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Hi, I’m sibel, I live in the Netherlands, I’m 25 years old, I’m married and I
‘m the mother of a child, my wife told me that she was waiting for money from somewhere, if she came,
she asked if we would go to the swap club, I said if everyone
got stuck with it, I said okay,
everyone should do what they want. The money we were waiting for came on 12-05-06 and my wife
said to me, get ready immediately, we are going, I immediately took a shower
, I scraped my pussy like cotton wool, we took our sexy underwear, we took our sexy underwear, we
left the child mother in the entrance and we set out. Our destination was in the Dutch city of
Delftzijl, 200 km from us (
no one there did not know).

We went inside, we changed our clothes and wore sexy underwear, my pussy is watering and my husband’s wound
is like a stone, we immediately headed to the living room, when we entered , it
was a big crowd . I didn’t feel strange at all 🙂 I was walking around the rooms and I was looking upstairs suddenly someone hugged me from behind and caressed my breasts and he gave his dick to my hand I understood the size and color of the wound he was a black man I said would you like me I said why not we went to the room right away the black man licks my pussy fingering my pussy he was driving me crazy i tried

it was so big I could only get my head in my head after I sucked a little bit then he made me droop
and he pushed his head from behind me with his head between my pussy it
was one thing but it was very painful I felt it hit the wall because my pussy wasn’t enough to take it all while I was screaming and screaming at the same time enjoying being fucked with a black dick I dreamed of for the first time

then the nigga asked me to take off the condom in dutch so i said yes as soon as he
slowly took his dick out of my ass i
felt a big emptiness in my butt and instantly black filled his back
smelt I fell down and exploded towards my chest. I didn’t have the
strength nor my
face was filled with dollar bills. After I got up and wiped it, I immediately
went downstairs and said to my husband that I had my first fuck, the room said to me, the
woman likes me very much and she said if I can fuck with her, I said go ask my dear , she
went and the answer she got was on your inspiration my husband
If he gets bored, I’ll fuck with you, he came to me, they said to me, they are Turkish
, I said, why not, I will do it for you, my love, I said, my love ,
and we went to the rooms I said it would be fine

we went to a separate room, the man immediately put his dick on me, I sucked a little bit because
I didn’t like the man, I just wanted to fuck him because my husband wanted, I wanted
him to
ejaculate right away, I wanted him to ejaculate right away.
it exploded, we got up, we went to my husband’s room, and we saw that my wife
is still fucking her, so the turkish
man was right after the woman’s butthole, and he was squeezing
his wife right while we were watching, my wife pulled out her dick and ejaculated on the woman’s
bottom. We always went to the bar and had a drink
. They also came from Belgium and it was their first time. Her husband did not have a job, but the woman was beautiful.
I said, “You guys have a chat” I said, leaning in my husband ‘s ear, and I left saying, “Whatever you do
, fuck whoever you do ” I got in between 4 men and a foreigner looked like a Turk. When I looked at his necklace, I said are you Turkish, he said yes and we started kissing him . It was great. The size I wanted. He licks my breasts. He puts a light finger in my butthole. If you want to talk to me, I will send this woman to you, she said, Let’s fuck you.

I said okay and the woman went and I was alone with five men. I was licking their dicks
one by one. I was sucking. They were passing by me one by one and
licking my pussy behind me. Then one of them made me put his dick on my butt and when I couldn’t
scream with determination, it was pumping my pussy crazy and
they were doing the same move one by one.
He was pushing my butt, it hurt, then he
managed to get inside and he was squeezing my butt to pieces, he was leaving his turn to his stomach, he
was saying to me in Turkish, you are a wonderful woman .

he sat me down and told me to lean forward so I bent down and felt his turquoise dick under the hole in my ass they were going to fill me in both my holes because they were all skinned when I said in one hit the room came in behind
me both my holes were filled with dicks in my row I was licking my dick one by one I was feeling my cunt one by one is up

right away they pulled their dicks, the gluttonous two got in, by the way,
I licked their empties back and I did
n’t feel the pain in my ass and chest. The turk told me if you want, we’ll all get you in a
. They took it one by one, they squirted in my face,
the doll that was flowing from my face, it flowed all the
way down to my lips,
while my butt and butt were already stuffed, my husband came in and saw my condition,
but he didn’t say anything
, I just said yes when he asked if I was your Turkish wife who fucked me, I said yes, I guess it was just a little while ago
The woman I fucked said must be your wife . When she said I have blonde hair, my
wife said yes and they laughed. She looked at me and said, “Is it enough, continue?
” I said, continue my life, I will write this part to you later, thank you for reading, it gives a great taste when
a woman fills my ass with a few cocks, believe me right now I can
feel the smell of foreign dollars between my breasts

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