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My name is Kenan. We wanted to tell our experiences together. Therefore
, I will write some of the events and he will write some of them. I work in the medical industry
. In other words, I sell various materials to hospitals.
Due to my job , I regularly visit hospitals.
I met my wife at a hospital. She was working as a hostess. We met during my visits
and started dating. Over time, our relationship progressed. One day
Dilek said she wanted to talk to me about something important. He was quite
uneasy. We met again at the weekend and
started talking. He said that what he had to say was very important, but he was afraid to say it , that
he was afraid of losing me. I was surprised. From me
He wanted me to promise that I would listen to what he said until it was over, and
even if I was angry at what he said, I would not go and we would argue.
I calmed him down by promising and told him that I loved him very much.
And she began to tell . She said she wasn’t a virgin, had a few relationships.
She was looking at me with concern as she said this . When she was done speaking she looked again and
asked what I was thinking. I hugged him tightly before. Then I said that I loved her very much, that it was perfectly normal for
a beautiful woman like her to have men with whom she had been before .
We embraced each other with love
. He asked me if I wanted to know what he had been through before
. Me too . If you want, I will listen with pleasure. I said. Wish: To Kenan

I was very nervous before I told him that I had affairs before I was with him . I loved him so much (and I still love him so much) I
didn’t know how he would take it. My previous relationships were short-lived and
lacked emotional depth. My relationship with Kenan was very
different. After what I told him, I was incredibly happy that he took my relationships naturally
and I fell in love with him once again.
I cannot tell you how relieved I am. Kenan: After this conversation, our relationship
progressed and as you can imagine, we started to experience sexuality.
To be honest, Dilek was very experienced and ambitious. He was 23 at the time and
I was 27. From what he told me, it was the first time an 18-year-old

She had been with a man and had sex with several different men since then . We had almost all kinds of pleasures with him. At the same time, we
started the preparations for marriage. As I said, we tasted all kinds of pleasures,
but I had another thought in mind. group sex. She had only ever
been with one man at a time.
At the same time, I was thinking about how to propose it to her . What would his reaction be? Because at the
end of it was losing him completely. Finally, one day
when we were together again, I sat him on my lap and this time I told him that I
would say something to him and I took his word for it.
He owed me a promise and said okay. And to her. How about having group sex? I said.
Dilek: I was shocked. So okay, I was not a virgin, I
had a relationship with men before Kenan, but I was always with a man. Now, however, the man I loved was offering me to sleep with other men
at the same time and next to him while I was with him.
I was so surprised.
A wave of excitement, flame swept through my body. Kenan told me that it would only
be a physical pleasure, that he loved me very much and that it
would always be like this. With some surprise, I
asked him who it was going to be with. He told me that if you wanted to, he would be with Koray, Cenk and Zafer, and their
spouses and lovers would also attend. I knew them.
After meeting Kenan, he began to get to know his friends in time.
I was starting. They were a group of friends. They were nice, likeable kids.
If I said children, they were men of Kenan’s age and I met their wives.
Well we became friends. There were times when we went out as a group or went out
and chatted.
On the one hand , I was embarrassed by the feeling of doing such a thing with people I knew , and on the other hand, I was
excited. I even wondered if Kenan was trying me,
let me tell you a lie. Kenan asked me what I was thinking. . Did you tell them
that? I said. .Don’t be silly, of course not.
He said how can I do such a thing without asking you . Kenan :
When I asked Dilek about this, she was really shocked and I was really shocked.
I was scared. Fortunately, I was not afraid. Yes , I
introduced him to our children, but I had never thought of such a thing at first. We had group sex with our team
from time to time. Offering this to Dilek
was something I thought of later.
He asked for time to think as he said after my proposal to him. During this time, I noticed some changes in it.
He was a little quiet and distracted. I could guess what you were thinking. But
in bed he had become more eager, more desirous. As if he wasn’t getting enough.
Our time in bed was getting longer. As far as I understand, he wanted to
, but he was ashamed. Dilek: Yes, I wanted to experience such a thing. I wanted to taste this pleasure
, but I was ashamed. ‘Cause the people I’m going to do this are now
men with whom I was good friends, and my husband would be with us. I didn’t know what
to say. Kenan: Dilek was having a hard time making up her mind.
I finally asked him. Embarrass me again. But what am I going to do, I
mean, how are we going to tell them? she asked. .Come on, don’t worry.
I said to him and we hugged each other. We gathered at our house on the weekend with the
children. Of course they didn’t know about it. Dilek was incredibly
excited. The kids didn’t really know either. Dilek couldn’t stay in the living
room, she was going inside or to the kitchen, using something as an excuse
. Finally, I took him by the hand and brought him into the room. Guys,
we have news for you. I said Dilek will also join our group party.
Hurray. There was an applause. Everyone embraced and kissed Dilek one by one. After that
day, of course Dilek wondered when such an event would happen
. He also asked me from time to time. I told him to wait. By
the way, we finished our marriage preparations and got a day from the marriage
office. Dilek was another beautiful woman in her wedding dress that day. He was very
excited. After the wedding, we had fun in a living room. Our group was also
there. We had a good fun. But the boys left early.
They congratulated the wish again. Dilek
reproached a little, saying that they left early. They parted with the promise of meeting again as soon as possible. Towards 10 o’clock
we left the hall and came to our house. I took her in my arms and
We entered through the door. It was dark inside. I left him on the ground.
We kissed for a long time . Then I went to turn on the lights. As soon as the lights
come on .surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiz!. cried ours. Yes, our folks who left the party early
had gone to our house to surprise them.
How surprised Dilek was to see them . Anyway, after she got over her surprise, she
hugged them one by one. They congratulated the wish again. Another cake was cut,
champagne popped, drinks drank.
So we spent another half hour talking happily. Dilek was still in her wedding dress. As it was approaching 11 o’clock
, I took Dilek by the hand and took her to the next room. And I
told him the main surprise. Here’s the band he’s been waiting to do for almost 2 months
I told him we’re having the orgy tonight. Here is another moment of surprise
. Dilek had almost forgotten that. But I hadn’t given the main news yet.
I took his cheeks in my palms and said to him: .Look, my dear. That night
is tonight. But we made it a little more exciting. Now
I will leave you alone with the 3 handsome men inside and I will spend my
bachelorette night with their wives. Please don’t object and have
a nice, enjoyable night with them Dilek didn’t speak up first. The group was expecting an orgy
, but I guess not like this. Dilek: Kenan took my veil down and
took me to Koray’s lap and left me. Then he took the girls and
left the house. We bid him farewell together. After he left, Koray held me in his arms.
took him to the bedroom. Zafer and Cenk also came from behind. The light is on.
The room was slightly changed. Our bed was retracted against the wall, and
two large beds were laid on the floor side by side. A white sheet was
spread over it. We were all standing.
Koray opened my veil and kissed me for a long time . Cenk and Zafer also applauded. Then Koray took off my wedding dress and placed it
on the bed.
For the first time, I was standing in front of them in only my underwear. Cenk got behind me and took off my bra. Of course
, it was all about Zafer to take off my underwear. And I was finally naked. I sat on the bed
and watched them undress.
After all three undressed, they sat on the bed . Koray made me sit on his lap and wrapped his arms around my waist,
he kissed my neck. I stretched my legs forward. Cenk and Zafer were
sitting across from me. They were stroking my legs and watching me. I
them too. The masculinity of all three of them had hardened and erected. Koray’s
penis was erected between my legs.
A penis 17-18 cm long and slightly thick. A big head. Cenk’s penis was slightly
longer, but not thicker. Zafer, on the other hand, had a shorter but
rather thicker penis than the others. I would spend a night with these.
For my part. I’m 1.65 cm tall. I have black hair and black eyes.
My measurements are 88-58-87. I’m a little delicate.
My legs are as thin as my knees . Then they thicken. We chatted for a while at first.
They talked about the weather and tried to comfort me.
I was a little relieved by the effect of the drink . Finally Koray. Let’s start now, shall we? when you say .well.
I said. . Will you be comfortable? said. .Yes, ok. I said. I told Kenan that I promised
. My first relationship, of course, would be with my husband that night, Koray
. First of all, the three of them loved and caressed me. There is no place left on my body
where we haven’t been loved, kissed or stroked. Then they put him to bed
. Koray lay on top of me. Others sat on the edge of the bed and
watched. Koray grabbed his penis and placed it in my cunt and
pushed it slowly. With the penis inside me, I hugged Koray and wrapped my legs around his waist
. Koray was slowly getting into me. movements
was slowly accelerating. We both got heavy breathing. I felt the whole
penis go inside of me . Koray got up from me and
sat on the edge and gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was Cenk’s turn, but first I
wanted to rest a bit. A short time later, Cenk embraced me and
sat me on his lap. This time I would be on the lap. While he was holding me by the waist, I
placed his penis in my cunt. I slowly started to sit up.
Koray’s masculinity had enlarged my vagina.
It was also very slippery with the sperm he left in me and my waters. Cenk’s penis
was starting to enter me more and more, we both
started to fly with pleasure. The penis was in my womb, but I still couldn’t get it all.
Even though I pushed a little harder, a little of it stayed out. A few minutes
later we both ejaculated trembling. I was filled with semen from two men
, and some of it was dripping from my legs.
I lay on the bed out of breath . It was Zafer’s turn. While he was laughing mischievously, I
was a little nervous. Because I’ve never had such a thick penis inside me before
. Let’s see what he would do.
Zafer asked me to kneel down with my hands on the bed . I took the doggy position and began to wait
. He also caught me by the waist.
She was trying to place a call by holding her dick with one hand . He thrust his head into me a little and
thrust forward with one thrust. I screamed for the first time. Because I was burned
as if I was a virgin. This time it was going to be pretty hard for me, apparently.
After placing his victory cock, he
started to go back and forth behind me, holding my waist. Each time I felt that thick iron thing
tearing through me. My screams continued
. I was on fire. The victory continued unabated.
He had finally inserted his penis up to the root. I had started to relax relatively
and now I was enjoying it. He went about his business, banging his balls of glory on my ass
, and finally he ejaculated inside me. I was already empty. He
slowly pulled out his dick. I tried to calm myself by lying on the bed
. There was a slight pain in my vagina. Then Koray brought me again.
he sat on his lap and let’s see how you found us. she asked. Of course
it was all great. They were also satisfied with me. Their dicks were
like sticks again. We chatted again so I could get some rest. Wonder
what was next. Finally Koray. If you’re good, let’s continue. said.
I said OK. He said they would try my back side this time. This time
, Cenk took the priority. I knelt down again and put my hands on the floor. He
took his place behind me. Since we had anal sex with Kenan, I didn’t have much
difficulty. Cenk’s long dick got inside me inch by inch and we both
started to enjoy it. Then he took the place of Koray Cenk.
I had enjoyable moments with both . They both ejaculated loudly behind me. And
It was Zafer’s turn again.
How was I going to get that dick on my back that I had a hard time getting into my pussy? Victory was holding a small jar in his hand as he passed behind me
. What he took from that jar, which I later realized was cream, he
rubbed it well into my back hole and creamed me.
Then he tried to push the head of his penis in . He didn’t. Although I was having anal sex as I said,
my anus was small. Victory weighed on me even more for the second time,
and stuck his head in. I screamed again as I felt the pain behind me
. This time it hurt a lot. After this party,
we sat and talked a little more. The children were not yet satisfied. Me too. This time
they were going to fuck me in twos. The next time I’m on my ass
was passing. When everyone threw their turn, both my places were aching and the semen was
flowing. Cenk and Zafer started to get dressed to leave. We said goodbye
to them with Koray. They both hugged and kissed me and said that it was a great night
, that I was great too, that
they thought Kenan was very lucky. After they left, Koray took me in his arms.
I wrapped my legs around his waist. We kissed for a long time. And back to the bedroom,
of course. I woke up in the morning with the rays of the sun hitting my face.
I used to feel the way you feel in the morning after working hard and getting tired
. A little tired, a little sleepy. I was aching in both places (you know
where). I had no cover. Koray’s
I realized that he was watching me. He smiled at me and said good morning.
I’m her too. Then he hugged me and pulled me on top of him.
We talked last night . We both agreed it was a great night. I told him it
hurt a little bit. But I was still eager.
I guess mornings are when people are most passionate about sex. Of course, I sat on Koray
‘s and kissed his penis, which was hard and his head was huge.
Then I slowly put it in my ass. I started going over it. I sat up, enjoying the masculinity that was slowly
creeping into me. In the end
, I gave up first, and then him. I collapsed on Koray. We kissed, we made
love. Then I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. hot water
I went under and started to wash.
The water was wonderful and brought me back to myself . While I was taking a shower,
I thought about those wonderful hours I spent last night.
It was impossible to experience that surprise night with that excitement once again . Maybe I was going to experience other excitements, but
I never thought of this. All of a sudden, I wished we had made love in the bathroom under the water last night
. Underwater. While I was thinking about these things
, I was soaping myself. Even thinking about the night gave me
pleasure. Two hands gripped my breasts and
squeezed me painfully. I threw my head back in agony. Koray clung to my lips and
kissed me for a long time. He turned me towards him, my back against the wall. from my waist
holding it to himself. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist again
That beautiful dick entered my womanhood once again, and for the last time that day , she. This time she swirled inside me for a long time. I ejaculated
like animals twice before he ejaculated. That day, Kenan
came home around noon and received me as my main husband from my husband last night. He had a
great night too. How not to pass 3 women to one man.
Even if the children’s wives are not as beautiful as me, they are beautiful women.

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