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I’m Banu, 1.80 meters tall, dark-haired, beautiful in her own way, like a model according to what people around me say. I am the middle daughter of a family that works in a site close to the seaside of Tekirdag, who came here to work 10 years ago. Since my family is a conservative family of village origin, I used to travel and dress more restrained than the girls here. My father takes care of the technical works of the site such as the heating work, my mother goes to the housework. My sister is 23 years old and married. I also have a brother who won the University this year.

I started reading the sex stories here, with the advice and insistence of my girlfriend, Ebru, who came on holiday from Istanbul and with whom I got along very well. I didn’t read it when I finished high school. I was staying at home and helping my mom and dad. In the summer, Ebru would come on vacation, stay in Tekirdag until the schools opened, and then return to Istanbul. Ebru was a very relaxed person since her family was in good condition and she was the only daughter of the house. Even though we only saw each other in the summers, Ebru was the only friend I got on very well with. This summer she da she came again she she.

When I was with Ebru, my family would allow me to travel and go to the sea more comfortably. Although we live by the sea, I didn’t go to the sea much, only if we went as a family when my sister came to us, or when Ebru and her father got permission from my father. It was the end of summer again. Ebru said that her family will return, but she will stay for another 10 days (until the schools open). He wanted me to come too, that they would go to a relative’s summer house on the weekend and come back on Monday. I said that my family would not allow it, that I could only come if his father got permission from my father. Ebru also asked her father.

Ebru’s father (Mustafa brother) was 45 years old, athletic, tall and charismatic. Since he was on good terms with my father, he took permission from me as a result of my father’s insistence. On Friday morning, I, Ebru, brother Mustafa and his wife, aunt Gülçin, went to their relatives where we were staying. The summer house we went to was Ebru’s aunt’s summer house. Ebru’s aunt, uncle and son Kaan welcomed us warmly and we settled in the summer house. While we were getting ready to go to the sea after having our lunch, I got a call from Istanbul. Ebru’s grandmother got sick and they took her to the hospital. When the whole family was going to return to Istanbul after this news, Ebru’s mother said to her husband, “Mustafa, you stay with the children, we will go with my brother-in-law and my sister and do what is necessary.” said. Others also approved.

Therefore, I, Ebru, her aunt’s son Kaan, and Ebru’s father Mustafa remained. After we sent them off, we already made our preparations for the sea and went to the sea… While Ebru, Kaan and I were swimming in the sea, brother Mustafa was sunbathing by the sea. In the sea, Ebru and Kaan were joking with each other and gesturing with each other. I was a little hesitant and timid, swimming a little far from them. Something interesting happened that caught my attention for a while. Kaan was touching Ebru’s chest and hips, while Ebru was telling Kaana that her father could see it, to stay relaxed. It was a long time ago that I got bored and went to the side. I greet and lay down next to Mustafa brother. Brother Mustafa was in a swimsuit and the bulge on his front was very obvious, I was instantly hooked.

Brother Mustafa laughingly said, “No, Banu, you’re quiet, why don’t you swim?” said. I just said, “Well… I don’t like swimming very much, I came for your sake.” I said. Brother Mustafa said, “Thank you, thank you for not hurting us.” she said… She started asking me what I was doing and how I was spending my time, when the subject came around, it came to whether she had a boyfriend or not. I told him that it was only once in High School until today, and that someone working on our site wanted to be friends with me all the time, but I did not accept this because I was afraid of my father. Ebru and Kaan came to us at that time, they said they would go to the buffet and get something and asked for permission.

His father also gave permission, he asked them to buy us ice cream and water. They left, we were still sitting and chatting. It was evening and there weren’t many people on the beach. At one point, I said, “Mustafa brother, I’ll go look at Ebru too.” I said. “Of course!” she said… While I was going to the buffet, I noticed people kissing behind the changing booths. When I got a little closer, I saw that it was Ebru and Kaan, they were almost passed out, their lips were glued together as if they were going to eat each other, Kaan was stroking Ebru’s buttocks. I was shocked. Although, it wasn’t the first time I saw Ebru with men in this way. Ebru was a very relaxed girl and things like this were normal for her. But this was different, Kaan was his aunt’s son. I watched them for a while, they didn’t notice me.

They cuddled up a little more, and as they were on their way to the buffet, I called after them. They told me that they saw a friend of theirs, had a little chat with him, and that they were just going to the buffet. Ebru said I could come to the buffet if I wanted to. But I said that I would go back to his father and came back. I didn’t want to be parsley for them… Just when I got to his father, his father said that he had a job with the company, that he had a job with the company, that he would take care of it online, that I could wait for the Ebrus and return with them if I wanted. I said that I wanted to go back to the cottage, that I was bored. “Sure, come!” said.

He also called Ebru and said that we would go back to the summer house and that they should come to the summer house when their work was finished. Brother Mustafa went to the computer. I was thinking about going to the bathroom and taking a shower. I went to my room, left my towel and prepared the clothes I will wear after the shower, and then I made my way to the bathroom with my swimsuit on. I was shocked when I took down the straps of my swimsuit and entered the bathroom, mistaking Mustafa brother for the computer. Brother Mustafa was in the bathroom naked and about to take a shower. The puffy front that I saw on the beach in her swimsuit, this time was in front of me with everything.

While I was looking at his huge cock in surprise, he was looking at my breasts, which I tried to cover with my hand. After my astonishment had passed, I was saying, “Well, I thought you were at the computer, I’m sorry…”, while Mustafa brother approached me and asked me to come because I was very beautiful. I was like frozen. It was the first time I was faced with something like this. I had only seen Ebru making love to men and my sister making love to my brother-in-law. Brother Mustafa said I could touch it if I wanted. I still couldn’t come to my senses and said with that surprise, “Well, it’s the first time I see it…”. Brother Mustafa clung to my lips and started kissing. I couldn’t even respond under the influence of what I saw today.

Moreover, I liked it very much, it was the first time I was kissed by a man. Brother Mustafa pulled me to him, he was still kissing me, squeezing my breasts and hips with his hands, while he was telling me to be comfortable, that he found me very beautiful, that he wanted me. I couldn’t do anything, I didn’t even respond, but I liked it. Mustafa brother, who hugged me tightly, pulled my swimsuit down and left me bare, took my hand and brought my hand to his dick. His wound was large and thick. For some reason, the thick dicks I read in sex stories came to my mind at that moment…

I had his dick in my hand, he wanted me to caress it, while I just cupped it. He was doing it back and forth, stroking my buttocks and cunt, squeezing my breasts and kissing my lips, making me very intoxicated with pleasure. I started enjoying it so much that I felt my pussy watering. I responded by squeezing his cock in my hand and licking his lips. He liked my awkward kissing. He hugged me again, licking my neck, biting my breasts He pushed me off my shoulders and made me kneel in front of him, “Lick!” said. I said that I had never done it before, that I did not know how. He wanted to put his dick in my mouth, but when I gagged, he lifted me up, kneeling down in front of me and screwed me. He was licking my pussy so fast, it was driving me crazy. Meanwhile, he was forcing the hole in my ass with his fingers… I was completely ecstatic now.

For the first time in my life, I was having sex with someone my father’s age. Brother Mustafa was making love very well, but the finger he put in my ass hurts me. Biran said, “Oops!” I startled. “What happened, did you hurt, my love?” he asked politely. “Mustafa brother, this is the first time I’ve experienced something like this, I think what we’re doing is wrong!” I wanted to object. But he said, “Don’t call me brother, neither do my love! There’s a first time for everything, don’t worry, it will be nice!” He made me kneel before him again. He wanted to put his dick in my mouth, but I couldn’t take it, it was thick and wouldn’t go into my mouth. “Kiss it, lick it!” said. I was just starting to kiss and lick when he pulled my hair. It was one thing for me to open my mouth out of pain and that thick dick getting into my mouth. My mouth felt like it was going to tear, I felt like I was going to vomit. But brother Mustafa wouldn’t let me take it off, he was holding my head and almost squeezing me out of my mouth. Meanwhile, I got wet once again. Brother Mustafa couldn’t stand it too long and started to ejaculate in my mouth. It had a very bad taste, and it was too much. I felt like I was drowning. I forcibly removed it from my mouth, and when I took it out, I started to vomit in the sink…

While I was throwing up at the sink, brother Mustafa was licking my buttocks and pussy from behind and putting his finger in my pussy. I still couldn’t come to my senses, but all I could think about at that moment was my maiden. I asked him that I was a virgin so that he wouldn’t hurt my maiden. Upon this, brother Mustafa stopped fingering my pussy and started sticking his finger in my ass. I was hurting, but brother Mustafa knew his job very well, it also gave me pleasure. He was licking my back with his finger back and forth on my ass while I was washing my mouth in the sink curled up in front of him. I was so mad and surrendered myself even more to him.

When he realized this, he tried to put his dick in my ass. I felt his dick deep in my ass hole, but it was thick and wouldn’t go in. Actually, I was afraid, I wanted to… He said to me, “Stay like this!” she said, taking lotion from the bathroom cabinet and slathering it liberally on her cock and ass. While I was waiting for what would happen, he forced his dick up my ass again. It still wasn’t coming in. “Leave yourself alone, don’t squeeze!” He asked me to bend further towards the sink. I did what you said, it tried again. All of a sudden, I felt indescribable pain inside me, lightning flashes in my brain. “Remove!” I shouted, but I couldn’t escape because my head was against the wall under the sink, and brother Mustafa was holding me tightly. While that huge dick was slowly moving up my ass, I couldn’t stand the pain anymore and I was crying. My leg was amputated. And he still kept shoving it up my ass, ”

The sex story is over, my love, it’s in, it’s almost time!” she was saying. When I felt his crotch on my hips, I passed out from the pain… When I came to my senses, we were in the bedroom, lying face down. Brother Mustafa was putting a pillow under my crotch and making me crooked, and he was squeezing my ass behind me. I was out of shape, and he was constantly burping, kissing my back, and continuing to fuck my ass. He had not ejaculated even though he had fucked for 15-20 minutes. Strangely enough, this job gave me pleasure as well as pain. With that pleasure, I was pushing my hips towards him in response. Brother Mustafa was fucking my ass with a great experience.

I still couldn’t believe that thick big dick was inside of me and how I got it in my ass. I was numb all over and I couldn’t feel the hole in my ass. I was no longer in a state, “Mustafa brother is empty!” I started begging. It was pretty fast. I was teething the bed with pleasure and pain. Finally, he ejaculated in my ass with a strange growl… He took his dick out of my ass and wiped it on the sheet. He compliments me, “I love you so much, my love, my wife!” he says, kissing my shoulders, my back, my waist, the cheeks of my ass. I was still lying face down on the bed in that pain and bewilderment, shocked state, my voice was not coming out. Then voices were heard from downstairs, Ebru and Kaan had definitely come. While brother Mustafa put on his swimsuit and went to the computer, I took the sheet that was soaked with semen and ran to the bathroom.

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