Hi. The story I am going to tell is completely true and
it happened about 2 months ago, in January 2003. I am a 19-year-old boy from Istanbul.
My name is Gokhan. My mother, Sibel, is 37 years old, blonde, tall, thin, a woman with a physique that all men would love to fuck, and a physique woman who would turn stones
on young girls . So, my mother, my uncle’s son even adorn their dreams. In order for you to understand my mother better physically , let me tell you someone she looks like: Hülya Avşar, for example, physically. My mom is a little more athletic than him. Feet are my favorite place. So beautiful, tiny, shapely and

They have well-kept feet. Always with white or black nail polish. Two little sweets, almost ready to be licked
. Anyway, let me start by
telling what happened to me. Mom and Dad have been separated for about 15 years. We
stay with my sister and father, but we go and see my mother whenever we want
. Until 1-2 years ago, when we went to my mother, I used to send my
sister and my mother to go around, I would stay at home and look at the computer or something, and I would go
through my mother’s personal belongings.
In the middle of 2002, I think it was July or something; We were at my mother’s again and I
sent them. Then they phoned me and said they were going to the movies and would be back
late. This must have been the best moment of my life.
I hung up the phone and took a deep breath. First I
thought where to start. First, I went and bought a pair of your prettiest shoes. It is one of those summer shoes that are open all
over, slipper-like, pointed heels and sexy .
Then I started opening the drawers one by one.
This time I found one of the super sexy thin nylon stockings. Black,
with sexy patterns on it. I put that aside too. And finally,
I opened that most delicious drawer. There were a variety of sexy, maybe
more than fifty thongs in it. I bought 6-7 of the most beautiful ones, went to my mother’s
bedroom and laid them on her bed. Then
I started to go through the other drawers. And how hot and charming and
I opened the drawer, which led me to realize it was a willing sex machine.
There were pictures in the drawer. Too much, too much. Maybe more than 500.
I started to mix the pictures. Then what do I see? Pictures of my mom at the beach
. Thong and Topless I couldn’t believe my eyes. Would a 37-year-old
woman’s body be this beautiful, this sexy, this
fresh? She had hundreds of sexy pictures, not just her pictures on the beach
. Close-up pictures of her bare feet in miniskirts,
what more!! I chose 10 of the sexiest of these pictures and arranged them
on the bed. And I pulled my shorts down and started stroking my dick.
First I was interested in shoes. On the one hand she pulls 31, on the other hand

I was licking to death the places where the shoes touched, the heels touched, the soles touched . When I was done with the shoes, I set them aside and grabbed the
nylon socks. First I started sniffing, licking,
kissing the net part. Then I started licking the foot part. And I
set it aside. By the way, my dick was like a pipe. Now it was time for the most beautiful and
special materials, thongs. By the way, I was getting aroused by looking at the pictures . I
took the first thong and
started to smell and lick the places that touched her pussy and ass. The back of the thong was stringy, obviously
going into her ass. It felt like my dick was going to explode just thinking about it
. I took the thongs from the drawer, they all smelled good but
well, I knew her cunt and ass had touched it dozens of times. By
looking at the pictures and licking all of the thongs in turn, 5-10 minutes
later, unbelievably, on .Touch me. I ejaculated in the thong that says The
thong was left in the semen. I went to the bathroom and washed the thong.
And I put it on the heater and let it dry. Then I collected other items and pictures
and put them back. I just put the thong I washed and 1 incredibly
sexy picture in my bag. My parents came home at night and they didn’t
understand anything. We sat and slept for a while. My mother and sister were in the same bed, I was on
the sofa in the living room. Anyway, it was morning and we
went home with my sister after breakfast or something. Now we look at my mother in a completely different way.
I was starting. I was now looking at her as a woman I should have.
For 5-6 months, I ejaculated hundreds of times by smelling the thong I took with me at home and
looking at that awesome sexy picture. Now my mother was like a god in my eyes
Then that day came.
My brother and father were going to Germany for 2 weeks. Could this
be a good opportunity? After sending my father and sister off, I
called my mother and said that I would stay with her. Then I went straight
to my mother’s house. When I got home, my mother was not there. I got in.
There was a note on the table ; .I’m with my friend, I’ll be back at half past ten. Again, luck smiled on me
. It was still 6 o’clock. I opened the closet and I hadn’t seen it in months.
I attacked other thongs. I pulled 31 crazy. I ejaculated 3 times before my mom came
. My mother had come. We sat, ate, watched TV, etc.
It was time for bed. And my mother said the word that stormed my brain
: .You don’t have a brother anyway, come sleep with me!. Was this a dream?
No, it was real. I said OK. I said you go to bed, I will go to the toilet.
I went to the bathroom and started thinking about what to do and decided to pull 31
. Because I didn’t want my dick to get up in bed. Even if it was difficult,
I went to the toilet and went to the bedroom. My mother had a mini
nightgown with straps. White, transparent. She was wearing a black thong and
no bra. I felt like I was in a porn movie. To bed
I went to bed, the lights were off. Only soft music was playing at our bedside.
I was thinking what to do. As I slid my hand under my pillow as I was tossing and turning in bed
, something small touched my hand.
I looked without making a sound ; I can not be! A Condom! I started sweating. I wonder if
he put it up for me or for the fuckers he brought home. But
what would it matter, the arrow had now come out of the bow. I put the condom under the pillow and took
the first attack.
With my feet I began to feel her bare feet and legs sticking out of her mini nightgown . I was speaking slowly
. So, in a way, I loved his feet and legs, and I
was trying to arouse him. I don’t know if it’s because you got aroused after a while.
turned his ass. I was a little hesitant at first, but then I
slowly started rubbing my up cock up her ass over the top of her nightgown. He had to be stupid not to understand
, I was literally rubbing to ejaculate. He
suddenly moved. I got scared and ran back. Then he got up from the bed and
went inside. While I was anxiously waiting for what would happen, voices were also
coming from the toilet. All of a sudden I heard the shower opening And
that voice that caused boiling water to pour down my head: .Gökhan, come here a little bit!.
Fearfully, I headed towards the bathroom. My beautiful mother
was standing in front of me naked and wet. I couldn’t say anything. My mother, .Get undressed,
come on. ‘ He said, ‘I did as he said. And take everything off me
I went to the tub. My mother was
lying in the tub under the hot water, waiting for some action from me. But I couldn’t even move from excitement
. Then my mother straightened up and said you lie down. I reached out. My mother said .
Look, we’ve come this far, don’t get excited, say what you want, so
I got over my excitement a little bit and said OK. My mom
asked how to start. I said lick a little. He laughed and
opened his awesome mouth and took almost more than half of my cock in his mouth. She was sucking so beautifully and
satisfactorily, I guess I can never experience this moment again. While the hot water was running
at full speed on us, I was holding my mother’s wet hair and
giving it to her mouth. All my dreams were coming true. Grab my dick by the body
He kept licking. Then I said let me lick some. And
he left without saying anything and we changed places. This time I was going to make
the turning point of my life. My mom spread her legs and
before me stood a perfect, hairless, shiny pink cunt.
I immediately bent down and started introducing my tongue all over her pussy. On the one hand I
was fingering, on the other hand I was sticking my tongue into her cunt as much as I could
. Meanwhile, I was thinking to myself, what should I do now?
and I thought of my mother’s feet that I always dreamed of. I came out from between my mother’s legs
. What happened? said. I said I’m going to lick your feet. He said ok
and stretched his legs towards me. and she is beautiful, tiny, well-groomed
feet; I began to lick passionately. It tasted so good. I could lick those
feet non-stop for years. Fingers, between toes
, heels, soles and beautiful nails with nail polish. Then I let go of my mother’s
feet and got out of the tub. What happened? said. I
told him to wait and I went and got a jar of strawberry jam from the kitchen.
My mother smiled when she saw the jam in my hand. .Beautiful. ‘I said, stretch
your feet.’ Now
those beautiful feet were ready to be licked. I was licking her feet so greedily
that my mother couldn’t help
their moans. I said. HE

He immediately put his feet together as if he was ready from yesterday and I started to go back and forth with my dick between his two feet . It was a great pleasure. After I
finished this, I told my mom .okay. I said. he pulled his feet too. And it was time for the
Great Blow. That hot pussy was waiting for me. First I put
some jam on her pussy and licked the jam off her pussy, then I
took her legs on my shoulder and slowly started to move my dick closer to that beautiful little pink pussy
. The first time I inserted it, it was like my dick went into the stove.
His pussy was so hot. I slowly started to slide in it. Her pussy was amazing , she was sucking
my dick like a suction cup. But I didn’t want to settle for just my pussy
. .Mom, just squirm. I said. It was doomed right away. And
I had a super ass and her perfect hole in front of me. I dipped my hand into the jam jar
and jammed her asshole.
And I started licking the jam in his hole with my tongue . He had a great ass. Great, stimulating.
Then I approached behind him and started to shove it lightly into his ass. And
I loaded instantly. My mother cried out. But then he started moans of pleasure
. I was going back and forth like a locomotive in her narrow ass. My mother was moving her ass so
well, it was almost as if I was just enjoying it
. My mother’s screams gave me a different taste. After walking for a while, I realized that I was going
to ejaculate and I came out of my mother’s ass My mother must
have understood that she immediately turned and brought her mouth close And all of a sudden it was like that.
I exploded so that my mother’s mouth, cheeks, chin, eyes, hair turned white
My mother tried to swallow what she could swallow The word
swallowed a bit of it between us 🙂 Then we washed each other in a relaxed way by
stroking each other under hot water And now we can fuck whenever we want.
My uncle’s son also had a longstanding interest in my mother. He didn’t hesitate to tell me that either.
After all, we lived apart from my mother from time to time
. Gokhan, bring me photos of your mother in a miniskirt or something
!. he was saying. I was bringing it too. We were shooting 31 together. After my relationship with my
mother started, it occurred to me to include my uncle’s son, Oğuz, among us
. But I didn’t know how to tell my mother that. Later on

One day I was going to fuck my mother , I decided to take Oğuz
me. He was already satisfied with yesterday, he
came to us in 15 minutes. We set off.
When we came to my mother’s house, my heart was beating as if I was going to fuck my mother for the first time. I knocked on the
door with my son next to me. My mom opened the door in a super-mini-skirt and a tight-fitting bodysuit
. She saw her son next to me, but she never recovered,
she said come directly and went to the seat and crossed her legs, her pink thong was in
front of our eyes Oğuz was so excited that he couldn’t speak.
He understood that he would join us. He looked at me and I nodded yes.
He stood up and went to the boy’s side and pressed them to his lips. Oğuz
was surprised at what had happened. My mother was kissing madly on the lips of the son sitting on the sofa
. Of course, his ass was up in the air, too. I immediately
took action and stripped off her skirt, which was already stripped down to her waist. And
I started kissing and licking her ass with the thong. Mom stopped kissing
her son and said let’s go to the bedroom. The three of us
went into the bedroom. We all quickly undressed. My mother lay on her back on the bed
and Oğuz looked at me. I said don’t be afraid. He jumped on my mother and
started kissing her lips .
I started to get interested, licking wildly. Meanwhile, Oğuz was madly kissing
my mother. It was obvious in every way that my mother took great pleasure in it. It was coiling like a snake under us. The sound that came out was echoing in the room. Meanwhile, the oguz was dancing with great pleasure in my mother’s mouth. Then I gave my son a sign and said let’s have sex. Then I laid my mother on her back again. I took her legs on my shoulders, brought my cunt close to my dick and started to fuck her lightly.

Meanwhile, the son was licking my mother’s erect and hard breasts. While walking back and forth in my mother’s
pussy, a position I saw in porn movies came to my mind
and I called my son to me. He took my position. I mean, he took my mom’s
legs on his shoulder and put his dick on his
. My mom was moaning so beautifully
that even if we didn’t fuck, we probably could have ejaculated listening
to it. After going back and forth like this for a few minutes, we took our dicks
out and ejaculated on my mom’s face, mouth and breasts at the same time. It was a great moment.
Later, my mother lay down on the bed and Oğuz and I held my mother’s feet.
We started to lick her feet wildly. His feet were very beautiful. While
Oğuz was licking, I went to the kitchen and got honey and poured it on his feet,
wrists and fingers. Then the honey wildly
We finished licking Fuck Our was rampant again honey jar to take
my mother’s neck, breasts, cheeks to the lips to, anywhere
I emptied my mother’s, this honey, we started licking the perfect body
, we finished lick lick on my dick again was like pipe Mom Just
‘ve closer to AM and a great pace I stung my mom made an ohhhhh
sound and she started moaning wildly again. great, you’re great,
faster. and he was saying things like that while I was fucking him in the pussy, oguz top
She went to her side and started to give it between her breasts After a few minutes
of fucking like that, I came out of her cunt that was close to my ejaculation, I think oguz would have ejaculated at that time
, because he also brought my cock close to his
mouth . I ejaculated unbelievably on those beautiful feet. This is how our fuck today ended. Then we took a shower and bathed each other for about 1 hour under warm water. Before leaving the house, I asked my mother for thongs for myself and Oguz, so that we would think about you.

I gave a passionate kiss. Oguzda I then bent down
and kissed her feet and we left

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