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Hello.. my name is ozcan, I am 17 years old, maybe I am young, but
my mind is very big about sex.. the event that I am going to tell you happened to me 3 months ago
.. It was the last weeks of high school..
1 family moved to our house as tenants. The family that moved in had a daughter aged 18. The room was
in our school.. Her name was Fatma. We were very friendly at school, but when we got home
, we could only see eye to eye.
We went to the sea together on the weekend on Sunday .. we were getting very close to each other in the sea.. I was walking
between his legs.. I liked it very much.. as a matter of fact, I
didn’t feel a bad feeling towards him.. Anyway
, when I was passing between his legs, my feet accidentally rubbed his maiden.
When I got out of the water, he just smiled on my face and didn’t react..We had
fun until late in the evening.. When we got home, we came home early because it was our school ‘s
celebration the previous morning . It occurred to me to change my clothes and have dinner with her.. When I went down to Assa and knocked on the door, she was dressed as if she was waiting for me.. She was wearing a mini skirt and 1 bodysuit underneath.. When I came in, I realized that there was no bra. .. he sat across from me and spread his legs ..

My eyes were drooping .. but this was not reluctant .. my eyes were now fixed
between the legs, it was as if he was opening his legs so that I could see better. he got up
and came to me .. why are you shaking? he said, tilting my head down, I replied
; I don’t know, it took a tremor for 1 moment.. I said, now he got closer and
started to hug and kiss me.. I was stagnant because there was no bad intention in my mind.. my
penis was slowly getting up. I couldn’t control myself. I suddenly thought of going to bed with him
.. because he wanted to..and
I hugged him and started licking his earlobes.. he was moaning as I sucked…he suddenly
shouted I couldn’t bear it anymore! . he said so I kneel in front of me
and gave my little hardened dick his teeth weren’t very experienced
he was saying. After a while, I ejaculated in her mouth with a start.. then I did it.. I didn’t want to spoil her.. I
didn’t want to spoil her.. I creamed her asshole and my dick
, I was slowly inserting my penis into it, but she was screaming in pain
.. now her ass hole was enlarged, I was putting it in comfortably..
screams of pain gave way to screams of pleasure.1 We went on like this for a while
.. we both ejaculated startled..but he was still not full.. he took my descended
penis into his mouth and raised it again.. then
he said “I want to sit on it” .. but I was angry about it .. because he was even more
angry. $he answered like that, after all, 1 day my maiden will be spoiled and the
yen will be spoiled .. she said, if you know your wish, you were saying die .. I said ami
it was well watered and slowly started to sit on it .. she was screaming ..
then when my penis went inside her she became depressed and the sheets were always blood
now my manhood was inside her ..
accelerated he said ..we got up right away .. I went upstairs and took a shower .. That day is today ..
we are still together.. I am very comfortable sharing this incident with you
.. I have always felt guilty until today 1 see you
in another story..

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