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Our fantasies were running high
Recently my wife and I
had planned a game to clear our stagnation in sex. Now the room and I were walking around the house very sexy and we were
making love by provoking each other in the most unlikely places. When I came home from work in the evening
, she greeted me naked while I was cooking, and when I got behind her and fucked her,
we ejaculated with great pleasure.
We were creating and applying all the fantasies that came to our mind,
reaching the peaks. We didn’t talk about a single group sex and
didn’t think of a third or fourth person between us.
Until the evening when I came home with a friend of mine . I was on my way home from work again. Just as I was about to enter the house , I
ran into an old friend at the door. After talking a little
Then I invited him to the house to come and have a cup of tea.
I had forgotten that my wife greeted me naked .
We went home together. I opened the door with the key and went inside. My wife was in the bathroom, I
think. I went to the living room with my friend. We sit. A
minute later my wife opened the door, naked, and said hello, honey
, and walked in. It was one thing to go in and out. My friend was very
impressed. His eyes were wide open. All he could say was a really nice
welcome. I said sorry or something, but
seeing my wife naked with him made me extremely aroused.
That’s when a third person came to my mind, as well as a male person. At that
moment, I wanted so much to make my wife accept this and take this friend among us.
I thought if you could fuck my wife, I could watch it too. My wife
came a little later wearing normal clothes. When I said normal, it was a knee-length skirt and
a body. She still looked very sexy. “Welcome,” she said. He looked as if to say why didn’t you tell
I’ve seen my friend’s dick start to grow since the moment he came in .
“It was a really nice welcome,” my friend said. My wife said, “This is a game between us,
but I didn’t know you were coming, I’m sorry.”
“It doesn’t matter what’s wrong with my friend ,” she said. He said, “Do you have any other games, this beautiful game?
” He said, “Wouldn’t it be too much for my wife, but let’s not tell now.” We had a meal
and started drinking. As we drank, we were getting drunk. I
I’m pretty intolerant to booze, but my wife wasn’t. My friend
was not very durable. As I drank, my wife began to open up a little.
Her legs were sticking out from her skirt, which was pulled over her knees, and she could see her white
underpants from time to time. My friend used to look at her visible spots from time to time and
straighten his dick. It was like he forgot even me under the influence of the drink . There
was a slow music for a while. He offered my wife a dance. My wife agreed and they got up to
dance. While I was dancing standing up, my friend was already leaning his dick on my wife
. It was as if he sensed his hardness in my wife and brought his cunt closer to her
. I was just standing there watching them and my dick was like a screw.
At some point I realized that the drink was gone. I went to them and finished the drink
I said I’ll take it and come and enjoy yourself. I’m not even sure if they heard me
or not. When I got outside the door, I got curious and
started peeking through the keyhole. My friend asked my wife where did your husband go.
My wife said I guess to get a drink. My friend said, “I love that you welcomed your husband, feeling a little
relieved.” He said, “You have a great body , don’t
you have any hidden spots, it’s great.”
He threw an envelope asking which ones were better for my wife. My friend said he loved my pussy’s wonderful
ass. But you ran away too quickly, he said, “I couldn’t quite see it.”
He asked my wife if I could look at it again .
My wife giggled, leaving the door open in case my husband comes . My friend calls now he can’t find a drink right away
“Don’t be afraid,” he said. He took courage from my wife, but he will stay between us, he said
, according to him, you saw it once, nothing will happen if you see it once more.
My friend said believe me it will stay between us.
My wife said, ‘What are you most curious about? My friend
said take them out, I want to see them all. My wife broke up with him and took off her top.
Since she was not braless, her breasts were immediately exposed. Then she took off her skirt
and lowered her underpants. She was naked in front of him. Turning around, she showed him her
cunt and ass. My friend’s dick was too
big and he was pushing his pants. “ Have you seen anyone other than your husband’s dick
?” he asked my wife. Shall I show you when my wife says no?
he said do you want? When my wife didn’t make a sound, my friend took off his pants and
pulled his dick out of the panties.
It was bigger and thicker than mine. My wife was staring at him.
He asked my wife if she liked it. my wife could only say great.
My wife said that you like it.
My friend said that you have the most beautiful ass and the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen in my life . Let me kiss your beautiful cunt and your ass once, he said
to my wife. He said, “It will not happen to my wife, my husband can come any time.” “I’ll kiss you, then I’ll get you
dressed,” she said. He came to my wife. she turned her back and grabbed her beautiful
ass and kissed her cheeks on her hole.
Then she turned her face away. My wife’s pussy was watery. He kissed her too. You
He said he would love to fuck. Then he dressed my wife. Come on, kiss my dick and
dress me, he said. He bent over my wife and kissed her dick and licked it. Then the room was
dressed. “Create a chance to my wife,” he said, “I want to stay here and fuck you tonight
.” My husband said to my wife, what will happen to my husband? He’ll be drunk soon
and you’ll come to me at midnight, he told my wife. Let’s see, maybe
it will happen, my wife said. In the meantime, I brought the drinks from the kitchen cabinet.
When I arrived, the two of them were sitting next to each other and my wife’s legs were touching my friend’s
After some more chat and drink, I told my friend to stay here, you
can’t go home like this. He said okay, I’ll go. I insisted then
said OK. I said to my friend, you can make the bed inside for my wife. He said ok
too. It was half an hour later, I said, I will go to bed now, I will go to work in the morning,
let’s go to bed. My friend immediately confirmed what I said. Of course
, he would confirm that the sooner I fall asleep, the sooner he will fuck my wife
. Everyone retreated to their beds.
My wife came to me wearing a short nightgown and a thong pant.
He said let’s make love, husband.
Not tonight
. “Fine then,” he said, turning his back to bed. I knew his mind was still on that
cock he kissed and licked in his hand.
Twenty minutes had passed when my wife called me. Of course, I didn’t make a sound. He poked
a few times again, I didn’t make a sound and continued as if I was sleeping.
He slowly got up from me. He went right in. A few minutes later, I
followed behind. Of course, I knew exactly where he was going. Fortunately
, the bed inside was right across the door. I put my eye on the keyhole and
began to watch. My wife and my friend were sitting side by side
My friend said to my wife what a wonderful body you have, it suits you very well tonight . He said how well he showed his ass and legs.
I have a thong under my wife and my ass so it looks nice of course she said and she pulled the
up and said how beautiful it is. My wife was standing and my friend was sitting.
While my wife’s back was turned to her, my friend grabbed the nightgown from its hanger and pulled it down.
Her breasts came out. He started fingering her cunt from the front and licking
her ass. my wife curled up and made her lick her cunt and ass. Even the friend
was ecstatic. He pulled down his shorts with one hand. His dick was like a pile again
. He pulled my wife back and brought her closer to his dick. He’d bring it down
and touch his dick, then lift it up and lick her ass and cunt.
They were both naked when he took off my wife’s thong. He turned my wife forward and bent her
down. My wife understood what she was going to do and started grabbing her dick and licking it and
kissing it. As he licked and kissed my friend’s dick got bigger.
My friend was stroking her hair and breasts. Then he lifted it.
He placed his hands on the bed and curled them up. He got behind her and started rubbing her ass
. My wife was moving her ass to get in it the more she fucked
. The friend grabbed both cheeks of his ass with his hand.
My wife grabbed his dick from the bottom and brought it to her pussy. My friend pushed him from the waist
, he pushed himself in my wife and his dick came in. my wife took a deep ahhh
. I could tell he was so relieved. Because he was facing the door
. My friend, my cunt’s wonderful love, I can’t get enough of
fucking her, she was complimenting her, “What a beauty. She was just moaning and
savoring the pleasure she was getting. I think this was
the first time my wife has been fucked by someone else. He seemed a little uneasy about my being inside
After my friend fucked him in a curled up state, he sat on the bed and
pulled her into his lap without getting out of his cunt. when my wife sat on her lap,
i started to see your dick getting in and out of my wife’s pussy as comfortable.that
huge dick was going in and out of her pussy with rhythmic movements. My wife was
jumping on my friend’s lap with her eyes closed with delight. I
was also enjoying watching my square friend fuck my wife.
I understood from my friend’s movements that he was now close to ejaculation.
By the way, my wife had ejaculated twice. When my friend leaned over her ear,
my wife got up from his lap and bent down and started doing something to me that she had never done
before. She started licking his dick and getting ready to ejaculate, she. my wife
As I licked and sucked, my friend’s dick started beating like a heart and getting huge
. My friend threw his head back and grabbed my wife by the head and
pressed her dick. That’s when it started to empty. My wife
did something else she never did to me and swallowed all her sperm. Then
they lay side by side.
My friend congratulated him that it was great to fuck you dear. My wife said it’s the first time for me
to eat another dick and I like it very much.
“It gave me a different excitement that your husband was inside ,” he said to my wife. my wife told me so
too. Come on, let’s go to him like this, let’s see if he’s asleep.
He showed his fear of how my wife would wake up. My friend said, don’t be afraid
, come in first, if he’s asleep, I’ll come.
I immediately ran to the room, of course, when I heard this. I went to bed. A moment later, my wife
slowly opened the door and walked in. He came over to see if I was asleep.
When he saw that I was sleeping, he opened the door and my friend came in. When she got in, she went behind him and said to your husband,
where is my darling right now .
My wife remained silent. She said don’t be afraid.
My wife said right now your nice dick is pressing right on my asshole. My friend said, “Do you want me to get in your ass
, dear?” My wife said no, I can’t take her
, I’ll shout or something, then she wakes up. Then let’s go inside and
fuck your beautiful ass, dear, she said. I sacrifice everything for you in my wife.
He said you are free to fuck wherever you want.

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