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Hi. My name is Hakan. We are staying in Nuremberg, Germany. We are a very modern family. My wife is 38 years old, beautiful and quite sexy woman. He has some sex fantasies (some of which he thought I wasn’t aware of). She didn’t fuck with her boyfriends at her workplace in Germany, the neighbor living in the same building, the apprentice of the Turkish market or something. Even if he doesn’t fuck around with me, he can openly tell me how, when and where he fucks with them. You will say, “Götoş, if you know about this, why don’t you speak up?”. I keep quiet because I love my wife very much. I also want to admit that I am not someone who can fuck my wife well. My wife, too (for sex purposes only), is happy to fuck with horny guys she finds. But I have not the slightest doubt in my wife’s love and devotion to me! I would sacrifice everything for my wife,

As for my daughter, we raised her very freely. I told you, we are a very modern family. My daughter got all her knowledge about sex from my wife. My daughter has no secret from my wife. He even shared the day he gave his maiden name to his classmate from school last year with my wife (my wife is with me too of course!). My daughter also takes advice from my wife when she has problems with sex with her boyfriend. My wife also tells our daughter in detail how to please my daughter’s lover in bed, how to have oral sex, how to swallow sperm, how to have anal sex, how to protect herself, how to use a condom, etc. In fact, when my daughter’s boyfriend stays with us, my wife leaves the condoms with her own hand in my daughter’s room.

Now I want to tell you about an incident we had. 2 years ago, we went to Turkey by car as a family (with my wife and daughter). After visiting friends and relatives in Istanbul for a week, we landed in Antalya to spend the remaining 3 weeks on vacation. We settled in a beautiful five-star hotel. On the second day of our arrival in Antalya, we went on a day trip by car to the Taurus Mountains, as we were bored with the crowd in the hotel and to get to know the surrounding area. The events started when my vehicle broke down in Beşkonak, where rafting is done. Of course, that day when a modern family like us stayed on the road at the top of the mountain, and there were seasonal workers working in the fields, Alas! I said. I got out of the car and opened the engine hood, I was looking to see if I could find the fault, I couldn’t. One of the workers working in the field (later I learned that his name was Haydar), came to me and said, “I understand the engine…” he said. He fidgeted with the engine, then said, “This is incurable, you have to call the hammer.” said. At that time, I called the roadside service and described the problem, and they said that the car had to be towed and they could not come before 2 hours. I asked them to bring a rental car on their way, and I hung up. Haydar said, “Don’t wait in the heat, let me serve you cold Ayran in the worker’s barracks.” said.

Haydar, kaba saba, 44-45 yaşlarında, üstü başı toz içinde bir adamdı. Hep birlikte Barakaya girdiğimizde, içerde (Cafer adında) bir işçi, bir dergideki çıplak kadın resimlerine bakarak 31 çekiyordu! Bizi görünce hemen toparlandı ve elindeki dergiyi kapatarak kaldırdı. Hepimiz şaşkın şakın birbirimize bakakaldık. Cafer 30’lu yaşlarda, zayıf, bakımsız bir işçiydi. Barakanın her tarafında üzerine bol bol sperm attırılmış kadın resimleriyle dolu Gazeteler vardı ve içersi leş gibi Sik Taşşak kokuyordu. Haydar, Caferin bu hareketinden dolayı özür diledi. Biz de “Önemli değil, olağan şeyler bunlar, hem Delikanlının kabahati yok, biz habersiz geldik, O kusura bakmasın.” dedik. Oturduk, Ayranları içerken Caferin bakışları karımın mini eteğine kenetlenmişti. Haydar ayaktaydı ve Baraka içerisindeki eşyalara biraz da olsa düzen vermek için, bir o köşeye bir bu köşeye gidiyor, birşeylerle uğraşıyordu. Fakat dikkatimden kaçmadı, Haydarın gözü de sürekli kızımın arkasında, düşük belli kotundan görünen Tanga külotuna takılıyordu. Gördükleri bu manzaralar her ikisinin de siklerini çatlarcasına kaldırmıştı…

When my daughter finished her Ayran, she said, “I’m bored, I’m going out, I’ll have a look around…” “Good get out, but don’t go too far…” we let out and left. Two minutes later, Haydar came out saying, “Let me go out too so I can keep an eye on the girl, if she goes down to the creek, she will disappear…” In the hut, Jafar, my wife and I stayed. My wife has a habit of saying whatever is on her mind, without hesitation. Cafere said, “Why are you shooting 31? Don’t you have a woman in the village to be with?” she asked. Surprised by this obvious question, Cafer looked at me instead of answering my wife. It was as if he was asking my permission to speak and respond. I nodded, meaning you can answer. Cafer said to my wife, “No, sister! We have been longing for women for 3 months here, we are broken by lack of women, we can only see the pictures of women like you here. What should we do if we don’t pull 31?” she replied and bowed her neck in the air of an orphan child.

Faced with this answer, my wife and I made eye contact. From the way my wife looked at me, I understood that she was upset about Caferin’s situation. My wife asked me something with a head-to-eye gesture, although I don’t quite understand, I think Cafere wanted to help with this. So I nodded to my wife, “Okay, do whatever you want to do!” I gave your message. My wife sat down with her legs wide apart so that her panties were clearly visible to Cafer. This, of course, immediately caught Cafer’s attention, his gaze locked between my wife’s legs. My wife said, “Do you have sex with anyone in your hometown? When was the last time you had sex? Do you have a girlfriend? Does your girlfriend take it in her mouth? Are you doing it from behind? Have you ever fucked a Donkey?” He started asking questions like: Because Cafer was embarrassed and a little afraid of me, he felt as if he was trapped and could not sit peacefully even in a chair. Despite this, he was giving my wife short answers. Even I could see that Caferin’s dick was about to explode. My wife looked at me and said, “Ay Hakan, I can’t stand it, I’ll make Cafere at least Manuel (Elle)!” said. Cafer didn’t even understand what my wife was talking about, he just gawked at me.

I had to say, “Okay, darling…” My wife got up and walked over to Caferin, hugging Cafer, “Husband, take us on video!” said. “Okay…” I said, took the camera out of its case and started recording my wife and Jafari. While I was recording, my wife was posing for the camera and talking as if she was doing an interview, like “Our car broke down in Beşkonak, the people here are very hospitable, they offered us Ayran, they are very beautiful here, Cafer is a very handsome young man, but unfortunately there is no one here to be with and have sex with…” . After a while, my wife stopped talking and put her hand in front of Caferin’s pants. After stroking his dick from the outside, Caferin untied his belt and took his dick out. Kneeling down in front of her, rubbing her hand as if to make her drool a little, Caferin began to sniff his piss-smelling underpants, licking his crooked but long cock. Cafer ejaculated in my wife’s mouth as soon as my wife took it! While ejaculating, my strange man was fluttering like a sacrificial sheep. My wife, Caferin, licked all his sperm and continued to lick his dick. It was as if my wife did not want Caferin’s dick to come down. I was continuing to shoot the camera without uttering my voice…

My wife stood up, stripped her panties up to her knees, curled up on the table, and Cafere said, “Come on, fuck me!” said. Cafer Garibim looks at my face as if he was surprised at what he had gone through, and as if he had become more and more stupid from what had happened, (What should I do?). Shaking my head, “Continue!” I said. Even though I let Cafer go, he got up timidly from the chair and got behind my bent wife. He was still looking at me like (Are you really letting me fuck your wife?). “Continue! Continue!” I said. Cafer started to come and go by putting his dick in my wife’s pussy from behind. My wife soon began to moan with pleasure and what she was saying to make Jafar agitated. “Fuck me lion! Pass your big cock! Distribute my pussy! Fuck me like the Donkeys in your village! Insert faster! Fuck me harder!” By saying such words, he was fueling Caferi, who was already horny. After a few minutes, there was nothing left in the name of shyness in Cafer, he was squeezing my wife’s pussy fast, his dick was going in and out of my wife’s pussy like a piston. My wife was stuck to the table, no longer squeezing in pleasure (she doesn’t make a sound when she orgasms and ejaculates). My wife has had an orgasm, but Caferin hasn’t ejaculated yet. My wife threw her hand behind her, grabbed Caferin’s dick, took it out of her cunt and placed it in her ass…

Even though his astonishment increased even more, Cafer started to fuck my wife’s ass without saying (no, I don’t want to or something). My wife also enjoys being fucked in the ass and fucks them for hours. My wife was holding her hips apart with both hands behind her so that Jafar’s dick would get in her ass well. But after less than 5 minutes, Cafer collapsed on top of my wife and remained motionless. Yes, Cafer ejaculated on my wife’s ass, while I was watching my wife getting fucked, I ejaculated in my panties, of course. My wife wanted to get up because she was almost crushed under Caferin. When Cafer pulled his dick from my wife’s ass, the sperm that flowed from my wife’s ass spilled to the ground. While Cafer was pulling off his panties and tying his trousers, my wife asked me for tissue paper. I gave the handkerchief. While my wife was wiping her cunt and cleaning her ass, she asked me, “Did you record it all?” he was asking. “I recorded it, I recorded it…” I said.

After my wife tidied herself up, we left the shed. We looked left and right, but there is neither Haydar nor our girl! Cafer said, “Maybe if they went down to the riverside, they won’t be seen from here, you wait, I’ll come and look.” said. Cafer is gone, I and my wife are waiting for both our daughter and roadside assistance in front of the barracks. Half an hour later, roadside assistance came with the tow truck. Thankfully, they also brought the rental car I ordered. After signing a lot of paper shovels, they delivered the rental car and put our broken down car on the tow truck and took the road to Antalya Shuttle. An hour after Jafar went to look, they came out of the bushes, my daughter, Haydar and Cafer. My daughter’s face is red and muddy. “What happened to my daughter?” I ask, “It’s okay daddy! As I was going down to the riverside, my foot slipped. If the car issue is resolved, let’s go to the Hotel now!” said.

We thanked Cafer and Haydara, who looked like criminals, for their hospitality, got into the rental car and returned to the hotel. At the hotel, we retired to our room to take a shower, and our daughter to her room. After the shower, we went down to dinner together. After dinner, while I was sitting at the bar, my daughter and wife went upstairs to the Room. My daughter has something special to tell my wife. An hour later they went down to the Lobby again. Me and my wife decided to have a drink or two alone and then take a walk to the beach. My daughter left us saying she was going to the hotel disco…

After my daughter left, I asked my wife, “What is the special topic our daughter is going to talk about?” saying. What my wife told me was just ‘Whoa!’ It was something to say. After our daughter left the barracks, she went to the riverside, and Haydar followed her. Haydar started to touch our girl here and there by the river, and our girl couldn’t speak out because of her fear. Then Hayadar put our daughter to bed and fucked her beautiful pussy with that huge card dick. He wanted to fuck our daughter’s ass, but he couldn’t put it in our daughter’s ass because her cock was too thick. Later, when Cafer went to look at them and saw them fucking, he joined Haydara who fucked my daughter. While Haydar fucked my daughter in her pussy, Cafer fucked our daughter in the ass at the same time. Really Yuhh so! How the hell did both of you forcibly fuck our 17-year-old baby girl! What a pity,

We did not leave our All Inclusiv Hotel until our holiday was over. We always spent time at the Hotel. In its swimming pool, disco, bar, lobby and sauna. When we return to Germany, my wife and I watch the video where Caferin fucks my wife and we commemorate that adventure. Our daughter has already forgotten about the forced fuck she went through. And my wife said, “It’s okay, there’s nothing to be done!” she says. But I can neither forget nor accept that our daughter was forcibly fucked by two rude guys! What can we do, there’s nothing we can do, friends!

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