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I am a 38-year-old, 166-height, 68-kilogram blond, white-skinned, plump and
well-groomed woman with a lively body. I have round full hips,
a thin slender waist and firm and full breasts.
I am a sexy woman that men of all ages talk to my hips and breasts while walking on the
street. I have been married for 15 years and I love my wife very much. My wife is 45 years old.
He has a gentle and understanding nature. However, we did not have children because of my wife’s lack of sperm
. We tried all kinds of medical methods, but to no
avail. The incident that happened to me happened about 5 months ago.

It was the last days of August.
Again, my wife and I were discussing the child issue .
I mentioned that I would lose my ability to ovulate in a few years now . My wife knew how much I
wanted to have children. He was very
upset because he couldn’t do it himself.

One night, out of the blue, again in the middle of such an argument, my wife
presented me with an idea that I initially found very strange and opposed.
He suggested that I get pregnant with another man. I was very opposed at first, but my wife
stated that it was the only solution and within a few days I
started to adopt this idea too. Along with the adoption, a great excitement also
covered my body. My longing for a child that I had desired for years would be over, and
besides that, I would have a man other than my wife for the first time. Because of my shy
nature, I never gave it to anyone until I got married, and
after marriage I never slept with a man other than my wife.
We had the idea, but who would be the appropriate man? Who is this around us?
Would he accept an offer? One morning my wife said she had suddenly found the right man
. He said that one of the staff working in his own store was suitable for this job
He was a handsome 18-year-old young, athletic, dark-haired boy working as a clerk in my wife’s store . His name is
Serkan. I’ve seen him at the store a few times. She called me aunt
and treated me very respectfully. I said to my wife, “She is very
young”; but my wife said it wouldn’t matter, and she
would accept this offer more quickly because she was young. And I said “yes”.

As I was leaving the house one morning, my wife told me to get ready for the evening.
He would explain the situation to Serkan in the store and they would come home together in the evening.
My wife would then leave us alone at home and go to the hotel. I said “ok”
and couldn’t sit still all day with excitement. Near evening,
I took a long bath and removed my femininity and armpit hair. And
I wore a pretty sexy outfit. I wanted to provoke the boy. I put on my red thong
and bra. On top of that, I wore my super mini white skirt that barely covered my plump wide
hips. For the top
, I chose a white body that would show my lively, round breasts and wore it. I sprayed a lot of
perfume. Paint my lips with my red lipstick and put on a nice make up
I did. I waited with excitement.
I felt like a mare waiting for her stallion . At around 7:00 the doorbell rang and my
heart jumped. Excited, I ran to the door. It was Serkan and my wife who came. I
was dying of excitement, my wife was acting quite comfortably.
On the other hand , a shyness settled on Serkan’s young face ; He was looking at her with enchanted eyes.

We went into the living room and sat down. My wife and I were sitting side by side, while Serkan was
sitting on the sofa opposite us.
We were talking about trivial matters as if we didn’t know the purpose of our meeting . I sat cross- legged , making my already
mini skirt come off even more . Serkan, on the other hand, was staring at my legs as if he was going to eat. These sharp horny glances directed at my body excited me as well. I kept driving the kid crazy by changing legs every now and then, sometimes by spreading my legs and showing my red thong . The love we make is quite

My wife was talking about the store business. Then I got up and
headed to the kitchen to get a soft drink. I walked out of the room wiggling my full hips
I was sure that Serkan was watching my hips from behind while I was leaving .

I was squirming hard to piss him off even more. Once the tooth in me came
out.. I brought Cokes and offered them. While doing this,
I did not neglect to show my round big breasts to Serkan. While
drinking the cokes, I noticed that Serkan was sweating a lot. I said to my wife, “Go now!!” he
looked like he was saying. My wife realized that the time had come and said she had to go
. I came to the door to say goodbye to my wife.
“Have fun!” my wife placed a kiss on my lips . he said and left.

I closed the door and went back to the living room. Now we were alone with Serkan . My
excitement when chatting with my wife came back again. I slowly
sat next to Serkan. He was also in a state of bewilderment. First, we had a little
chat about the weather. And we come to the main topic. Serkan said he understands the situation
and would be happy to do so. This demeanor
was enough to put me at ease. I got up and put on some slow music and said, “Shall we dance
?” Serkan got up and we started dancing.
Our bodies stuck together in the middle of the hall . I put my hands around his neck; He
wrapped his strong arms around my waist. We dance slowly to the music
. My big boobs touch his muscular body, my perfume smell
it took up the whole room. Slowly, we both started to get into the air.
Serkan was obviously very angry with the effect of touching my body.
His hands began to stroke my waist; now he was literally caressing my waist.
I looked into his eyes and smiled. Even more daring than that, he slid his hands further
down to caress my buttocks.
He was cupping and kneading my soft, plump thighs with his hard strong hands . With both hands , he
cupped my hips roughly and pulled me towards him, and our bodies were completely
glued together. His masculinity was putting pressure on me. Apparently he was quite large.
His movements began to become rough. All of a sudden, the red lipstick clung to my lips
and began to suck. His hands are now under my skirt
He was busy stroking my buttocks. At the same time, he was putting his hand inside my body
and caressing my breasts. The shy young lad had
turned into a tough brute. With all this, I was now very horny and my pussy was very
watery. Serkan said “let’s go to the bedroom now” and took me by the hand and
dragged me to the bedroom.

As soon as we got to the bedroom, he handed me to the bed and said, “Get undressed.”
His speech had become more rigid.
This young man had turned into a complete stallion . I quickly undressed, left
naked to present myself to this hot man. He took one look at my alive body and said, “You are a
woman to fuck. “Tonight is going to be a lot of fun,” he said. He quickly
took off his jeans, shirt and underwear. My God!! He had a 20 cm
deep black cock with thick veins. It was the first time I
saw such a big cock. My wife’s was only 12 cm. While dancing
, she came to him by stroking her saggy cock. “Come on
, aunt Canan! Em, this black snake and prepare it well for yourself.” in a snap
I grabbed his cock and started sucking it. It went in and out of my mouth like a huge snake
. Despite all my attempts, only half of it fit in my mouth.
I was taking it up to my neck. Then we moved to the sixty-nine position. I put my pussy in his mouth he was sucking like a vanduz
. I was enjoying the big cock too

After it comes to a good consistency, “Come on, open your legs! It is time to sheath the sword
,” he said. I lay on my back and spread my legs as wide as
I could. He placed his hardened cock on my cunt. My excitement was at its peak.
Vee buried her big cock inside me in one move. oh my
god, his big cock really went deep into me like a sheathed sword. I screamed
that I think the whole apartment heard it. He started going in and out fast
. I was moaning quietly under it. It accelerated well.
oh my god it was unbearable.
I was being brutally fucked by a young lad . On the one hand, while inserting, on the other hand, “Take it, take it
deeper! You’ve never eaten real cock ohhhh! I will seed you!!
I will fertilize! I will fill your womb all!! he said, making me very
angry. Then he took my legs on his shoulders and
swooped down on me with all his weight.

His tool was going in and out of me as fast as a machine. His breathing
quickened. My screams got louder. And finally it
started making noises like a bull. “I am coming! I’m coming! he
sighed at once. I let out a loud cry. His whole body
contracted like a statue, and he began to squirt his seeds inside me like a fountain. I could feel my womb filling with its
warm offspring. It took too long to unload.
He was constantly pushing his sperm into me in a forceful way.
After I emptied every last drop , I felt his cock start to shrink inside me.
And it fell on me. We were both out of breath. After lying down for a while
, Serkan got up and headed to the bathroom. to me, “You’re like this
If you lie down and stand up for a while, my sperm will not be able to move forward easily,” he said.
So I spread my legs and lay there for about 10 minutes. I could feel the sperms pounding
their tails, making their way through me to find my egg

I fucked a man 20 years younger than me like crazy. Then I got
up and went to the bathroom.
He fucked me 6 more times until morning that night , twice in the bathroom and 4 in the bedroom .
He poured his cum on my pussy with great pleasure every time .
That night I had all the pleasures of being a woman under this young stud .

With the first light of the morning, she placed a kiss on my lips and said,
“You deserve to be a mother. Take care of my child!” she left the house saying. I
went to the bathroom again with the intoxication of the big cock I ate and took a
good bath. I was very happy. In the evening, I
told all the things to my wife one by one, and she was very pleased. When we found out about two months later that I was pregnant
, we were both very happy; we flew into the air.

I am now 4.5 and a half months pregnant. I will be a mother in about 5 months. Maybe
after that date I can consider having a second child with Serkan.

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