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I will tell you about an incident that happened to me with my neighbor’s daughter one morning on my way to work.
Just as I was walking out of the house for 50 meters, I met our brother Orhan
‘s daughter Sevda. Since Sevda was a high school girl, she was
wearing a mini school uniform and her breasts were just beginning to develop
. Of course, this change did not catch my attention. He said
good morning, timidly.
I headed towards my car and he called after me as mehmet brother. Could you
leave me too? she asked. Ok Sevda, let’s see, I
‘ll pass there, I answered ztn. We started chatting along the way.
From time to time, my eyes are on the pillar legs trying to get rid of her short skirt.
reaching for him, and he caught my gaze and spread his legs even more. He kept saying things like I
wish I was your age, I wish I went to university, I was free, I could live what I wanted. On the other hand, I was ignoring the bait he threw at me, both because she is the daughter of our neighbor Orhan brother and because she grew up in my hand . But the girl still did what she did and brought the subject to sex. “Brother Mehmet, what would you do if you hadn’t beaten the guest who came to your house so much ,” said the mischievous prankster. I said no, my dear, I spilled tea on my nap, and he was shouting. “It means you were drinking tea in the bedroom ,” she said with a laugh, and Sevda was insistently bringing the subject there. “Why

He shouted, so did you have anal sex? I couldn’t stand it when I asked. I said, “Where
did you learn this from, my care”, tell me a little bit”.
He said it is unexplainable here . I’ll skip school, let’s drive around today, then I’ll tell you.
I was so excited. The stories I read in the high school sex stories section
seemed to happen to me. I immediately
called my boss on my phone and told him that I had a very important job and I couldn’t come to work today.
I didn’t have to go to work anymore and I could focus on Love.
After going a certain way, I
stopped in a forest area that I knew before. I was going to have sex in the car for the first time. Yes, I said love. Show
your skills. Get this down on your stomach. I can’t stomach it but it pleases you
he said i will. He really knew his job very well. He kindly licked
my dick. his mouth was warm.
In fact, it was so hot that for a moment I felt like I was going to fuck myself . While she licked I was
squeezing her small but erect breasts and grabbing her full lips. My tongue was in his mouth
and he was sucking so hard that for a second I thought it was going to break.
I laid Sevda on her back in the back seat of the car . I lifted her skirt and took off her panties,
reaching for her treasure and started licking it. It smelled like puss.
Sevda was raging with pleasure as I licked it. Come on, fuck me, he said. Aren’t you a
virgin? When I asked him, he said no. I couldn’t stand
it until this age. The weather was fine for me. find such a beautiful pussy
It would be bad if you couldn’t. Since Sevda was just 17 years old, there
was no question mark in my mind. i started licking that cunt i licked it until the love was discharged then
i tangled it and my dick slowly went inside her cunt.
I was hitting fast, while I was hitting his hips, I was
slapping him with my hand. Then I took him on my lap, he was sitting on my dick, he was
sitting and getting up, and after I fucked him for a while, I laid him face
down. I fucked him like this for 10 minutes. When he was about to come,
I told him to open his mouth and I ejaculated inside his mouth. My sperm got on his lips
and he swallowed them all, cleaning them with his tongue.
Fucked a high school girl for the first time in my life and happily
went to work the next day

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