sved movie

they recognized me as gigola and we met the man 55 woman she was 45 47
years old we met and went to their house after a little talk her husband said
let’s get to work and her husband got up and his wife opened her already burned cunt
and started playing with her cunt but the woman was too big to believe but
her husband turned to me and said what happened, did you see my elder?
I said as much as I’ve never seen it before, the man was surprised but said don’t worry
, what else will you see and I started to undress

I went to the woman’s side and started playing with her big breasts. The woman
turned to me and said, “Take your
dick out and give it to my mouth. I was already waiting for her. It was the same as when I took my dick out and the woman put it up to her throat, my dick was the same. I asked the
woman if you like to fuck her fast,” she said yes
a lot. I was rubbing his mouth in a way that I knew his
husband from inside, I knew he didn’t make it at least 30 35 cm, the
woman said, you go behind me, the room got twisted, she said, where do you start, I said
I’m already an ass patient, then the woman said, what are you waiting for,
I said, don’t you have cream, it shouldn’t hurt, but the woman said what cream, put the root and that
wound. I immediately liked it so much that I stuck it in the ass so much that the woman was rooted
he was shouting as much as you can

Believe me, even I was surprised, he was sticking it up to his throat, then the
husband said, wait, it’s my turn, and
went behind your wife and put some cream in her hand and put it in her ass, then I understood
why the woman’s pussy and ass were so big, then the man lifted the woman and
sat her on the wound in his hand.
He said I’m coming after you fuck for about 1 hour
The woman said, ejaculate in my mouth or you don’t have any money, so I immediately ejaculated
in her mouth, she swallowed all the flowing semen, turning to her husband, then I said I’ll tell you, when we call you, the
woman said, will you come when we call you, I said I will come and go, I’m waiting for
those who want to chat with me.

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