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Of course, I’m the one who lived through the incident. I’m married, there are two children. We still can’t go further in terms of sex with my wife . However, if I read the stories here
, I would not have thought that they were real. The first day I saw his prose, I was struck.
Mother of two, wheat-skinned fish meat, 28 years old, a world-class man who likes to wear tight jeans or tight
fabric, and his wife is a gentleman who has a job in a highly respected and
important position. someone. However, his age is over 40 and
I am 34 years old. I am not very lecherous. Almost everyone
trusts me with their spouses and daughters, but after this incident, I don’t trust my clan at
all. We met at a wedding, that woman with dimples, hard and frowning
prose, it blew my mind, so it’s not my male organ, but my brain.
It was love at first sight, I guess, my wife was with me. He
was making jokes to himself, but he was laughing forcibly, and as a person who does not like his speech very much
, I had the feeling of constantly talking. Now I was telling him jokes
, trying to soften his scowl. The doctor, who had an incurable
disease, told him that if you suck milk from the breast of a pregnant woman, you will be
healed, the pregnant wife of the helpless foundation
went to the nurse and told her embarrassingly, the woman felt sorry for the foundation, let’s go to
. No, aunt said
, the woman is very horny, if you want something from me, tell me freely, don’t be shy
Do n’t be bored
, Temel said, “Well,” he said, then it would be good if there was some biscuits with this milk. That frowning prose
suddenly started to laugh so much that she wanted biscuits next to the milk hahaa
haaa yes I managed to make her laugh by commenting the man said that pure and clean Anatolian people would be like this, I said
I wouldn’t be so naive

My wife was pinching me, reminding me that I got over drawing. Nesrin
said what she wanted to do, and I said that I
could not understand why the basis was reluctant, while the subject came to sex.
Our lady frowned extremely conservatively, looking at prose’s husband
and said that there was a problem, but the room was waiting for the foundation. I’m confused. So I said
, men can meet their wishes in every way, but I said women, I
asked her age in her prose. She said 28, whereas
a 14-year-old man can do what his
prose does at 28 years old
. He approved me. banana asks her husband
let him do whatever he wants. I spent that night imagining his prose. Our phones were picked up
, after which
I expressed that we wanted to meet. The next day, I phoned prose. Her husband was not at home.
I apologized for yesterday. I said that I called him, no need to apologize , he said
, you were very right . Nesrin said what kind of things, and I said everything that will or will not pass through your mind . He said I’m hanging up all of a sudden, I said please listen to me. He said yes. Look, I’m not that much of a womanizer, but after getting to know you, I became a dirty person, dreaming of you until the morning.

I did, call me a girl or a pervert, but you couldn’t understand it
. She said what would happen if I understood. I said, maybe you wouldn’t be so frowning and
sullen. Look, if you want, let’s meet you outside, no , he said no
. Then let me come to you if it won’t be long, he said.

As I turned off the phone and ran home, I felt like a young man who was going to be a national for the first time in his life, I rang the
doorbell, I took
off my shoes, I had a thin but loose tights under it, I held it in my arms and
clung to his lips, please don’t do it to me, furkan, please don’t do it, I peeled off his tights
with my hand.
While I was begging, I started to suck her cunt on her panties. It smelled good, by
the way, I had never licked my wife’s in my
life . I took it in my arms and asked about the bedroom.

While leaving Nesrin slowly, she closed her eyes as if she didn’t even
want to look at me. I stripped off her panties. I wanted her to take my dick. She started to
caress without looking at my tool . He took off his bodysuit by saying you ruined it, and I immediately started licking his breasts. After that, I ejaculated at least three times, and he said that he will come to me at least a few times a week . His wife couldn’t ejaculate him. After that, I didn’t go again and I decided not to see him either. Why? think about why

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