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Hello everyone, I wanted to share a secret that I had experienced with you
. It was 3 years ago, I had just come from the military. I
was spending time with friends in Ankara. One evening in Bart , my
uncle, who works in a public institution, called. He said, “Welcome, nephew, come to us, I will see you and we
will go to Istanbul computer course for a month . When my mother said it’s a good idea, I went to Bart as I jumped and when I knocked on my uncle’s door, my aunt opened the door. My uncle was at work. I hadn’t seen my aunt for 6 years and honestly I didn’t realize she was this beautiful. My aunt was then 24 years old, around 1.70 cm.

The brunette beauty with big breasts and long legs was a turbaned chick
. I was so embarrassed that it would be obvious,
my aunt, you came from the road (her name is Feride)
she said if you want to take a bath, I dreamed of her in the bathroom and I drew 31. In the evening, my uncle came and
I thought our nephew was going to go next week, summer came, we will go tomorrow, we wo
n’t be able to see you much when it comes, he said he was going to leave in the morning, so this
was his last night with my aunt, thinking about it, I told
my aunt to prepare my place, making up an excuse that they will definitely fuck up tonight, I’m tired
. My room was next to their bedroom.
There was a listening technique that I learned in the military by holding the glass against the wall.
When you listen to it, it can be heard clearly as if you are next to them. My aunt
Serkan didn’t sleep, maybe let’s wait a little bit, my uncle said it’s been an hour since he went to bed,
now he’s already immersed in it, take my dick, he was saying, my
uncle’s screams while licking his cunt are still in my ears, they fucked
me 3 times a night and I ejaculated 3 times by hand. When I woke up around 10 am, my uncle was gone
and my aunt was sleeping. My nephew was 5 years old in brick and the room was sleeping. My uncle left the bedroom
door ajar when he was leaving, and suddenly I couldn’t control myself and
started watching my aunt.
She was a newborn on the bed and she was lying face down …..
I went behind her and started stroking her hips, and Ahmet was delirious.
(My uncle)
said, “Are you not satisfied yet? I started licking her cunt by opening her legs from behind . My sister-in-law was moving her
hips from side to side and
trying to get my tongue deeper into her cunt. When I realized that she was enjoying it, I
put a pillow under her belly and made her cunt-like cunt come
out even more
. . Suddenly my
aunt said, ‘Stop, ejaculate in my mouth Ahmet, that is my uncle. When he suddenly took my dick in his mouth, our eyes met
and I exploded at that moment. My aunt said, “Oh my God, you Serkan,
how can you do this?” Me too, sister-in-law, otherwise time won’t pass here.
remains a secret between us. I couldn’t stand seeing you like this. If you
tell my uncle, I say he took me to his sheep. I said you can trust me a lot
. As a matter of fact, my aunt said , I really enjoyed it, you’re fucking amazing,
why not if you keep this secret. Now my aunt and I used to sleep together like husband and wife
and fuck at every opportunity.
It had been 10 days and my aunt Serkan, my next door neighbor, Tülay,
does not have a child, there is no fault in the woman, there is no doctor that she did not go to, everyone says that the problem
is with your husband, but the man says that I will be barren of a conservative man, I will divorce you
and send you to your village, I will get married again
. rising
Varya said she is tight-lipped. I immediately accepted. Tülay
was a thin, thin but pleasant 21-year-old woman.
My aunt told Tüla about her relationship with me
. The next evening, Tülay
came, her husband was a night watchman in a company and she was on duty that night. The woman
went to my aunt’s bedroom and I went to her, but no,
when you’re going to cum, she said come and cum inside me, okay, I said wait, I
called my aunt to the kitchen and the woman is stubborn, but look how am I going to fuck her, I said to my aunt to put my
dick in her mouth I told him he was blowing so well that my dick was
like a missile. I went to the room I was ready for the tula and immediately
I said I was going to ejaculate, I pulled her skirt up and there were no panties under her. I
spit out her cunt and rooted my
dick. The woman sighed
so much that
I felt good. mistake, both of them at the same time
now I have a son from tülay and his marriage was saved I will go to bart in a month my uncle will go to language course I hope I will write you
new memories again

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