I wrote this a lot, it was never published, I am writing it again. It has
been 6 years since my father died, I am
my sister, my mother is alive, my mother was a little sick. We are a very poor family. We have two cows and we used to
sell her milk.
My sister is 42 years old, single and never married. There were many
people who wanted it, but she didn’t want it, then the old or widowed children wanted it.
she didn’t go either. My sister was a small woman with a height of 1.55, her hips were small, her
breasts were a little big, that is, she was a petite type woman.

I, on the other hand, could not get married at the age of 36 because we did not have money. but
I did n’t intend to do it to my sister. I’m 1.85 m tall, 19 cm thick and a hairy
person. Anyway, I used to fuck our ass every day, while I was fucking hard in a day,
my sister came in and saw me like that. She came out right away though, but I was so embarrassed. Anyway
, I went home to eat and couldn’t even look at her face. understand that
mother we kardrşiml animals to let her mother said to both roaming in a bit
of staying late, okay my mother said I said I’m yatıca said okay my sister daga
cýkar not tut I apologize I me the room my brother making them disease
What then is Bilas we do know dedi.Bir career status has got not ragatl
so dedim.b until looked for a while
He said go ahead and I said I will etc. He said I will say something to you and it will stay between us and
I said ok. If anyone wants me to go next time,
we both try. I couldn’t believe it. I could n’t believe it. I could
it. She immediately replied zataen. When I took my baggy bag down, she said it’s too
big, I have to get used to it, my mother said I’ll go to my uncle in 10 days, then
I’ll try it, I said okay, but I said okay, but you know it’s tight
, he started to suckle right away but he was taking his head,
whatever came to his mouth, I ejaculated on his breasts after that my mom I would kiss my sisters every day until
she left, but my mother used to empty me so that you don’t go to the donkey.
He said don’t fight with us while he was leaving, he said, I’ll stay for
days . I was a sister until now, when I am alone, there is no sister, there is a husband and wife relationship, I will call you my wife, I am my husband or my love, she said no, no sister, I said okay. I immediately started sucking on her lips. I saw my sister’s cunt for the first time when I took off her top. She had a clean cunt. I am making love kissing .I am her first cure to me that she is a girl

He said that I would spoil it. I started from his
lips slowly, while licking his neck, breasts, cunt, my dear sister’s moans increased even more.
This event cannot be explained, it has to be lived. He said lie down to me. He
licked my
breasts and even my armpits. He even licked my dick .
boşalcak I come on the count lay just below me I my dick slowly
engendering screamed to sokuyncaöyl up to one foot still
sound in my ears am tighten my bed I was afraid I had blood on interests by me
continued until the girl was dedi2 Wait a little am I unload on
‘ve cleaned we went to kiss the bathroom but still the blood was flowing in the bathroom
We fucked the mountain once. I lit a cigarette while lying down, I said
, do you regret it?

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