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After resting for a while, Handan and I took a shower and took a shower. Although Handan offered me to stay, “Sorry, I have to go.” I said and got dressed. On the way out, Handan put his hand in my pocket and dropped the money, kissing my lips, “See you then.” said. Before I went home, I deposited the money in my pocket into my account from the ATM. When I got home, my mother was in the living room, and she called me to her side and said, “Come, son, we’re going to talk something…” I went straight to him and sat in the chair opposite him. My mom said, “Son, I’m going to tell you something about your father, but don’t be upset right away, it’s not a bad thing…” I wondered, “What are you going to say?” I said.

My mother said, “Son, I will take your father to Istanbul, we went to the doctor last week while you were at school. The doctor said that your father’s condition is improving, but there will be a doctor and physical therapy in Istanbul. The doctor said that he will be completely healed in 1-2 months.” said. I was happy with this situation, “Okay go, stay as long as you want. Don’t worry about money, I’ll send you money all the time!” I said. Holding my cheeks, my mother said, “Son, I am my lion!” she said and looked at me with a smile. I said to my mother, “I’ll keep you at home there, okay?” When I said, “No, son, we will stay in the hospital for 2 months anyway, there is no need!” she said.

They were going to leave after 2 weeks, I called Jale and said, “Don’t set me up with anyone for 2 weeks. Two weeks later, our people are leaving, I want to spend time with them!” I said. For 2 weeks I only went to school and spent time at home with my family. When the time came, I took it to the garage on Thursday evening, and put it on their bus. When their bus left, I took a taxi home. But the house is starting to get boring for me. On Friday, after school, I called Jale and said, “Can I stay with you? I’m so bored at home alone!” I said. “Sure, come!” said Jale, laughing. said. I left the house with a few items in my bag.

I hailed a taxi on the way and got in. On the way to Jale, my phone rang. The caller was Handan, “I’m going to ask you something, will you come to me on Saturday evening? I will invite a friend of mine, I praised you a lot!” said. And I said, “Okay, I’ll come!” I said and hung up the phone. By the way, I came to Jale’s house. Jale met me at the door. When I entered inside, he kissed my lips and said, “So we will live with you for 2-3 days as husband and wife, huh?” said. And I laughed, “Yeah it is, or did you not like it?” I said.

Jale got closer to me and, holding my dick, said, “No, it’s not because I don’t like it, it’s the first time I’m living with a man for such a long time!” said. Jale and I had a hot night that day, we fucked for about 2 hours and I ejaculated her 3 times. Lying in bed, she smiled at me and said, “I love you, you can fuck as much as you want!” said. And I said, “I’m not doing anything special for it, it just happens!” I said.

We slept until noon the next day. Afterwards, we had breakfast and killed time at home. Neither of us wanted to go out. I got ready towards 19:00 in the evening and took a taxi to the road. I went to Handan’s house. Handan was wearing a navy blue one-piece dress, the skirt ending just above her hips. We went inside and I took a seat. Handan gave me a glass of whiskey. “Where’s your guest?” I said. Handan said, “Upstairs, we’ll finish your whiskey!” said. I drank my whiskey quickly, wondering who would come up against me. We left the inn at the front, I at the back, and entered the bedroom…

But at that moment I was shocked, the person lying in the bed was a lecturer of mine at the University. He stared at me for a while, too. Her name was Müge, she was a 35-year-old, well-groomed woman with dark hair, dark brown breasts and full hips. She used to dress very provocatively at school, too. Our friends burned with dreams of being able to fuck him once. This time she was dressed even more provocatively than at school. She was also wearing a transparent one-piece dress with straps. Even her nipples were visible.

Looking at each other for a long time, Handan said, “What happened? Are you acquainted or not?” said. And I said, “No we haven’t met, I just stared at your beauty!” I saved the situation. Handan turned me towards him, “Don’t forget me too, okay?” ‘ he said, and suddenly he licked my lips. We were kissing, but with the excitement of the event, I was very excited and I was kissing passionately. Ms. Muge was watching us. Handan cut the kiss short and started moving down my neck, grabbing my dick with his hand as he licked my neck. Handan took off my shirt and started sucking on my breasts. From there, it slowly descended to my belly…

When she finally came to my pants, she turned to Müge and said, “Come on, girl, why are you standing there shyly?” said. For some reason, I was afraid like an idiot, Handan didn’t know that Müge was my teacher, actually my hesitation was unfounded. But when he stayed away, I didn’t want to go to him either. Ms. Muge got up from her place and came to me. Handan untied my pants. Müge was just stroking my belly and back to look like she was doing something. Handan took the pants off my feet. When I lowered my boxer, my dick came out. Ms. Müge looked at my dick for a few seconds. She was looking at its size and thickness. It was the first time I saw my dick in such a swollen state.

Finally, I got rid of the stiffness and, thinking that whatever happens, we have come this far, I put my hand on Ms. Müge’s hip from behind and squeezed it. Ms. Müge said to my ear, “What happened here will stay here, otherwise I will end my education life!” she said. I turned my head towards Ms. Müge and pressed her lips to hers, and she was slowly responding to me. I knew, a woman as horny as her couldn’t help but reciprocate no matter what. Handan was also licking my dick wonderfully, taking it deep into his mouth. After licking for about 10 minutes, I picked up Handan and said, “Darling, your friend never licked my dick?” I said. Handan said to Ms. Müge, “Come on, it’s your turn!” said. Ms. Müge said, “Okay, but first I have to go to a bathroom!” he went to the bathroom.

“Do you have a camera?” he whispered in Handan’s ear. I said. “It’s in the drawer, what are you going to do?” said. “I want to capture this moment. But I want it to be hidden, so that your friend does not know!” I said. Handan said, “Okay!” she said and rummaged through the drawers. Once she found the camera, she placed it on the vanity, between the perfume bottles, and set it up so she could see the bed. He came to me and said, “Okay, it’s done, it’s shooting now!” He pressed against my lips.

When Müge came from the bathroom, she looked at my dick for a few seconds and then collapsed in front of me and took my dick in her mouth. He was licking my dick slowly, and when he started pressing my dick fast by holding it by the hair, he had to speed up. She didn’t lick badly, bitch, but she pretended not to want to lick it because she thought I’d tell her how hot she was at school.

In the meantime, Handan began to undress, took off her dress and threw it aside, and became naked. He wasn’t wearing any underwear anyway. Handan Müge lifted Ms. to her feet, then took me by the hand and laid me on my back on the bed and said, “Watch us now!” said. Then Müge took off her dress. Müge was left with only a hand-sized black panty underneath. Handan got down on his knees and after taking off Müge lady’s black panties, he turned his back. He had a small tattoo on the upper right corner of his hip. Once again, I realized how brave our teacher was. Handan said, “Come on, Müge, let’s get started!” said. Ms. Müge came to my head and turned her back to me and got on the bed, put one foot on the other side of me, fell on top of me, pressed her pussy to my mouth.

While Müge was making me lick her cunt in that position, Handan was licking my dick. I had great pleasure while licking Müge’s enlarged cunt. Müge was also very wet without realizing it, and within a few minutes she had a groaning orgasm. Handan took my dick out of his mouth and started to lick my dick by pressing down on Ms. Müge’s head. Now we were 69 with Ms. Müge. Handan was watching us from the side, though I couldn’t see much from Müge’s legs. Handan said, “Muge also likes hard sex like me, keep it in mind!” he said and laughed. Müge’s pussy got wet again in 5-6 minutes and she had a second orgasm within 10 minutes. Handan said, “Muge, what’s wrong with you, you’re so horny!” she said and laughed.

Müge forced a smile and then got up from me. I got up too. I grabbed Müge lady by the arm and threw her on the bed hard and smiling, “Come on, now your dick will taste my dick!” I said. I opened her legs, brought my dick to her pussy entrance and rooted in one go. Ms. Muge let out a painful cry. On the other hand, I was doing it hard and come and go. My balls were hitting his asshole and making different sounds. After I fucked Müge for about 10 minutes, I came out of it. While Müge was trying to get up from under me, she lay down and said, “Where to?” I said. I took Handan’s hand, took him on top of Müge, and after I made him crooked, I got in Handan’s pussy. I was fucking Handan fast too, and Müge couldn’t get up because she was wearing Handan.

After I fucked Handan for about 15 minutes, he had an orgasm, got up in front of me and said, “I’m getting into the shower!” said. When Handan took a shower, Ms. Müge looked at me angrily and said, “We’ll see you at school!” she said. Just as I was picking up her dress from the ground, I grabbed her hair and said, “Who are you threatening, bitch?” ‘ I said, pushing him to the ground. He was face down on the carpet. Before he could get up, I pulled him around the waist and spit my dick out and started to fuck him. Müge lady was screaming under me. I knew she wanted it, bitch, but because she was fucking me, a student, she might risk her job at school, so she was shy.

I picked it up off the ground, tucked it in on the couch, on its knees, and fucked it up again. After 7-8 minutes of fucking hard, I came out of her cunt and cum on her hips…

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