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My Sister Was Jealous Of My Lover
Honestly, things happened so fast that I find it hard to believe we’ve had sex stories . My sister was jealous of my boyfriend because she loved me. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, it was. I wasn’t even aware of it. We did not know what to do in the face of our sudden incest relationship. But walking the fine line between regret and pleasure was incredibly difficult. That’s why I want to tell you what I’ve been through and get your opinion.

sex stories
Real Picture Of My Brother.
I am only a year and a half older than my sister. My father passed away while I was still in the womb of anemia. My mother, on the other hand, is a rural woman with no relatives. She doesn’t know what to do, how to maintain her life and she finds a good person and gets married. On the wedding night of this marriage, my sister became pregnant with Beyza. Of course, both my brother and I learned these facts by chance during our high school years. Frankly, this fact did not upset me at all, as my father never made me feel like I was his stepchild. I was able to accept it quickly and move on with my life as if I didn’t know. Not only my father but also my mother would have killed us if she had known that we were experiencing pleasant incest. Fortunately, it’s been a long time since we decided to move on with our lives as a big secret that we will keep for the rest of our lives.

We didn’t have a life like that. After my brother and I grew up, my mother started working to be more comfortable. The house belonged to us, but we were paying loans like paying rent. Not everything we wanted was taken, but we weren’t left hungry either. Since I don’t like to be a burden to my family, I started working in barbers when I was in secondary school. Being outside, making my own money made me a more confident person. When I went to high school, I worked in industries, but because of the acne on my face, I couldn’t trust myself like I used to. It was like I was avoiding the girls. I thought they wouldn’t like me. Frankly, this situation affected me quite a lot until high school three. Then I started exercising. When my acne, which started to go away gradually, and my few extra kilos disappeared and I started to gain muscle, I turned into that confident person who can talk to girls.

My sister Beyza was a more social, fun type than me. He flourished when he got into high school. Even though I knew she was my sister, her enlarged breasts, her facial features that were slowly starting to settle, and her voice were enough to make me think that she was a really beautiful girl. Still, I had not spied on him or had perverted ideas. Because there was no need. I haven’t had a girlfriend since middle school but she was the opposite of me, she. Surely she would have a boyfriend who would share with me what happened between them. Even though I am his older brother, you can’t be friends with anyone. Like everyone else, she had to live her life. The thing that really caught my attention in his life was his girlfriends. The first sex stories were also experienced with Semra, my brother’s friend.

As I said, until the end of high school, I didn’t like myself at all and was insecure, so I didn’t woo anyone or try to get close. Thanks to the self-confidence that came with starting sports, I had my eye on Semra, which I was impressed with when I first saw it. It was slightly fishy. Since she’s around 170 tall, even those extras actually made her look more sexy and mature, she. Being one of the original blondes and her blue eyes, of course, added a different atmosphere. Even before I said it, Beyza understood that I liked her. After the short chat we had, he said that he could arrange it for me. It’s a brother like a brother… I’ll never forget, it was Saturday. They had already agreed on the pretext of studying again. I wasn’t going to go to work that day either. Before, when he came to our house, when we met outside or something, we were chatting.

Semra, You Are A Very Beautiful Girl

While Beyza was in the shower, the doorbell rang. Since both our parents were at work, there was no one else at home. When I opened the door, there was Semra, wearing a blouse and jeans, but looking very sexy even in this simple form.

Thank you. How are you Okan?
I just got up, I’m terribly hungry. I’ll be better if I’m fed.
Is Beyza not up yet?
No, he got up in the shower. Did you have breakfast?
I mean, I ate something, but I can accompany you…
During our short conversation, he had already entered the room, took off his coat and threw it in the cloakroom. He came to me shortly after I entered the kitchen. As I was putting the tomato, cucumber and egg that I took out of the cupboard on the counter, Semra’s sweet, soft voice was heard:

If you want, I’ll make the egg, you brew the tea.
It would be great
How is the job going, you must be working hard…
I liked that it was Semra who started the conversation. Because I haven’t been dating a vega tube girl for a long time and it kept me stuck. I was answering their questions, and I was asking when the time came. While making the egg at the beginning of the stove:

Where is the salt?
It’s in the upper left cabinet.
He tried to reach out and pick it up, but he couldn’t reach his height. When I realized that he couldn’t get it and came to him so that I could handle it:

Hold on, I’ll take it…
He must not have noticed that I was coming because as he took a step back, I felt all the warmth of his wide hips under his jeans on my dick. I’d love to have a fuck on the spot, but it was like time stood still. Semra didn’t move, as if she was enjoying herself. Every second he stopped, my dick was getting a little higher.

I’m sorry, when did you come, I didn’t even hear it…
He continued to rub his ass again and moved to my right. I, on the other hand, had taken the salt from its place and placed it next to the stove, without showing that I was stunned by the pleasure of the moment. I realized that Semra’s eye caught my dick while I was going to take my place to chop a tomato or something. Of course, his puffiness was evident because I was in my pajamas. I was excited, thinking you might like it. We continued our conversation by opening topics as if it was a common decision that we should not dwell on the scene that had just happened. When I took out the breakfast dishes in the cupboard and put them on the table, Beyza, who had already come out of the bathroom, had dressed and came to us. I may have also imagined that I was in my brother’s place and placed those kisses on Semra’s sweet lips while we were throwing welcome kisses to each other.

Accompanied by laughter and conversations, while Beyza and I were having our breakfast, I could see Semra looking into my eyes from time to time. This made me more excited than ever before. Still, I was trying not to show it. After a while, they went to their rooms and started to study. That’s why he called her after all, but it was a little bit for me. So we would study and then do something together. He stuck to our agreement and did everything he could to get his brother to fuck.

While they were in the room, I took a shower and cleaned my dick and stuff. After all, one had to be prepared for anything. I got out of the shower and went to my room and started hanging out on the phone. After about ten minutes, I got up to change. I had taken off my robe, slipped my pre-arranged boxers over my hips and covered my dick. Suddenly the door opened and Semra was standing on the threshold. It was the first time he had seen my slightly muscular body. She looked at me for a long time, as if she liked what she saw.

I’m sorry, I just fell
No problem
We will watch a movie, Beyza will buy chips or something. I was going to ask what you want.
AA is great, okay, I was bored too. Let me have Doritos…
With one last glance, he left my room before the door was fully closed. I heard Beyza closing the door. I got dressed and left my room. Semra went into the living room and was trying to turn on netflix or something from the television. When you see me:

Okan, let’s see a movie.
He handed me the remote and moved to the sofa in front of the TV, with his feet on the coffee table. I turned on netflix and sat next to him.

What shall we open? whatever style
I don’t know, action, comedy, I’m up for anything.
You’re just like me, Beyza doesn’t like action. Come on, let’s laugh at least.
it will happen
Semra’s voice was heard again while I was slowly browsing the movies, looking at their subjects and watching their trailers:

How long have you been doing sports?
Apparently, he was impressed by the body he saw and wanted to talk about it.

It must have been a year.
You’re pretty advanced, but he
So there is something…
Would it be weird if I touched your arm, I wonder?
I replied with a smile and twitching my arm, “Sure, it’s okay”. It was as if I meant myself, while I was touching my arm:

Oh how tough or so good
Do you want to see my abs?
Yes, a lot!
I tugged on my sweater, exposing my stomach. I was so tense that my vague abdominal muscles were being touched by Semra. This situation really excited my dick.

Very good, really great. I wish everyone did sports like this, you look amazing.
Thanks my dear. Then shall I make a confession to you?
You do realize that Semra is a very beautiful girl, right?
Do I look like I’m kidding…
The contact I made while pulling the hair in front of her eyes behind her ear excited Semra too. We couldn’t think of choosing a movie to watch sex or anything else. I got very close, Semra was the one who took the opportunity and put the first kiss on my lips. I responded and threw my hands, which I could hardly hold, over her blouse, to her large breasts. She was wearing a bra, but still touching her breasts made me stand upright. While we were kissing, I wanted to slowly bring my hand to her vagina and insert it into her pants, but she took my hand and said:

No, I’m still a virgin but you can fuck my ass
Are you sure?
Yeah! I want…
It turns out that Semra was satisfied with yesterday. She quickly took off her blouse. Her black bra appeared, preventing me from reaching her breasts. So I took my pants down in front of him and showed my erect dick. It wasn’t the first time Semra had sex, but it would be my first. So I was actually excited. When she took off her bra, she saw my dick and took it. She sat down on the sofa again and began to take it in her mouth. She was licking so well that I was having a hard time not ejaculating, She. She really knew what she was doing.

I’m going to cum now, you’re so good Semra
I know, but I don’t like cum in my mouth.
ok get up then
He got up as the saliva in his mouth swayed between my dick. I had unbuttoned the pants underneath and took them down along with his panties. He was curled up on the sofa waiting for me. Her enormously wide hips were taking me away from me. I tried to slowly insert my already drooling cock through her asshole, but it was so tight it wouldn’t go in:

Spit my ass or you can’t get in
I did what you said. It was a little easier when I threw the spit in his asshole, I wouldn’t stick his head in it. It wasn’t long enough to go though. I pushed a little harder but it wouldn’t go away. Semra was also hurt.

No it won’t be without lubricant, so big dick
What about EE?
Come blow blow, let me unload you
He straightened up again and took my dick in his mouth. As I continued to lick like a bitch of years, I was losing myself and pressing her head. I really wanted to have anal fuck, but I was willing to do it. Before long, I was enjoying it again.

i will cum
He immediately took my dick out of his mouth and started stroking it, pulling away from him. While we were so engrossed, the door had already been opened and my sister Beyza appeared at the door with bags in her hand. I didn’t know if he had been watching us for a long time or if he had just arrived, but I couldn’t help but start to ejaculate.

When he saw Beyza in Semra, he immediately started to get dressed.

Oh dude, what are you doing
Ok ok, calm down, you look really good, I’m glad to be honest
My brother left everything he had in the living room without making a mess, and threw evasive glances at my dick, which was slowly fading. Because he was seeing my dick for the first time just like Semra. When he noticed the progeny that had been smeared around:

Clean it up, but here, there’s spawn all over the place!
Beyza went to the kitchen and brought a napkin or something and stuck it in my hand. While I was cleaning the offspring around, Semra was already dressed. After I cleaned my semen, I got dressed and went to the sink to wash my hands. Even though I am explaining it like this now, I was in mild shock at what had happened. I never expected events to develop so quickly. On the one hand, I was angry with myself for my first fuck being so half-baked.

Finally Anal Sex With My High School Boyfriend

Later in the day, we watched a movie together and never talked about the incident. But Semra and I were sitting on the bottom, hand in hand. There was no love between us, but we were influenced by each other. porn is weird in every way anyway, i have nothing to say to it. We took each other’s phones, we were texting and talking on the phone every day, and meeting and hanging out whenever we had the opportunity. He was just as angry as I was. That’s why he didn’t avoid sticking to my lips at every opportunity. We agreed a week later, he would come to us again. He even advised me to buy lubricant this time. He came home around noon. We were comfortable in Beyza since it was outside. He jumped on me and kissed me like crazy, saying, ‘My love, I was very special to you’. We walked into my bedroom making love.

He pushed me onto the bed like crazy. While I was unbuttoning my pants, Semra had taken off her clothes and was left with pink underwear. It was really impossible not to get tough in the face of her amazing physique. It got on me. He was rubbing my pooping cock into his vagina through the top of his panties as I savored my lips. Even when hanging, I was having a hard time resisting him, which lasted for minutes. He took off my clothes as he continued to kiss. So I took off her bra and faced her big breasts:

I love those tits, they are so beautiful
I love you too my love
As if his rage was folded after my compliment, he pushed me hard again and landed on my dick. When he took it in his mouth and started to lick it, I was enjoying it again, pressing his head and rooting it. Out of breath, his eyes reddened, he licked my dick and looked at me.

Where is the lubricant?
In the drawer. Hold on, I’ll take it.
I got out of bed and rushed out the lubricant from the drawer. She was lying on the bed waiting for me. I told you I’ve never had anal sex before. That’s why she was insistently telling me to take it slow while she curled up in my bed and applied the lubricating cream to her hips. The unfinished anal fuck would come to an end this time.

I slowly started to shove my dick into the contorted Semra’s asshole. It was indeed running very smoothly. I could feel my penis hurt in the still narrow ass hole when I rooted, but the pleasure was more than worth it. Slowly, the hole began to widen as it came and went.

AHHH, my slow love, ahh, ahhh, ohhhhh.
While I was going and dancing, every time I rooted, the rust of our ears was being wiped out by the sound of my tight-fitting dick from his hip. No lie, it didn’t take five minutes, I couldn’t control myself and ejaculated in the ass hole. I was out of breath, thoroughly tired. Lying down beside him:

You’re amazing, Semra, I love you.
I love you too and I don’t want to be a girl anymore
How so?
I’m tired of virginity, now I want to be fucked in my vagina.
Are you sure?
Yeah! Even Beyza has already done it, she can’t finish the pleasure she gets.
I still thought my sister was a virgin, but it turns out she wasn’t. Although this situation bothered me a little, our main topic was that Semra wanted to get the fuck out of her pussy. I couldn’t have guessed that our fast-starting relationship would continue with a hymen.

Are you going to spoil my maiden?
My love, you just ask!
When will you be ready?
Fifteen minutes at the most.
If Beyza doesn’t come, I don’t want to be pressed again!
I told you that you will come. He arrives as late as possible so as not to disturb.
Super. I’m so excited, have you ever deflowered someone?
No, you will be my first. Did you research how it is, I know only blood is coming.
It’s like blood will come, it should stop after a while, but I don’t know of course.
Are you afraid?
Fear not by your side, I feel like I can conquer the world.
Do you really trust me that much?
Why don’t you trust me?
I didn’t want to give the answers she expected and spoil the magic of the atmosphere. But if I were you, I wouldn’t give up my virginity with someone like me. Of course, the opposite was coming out of my tongue.

It’s Time to Detain Your Maiden!

During a part of our conversation, I got carried away and increased the number of compliments, which my lover liked very much. He was still sticking to my lips, rubbing my dick. With that touch of his tiny hands, he started to harden me again. As I slowly lift my dick:

Shall I take a blow job?
I have a better idea! Let’s make sixty-nine.
Ayyy, I’m so excited, it’s the first time someone will lick my ass.
As Semra lay down, I brought my dick to her mouth and my mouth to her sweet hairless cunt. It was so sweet that I really enjoyed licking it. I was experiencing another one. So I was enjoying everything and doing it without rushing. I had read porn stories and I knew how much pleasure it was to caress a girl’s clitoris. That’s why I was not only slapping her butt, I was also stroking her clitoris and making it go well.

OHHH! You are very beautiful and wonderful…
The noises he made when he took a break from blowing made me crazy too:

Are you ready?
I wanted to take my dick out of his mouth and take my place between his legs in a missionary position, staring into his eyes, I wanted to fuck off and tear his maiden apart. Slowly, I rooted his head in his cunt, then my entire dick, before rushing it.

I slowly pulled back and rooted again. Semra, who was in bad taste, was almost begging me not to stop. His state of mind seduced me as well, and I continued accelerating. It felt great to go back and forth in her warm, juicy cunt. For some reason, there was no blood. I took this as an opportunity and continued accelerating. His legs started to shake, he was literally screaming fuck me. At the time I came to enjoy it, Semra had already reached orgasm, although I was not coming out of it. She was pinching me with her legs. I don’t know if he felt pain in return for pleasure, but he both wanted and didn’t. She experienced her second orgasm after her and released it as if she was out of breath, which I could hardly get out of and ejaculated towards her belly and breasts like a waterfall. Yes, he had his first fuck with me and we both really enjoyed it at the peak.

We probably just tried to gather our breaths for about five minutes. Our hearts were beating like they were going to explode.

Is it still bleeding, my love?
Yes, why did it happen?
Let’s take a look at your phone from the internet…
How much conclusion could be reached with the information there, but in some cases it could be seen. Later, the blood could clot and flow slowly. It could also be a flexible ovary. Whatever it was, I didn’t really care because it was an amazing experience. I kissed her lips and went to the bathroom.

Beyza Begins to Have Crises of Jealousy

After our sex, Semra and I seemed to be well connected. We were on the phone all the time, meeting at every opportunity. Beyza, on the other hand, was getting extremely uncomfortable with this situation. He started to go into fits of jealousy and constantly vilify Semra. She didn’t feel comfortable at home, she was constantly dividing us.

We were at our house again. We were all watching movies together. For some absurd reason, my girlfriend and sister started arguing and raised their voices. I tried to calm down, but neither of them was listening to me. Ok, I loved Semra, but when she called my sister a ‘bitch’, I got very angry. She was still yelling, even though I took her to another room to calm her down. Finally, he grabbed his bag and something and stormed out of the house. Beyza was sitting in the living room, continuing the movie we had started as if nothing had happened, but I could see how angry she was from the width of her nostrils.

What’s wrong with you girl? What do you want from Semra!
Well done! Defend me that little bitch, not your sister! Shame on you, I even set that girl up for you…
I was trying to calm my nerves but he was still babbling. I sat next to him.

Will you be calm?
He was silent, he did not want to press because I did not respond. After a little breathing, I went into words:

Are you starting to envy me?
What does it matter?
Don’t deny it, you’re just jealous you know.
Even so, you haven’t been able to see anything since you started dating this girl. Doesn’t a man ask how his brother is? You didn’t look at me for a pussy! If al cunt is all you want, i have it too!
Angrily, she stood up and peeled off her black tights with her panties and showed her cunt. This move, which I did not expect from my brother, turned me on in a way that I could not understand. I could feel my dick slowly rising. I grabbed his arm and sat him down next to me.

Look, you’re starting to get really silly. Are you aware of what you’re doing?
She started crying. I was upset when I saw the tears flowing from his eyes.

Why are you crying now, come here!
I was stroking her hair, her head resting on my chest. Seeing her exposed hip kept getting my dick off. I literally had a hard time not looking at it. But the cunt he showed in front of my eyes couldn’t go away. I was officially afraid that I would have a fuck with my brother, but I also wanted to.

He lifted his head and looked at me.

Brother, I love you so much, I don’t want to share it with anyone. I understood this when he started dating Semra. I wanted to deny something else, but I couldn’t go beyond deceiving myself.
He came close to my lips and started kissing me. I didn’t reciprocate, but I wanted to give.

Please kiss me…
This time he put his hand on my dick. My high school sister officially wanted to have sex with me. I, on the other hand, could not oppose my masculinity, I started to respond. I lay on the couch while kissing his lips for real. I involuntarily brought my hand to his pussy and inserted my fingers through his straight slit. My sister in pleasure:

Fuck me!
I was mesmerized, doing what they said. While I was taking my pants down quickly, Beyza had taken off her clothes, tights, panties, whatever. He would spread his legs and say ‘come on, fuck me’. He was upright and my dick even entered my sister’s cunt without thinking. It was so warm, soft, and tight that I started walking back and forth. Ohh, the sadness in my brother’s eyes had disappeared and something else took its place. He was enjoying himself very much, it was obvious in every way. And I was just going back and forth in the pussy, licking her gorgeous tits. I started to accompany the sounds it made every time I rooted it. The faster I got, the more unstoppable I became. When my brother reached orgasm, I came out of him and emptied on the sofa. If I had stayed longer, I would have met my own sister’s cunt with my offspring!

I walked over to him and hugged him. Neither of us was talking because that incestuous feeling was weird. It was a feeling that is hard to explain. Both regret and pleasure… The first voice came from my brother:

do you regret it?
I do not know, you?
I guess, no.
You are aware, this is not a normal thing between us.
Yeah, so don’t tell our folks or, I don’t know, your girlfriend or anything.
Don’t be ridiculous, how can such a thing be explained anyway?
Although this was our first sex, it wasn’t the last. The second time I went to him. We skipped school and enjoyed each other all day. Giving it to my brother’s mouth that I had kissed aroused, and fucking his warm, tight pussy was taking me away. I left Semra as a result of her insistence. He apologized many times and wanted to be with me again, but I didn’t accept it just for my brother. A month has passed since all this, but everything that passed between us is still in my memory as on the first day. Anyway, I wrote this article, which I opened with the title “What’s up, my sister was jealous of my lover.” As I said at the beginning, I need your opinions.

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