my penis directly in your pussy. I noticed that his cunt is burning, very hot and watery. He’s dying of rage right now, I’m sure he’ll accept whatever I want, officially. That’s why you’re going to break up with your boyfriend directly. I said I’ll come to you once a week and fuck you like this, he pleaded with me, I’m so bad, fuck me now, he shouted and I stabbed him quickly, I started to bleed, I was afraid that something would happen because he shouted a lot and started to cry, he said that it hurt. I was afraid that something would happen, but I wanted to enjoy that moment and continued, I pulled myself close to ejaculation and ejaculated on his back. I dressed him immediately, he was walking hard on the roadIt was almost obvious that he was fucking . When we went to my fathers, they realized that my cousin was in tears and asked if something happened, but they did not dwell on it much. In the evening, we took a shower and talked about what to do. I said, “If you’re bad, let’s not fuck about” I said no, it hurts but I want to do it again.

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