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I want to go directly to the event, you can find my story fabricated, no problem.
One day, while I was sitting at home, my neighbor came to me, but
he said, “I
am looking for a chance to see
you in the first place,” he said. Anyway
, the things are finished, he came out with me on the way home, our door was
locked, I didn’t take the key, he said, “Come, let’s go
, sit with us until yours comes, but I said we’re going to take a bath, but I said come, you can do
it with us, what’s
wrong ?” I said it’d be okay to give him a massage, I just said he’s on a bikini or something
I lay on my face and I started massaging I said take
off your clothes I said it’s a little hard so you can see everything I don’t know what ‘s
going She said okay I’ll take my top off but I said no need to do anything I said I took off her top she lay on her back after a little massage everything is in the middle my co woke up of course I stroked her breasts or something while massaging then I went down to her vagina I caressed you undress I will give you a massage He said okay of course I said yes I stripped straight massage I’ll do it, he just said you don’t need to be so fast I lay on my face

he started the massage, then I lay on his back, he took the co in his hand and he said let’s have a massage, it’s a shame, after
stroking it a little bit, my co was ready to explode, he fired
himself, what did he say, it’s been full for 1 hour, of course, I said, he continued to caress again, he took it in his mouth and did 69 so I started to lick
the vagina directly onn he got up
she started to sit up her vagina was so tight that it was
as if she had never been fucked after doing it so much I did it by
holding her hair and starting to insert it i started to accelerate i said i’m going to ejaculate in it i
said ejaculate and blew her inside her mouth she cleaned and
lifted her legs on my shoulder i started to fuck then i just ejaculated
in the shower We got in, I soaped every part of you, I took it in my lap and started bouncing 1
The mail said it’s enough

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