pakistan telegram

I am Kemal, 30 years old, living in KUŞADASI. I work in a hotel here . I wanted to
share with you an incident that happened to me last week .

Two women in their 30s came to the hotel
. They had caught my attention from the first moment they arrived.

In the evening, they ate their dinner and started playing backgammon on the terrace
. I came up to them and said that it looks like a tough match. Of course,
they did not stay idle and asked me to sit down with words. They offered me to play with Yenen
and I accepted .
her name was Sevil . Çetin
won the last match with Sevil.

I went across Sevil and we play with frying pan. The conversations of course started to go down to a little bit below the waist . I
said oooohhhhh, I said oooohhhhh
for a while
. I went to the WC and I came. Then there was still pain (I was
exaggerating a bit) He said to me, I have a
crepe in my room, if you want, I’ll give it to you.

We all went to the room together. You know, I said , I should drive in the bathroom. Sevil ca
n’t, I can drive because of me . and she started to blow blowjob. Zeynep was stuck to my lips . I was almost going crazy between two horny girls. We were all naked in an instant.

We tried all kinds of positions, we had sex for hours, I can never
forget that day.

We had sex for 2-3 more days and then they left.
They said they will come back as soon as possible. I’m waiting.

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