I will tell you what I experienced with a doctor I met because of a story I wrote on the
net. About 5 6 months ago, I opened msn one day
and someone I don’t know added it. I agreed. I looked online. I
didn’t say hello. If he gives himself a confident type waited. After a
while he greeted me and we started talking.
He asked if you were going to ask where did you get it from msn ? I said where did you get it?
He said I got it from your story you wrote on the internet . She read my story titled EVERY WOMAN MUST READ,
and was impressed, so she added it. He said he was married.
He wasn’t the type to talk much . Afra tafra naz maz I looked, he is a boring
person. He was also living outside of Istanbul, that is, in Trabzon. I said with you
Let’s not talk at all. He said the room is ok, I haven’t warmed up already. I
asked what he was doing. I thought I’d give him another chance if I got a doctor or a lawyer
. As for the reason, I have been with women from almost every profession
, but I have not been with women who are doctors and lawyers
. My doctor said. I was like that for a moment. It’s a coincidence, doctor,
but he’s a boring doctor. I was thinking what to do, he said what happened, why did
you ask? I never said that. Anyway, he said I’m leaving and left. Being married
and a doctor prevented me from deleting it. Of course, I didn’t ask, could he
come to Istanbul? Half an hour or an hour passed in between,
he opened msn again. He asked if you didn’t delete me. No I didn’t delete
I said. β€œIs it deletion?” he asked. I said, do you have a chance to come to Istanbul?
Yes, he said he comes once in a while. These were enough for now. We started deep
conversation. The initial boredom was gone. He was friendly and sincere
. We talked at length and about everything. We got along
well. Then we started talking to Zeynep often. Since I understood from PC,
he was asking questions frequently. I was helping. He called me
his savior angel now.
He always told me that one day I will surprise you and come to you . We spoke on the phone several times. We used to video chat frequently on msn
. She was a very sexy woman.
I dreamed of spending a night with him. I thought we were going to make love non-stop until morning.
His lips were so sexy that I was
dreaming of the moment I would put it in his mouth even while talking. I haven’t been online for a while. Quite a while has
passed. One day, Zeynep called me in the evening and said that
she was in Istanbul. He was staying at a hotel in Taksim. A group had come to Istanbul for a seminar
. He said it is difficult for me to leave the group, but I will find a way and I will definitely
come to you. I gave him my home address.
I wanted him to come straight to my house . You know, I could go and get it, but
I told him to come himself. For some reason this excites me even more. You know, a woman is on her
way and is coming towards you. The dream of having an adventure soon makes
you excited. Even if he said no at first, he didn’t accept it.
meat. Since I live on the main street of Fatih, it is
not a problem for a woman to come to the house. We met in front of the building.
We shook hands and kissed intimately . He was tall and fishy. We went home together. We used to call each other
my love. He had very beautiful eyes. I was sitting on the sofa
in the room with his head on my knee and laying down. He told me he was afraid.
I said what is it that scares you? “I’m afraid of falling in love,” he said. He said, “You can’t forget me tomorrow
,” he said. I said my love, will I ever forget you. Liar said
, we laughed together. We ordered food. I got into the shower. I got out of the shower
, the orders came, we ate our food. I get sick of women not eating though
. Don’t they say they’re full after eating a bite? oh my god
anyway. I said let’s go to bed after dinner. He says I’m fine here.
I said I understand you want me to hug you and take you away. He said yes. You know
, is it possible for women not to coax? I hugged him and took him to bed. Zeynep
will tell from now on.
Hi, I’m Zeynep#61514; I took a taxi in front of the hotel, I hesitate to
take a taxi even in Trabzon, think about the rest. I got on, but a
thousand foxes are spinning in my brain, it’s 22:30, or
if one of my friends sees it at the hotel, where will I answer at this hour? Anyway, I took a taxi
and I pray that someone decent comes out of me, I hope there will be no problem.
Of course, on the way, he called the driver and described the route. Berkant but I
I was still very strange. How could I do such a thing? Take a taxi in Istanbul in the middle of the
night, go to the house of a man you don’t know, it’s not a
job, I’m going on an adventure like I’ll take whatever my destiny is
. We were in front of the house before Berkant came. I’m sitting in a taxi, my eyes are
on the road, a car stopped behind me, I prepared the money, I handed it to the driver,
thanked him and got off immediately. He got out of the car in Berkant, he took me from the taxi,
he tried to pay me, I said I gave it, my aim was to get home as soon as possible from the
street. By the way, I’m watching in the dark to see if it’s different from what I see on camera,
maybe it’s me too. He opened the outer door of the apartment, the lights were broken
, and we went up to the top floor with a cigarette lighter and phone light. Small bags in hand
it’s like a nomad that the suitcase doesn’t use this house all the time. He has another flat
, and he usually stays there. He opened the door, we entered the house, it is
obvious that he has not been home for a long time, he keeps getting angry because he did not inform you in advance
It is a difficult feeling to enter closed areas that I do not know, especially if I do not know the person next to me. I’m wondering how this will end, too, while I
‘m sitting on one end of the sofa. While on the way, raw meatballs
are freshly eaten like a salad, but I don’t eat raw meatballs. She didn’t eat me
, so she ordered food again, took a shower,
God knows what goes through my mind. He got out of the shower, dressed in athlete shorts, the food came,
we sat on the sofa, but nothing is going through my throat. Anyways
I’m trying to warm up a bit and I wonder what we’re going to experience. I lay on his neck
, stroked his hair, he doesn’t appear on camera, I make
fun of him because he’s different, it’s like he’s trying to relax the atmosphere. We went to the bedroom, my
God, a huge and stylish bed. The thought of sleeping with someone else in this bed drives
me crazy. He turned on the nightlight and lay on the bed under the dim light.
I said let’s go to bed later, but he’s already started to undress me.
I’m wearing a red cardigan, he slowly unbuttoned it and took it off
, I was left with my white shirt underneath, I wasn’t wearing a bra.
He laid me on the bed and slowly unbuttoned the short jeans under me
and pulled them out of my legs. kissing and licking all over me
started. He had a kiss, it was as if we licked his tongue in my throat and there was no
room left in my mouth . He was licking
my earlobes with his tongue, they had never been licked like this before, a very provocative feeling was
squeezing my nipples with one hand. He
licked and
kissed every inch of me, from my neck to my toes , slowly, savoring, without haste . He was trying to explore all over me with his tongue.
While I was getting up from my legs, he took off
my underwear in one move and threw it away, I was already soaked. He spread my legs apart and
started to sniff and kiss my cunt . But it was so different that he was
separating his lips with his fingers and it was as if he was looking for a place inside. Great
he was licking me. He was using his tongue
perfectly , as if he was fucking me with his tongue . There was no thought
left in my mind anymore but to live this moment . He paused for a moment, kneeling between my legs, I
said okay, I said why, he said to keep it longer. He cleaned and massaged
, kissed and licked, he was rubbing his
dick all over my legs, I was going crazy. He had put his knees on the ground and
held my legs by my knees, he slowly entered me and he could not stand it anymore. It
started to come and go fast , as if it could not find the bottom. With his hands, he was
stroking my hips and squeezing my breasts.
There was such a pleasure in me that it suddenly exploded and poured into me. In case we have a baby
kidding naughty thing. We got up and went to the bathroom in order to get cleaned. But
the horny thing was not enough, we found ourselves in bed again, this time we were
hugging like two lovers who could not get enough of each other, not just having sex, we were
kissing, kissing my lips as if they were tearing it off. The horny
cock got up again. He took me on top of me and placed his dick inside me with his hand, I was
jumping on it. He was squeezing my breasts, kissing and biting. When I got tired on
it, I slept under it again, it was doing great. It was so wet that my cunt was
suspicious for a while, I said, is it blood, what should I look for. No , I
was completely wet with pleasure water. It’s like he was made for sex
. He made me feel my womanhood and made me discover my body in his arms.
Believe me, I don’t remember how many times
we ejaculated. He said, ” Stay, let’s sleep together, I can’t get
enough of you, we’ll make love until the morning, I’ll take you early in the morning.”
I got up and my phone rang. They wonder about me, I said, please, I have to go.
He didn’t want to let go, he said let’s sleep, I would like to stay with you, I would like to
make love to you at first light of the morning, my love, but we should not push
the limits. He got dressed. We went downstairs in silence. We got in the car
and I was very thirsty for the road. He put his arm on my shoulder and I leaned on his knees
, held his hand, we never left each other until we left. For a while, the traffic was heavy
, got off and got water immediately. We stopped in front of the hotel and I immediately got off towards the hotel.
I ran and when I looked back, the room was on the road. Goodbye my love, I said
goodbye to myself. When I entered the hotel and headed for the elevator,
I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. I went into my room and took a shower again. I had
trouble sleeping, but I had to sleep. I couldn’t go out in front of people with puffy eyes in the morning
. Berkant wanted to meet again before I came from Istanbul,
but there was no opportunity. It was the most interesting adventure I’ve ever had in my life
. When I came to Trabzon, I learned that I had passed the specialty exam and
now I am studying and working in another city. I told him to come, but he
could not come because of his work. Maybe we’ll meet again one day, my love, goodbye
I was not satisfied with Zeynebe, but she had to go. Before his friends get up
I understood that he had to be in his room at the hotel. He
came to me by trusting me and making sacrifices, so I shouldn’t have put him in a difficult situation.
We jumped in the car. He always hugged me on the way. He was saying that you can’t forget me
. When we came to the front of the hotel, I was going to say let me come and do it here,
but I didn’t give up and say it in case anyone sees it will be in a difficult situation.
He got out of the car and walked as if he was running. When he got to the door of the hotel, he
looked back. But I was on my way at that time. It still
had a smell when I got home. I couldn’t get enough of him, but I said whatever and watched the movie.
We spoke on msn a few days later. I can’t forget you my love.
He said you were always on my mind . He was inviting me there, but unfortunately due to the intensity of my work.
I couldn’t go. I said come on my love. If I have the opportunity, I will not stop , I
will come immediately, you know, but I can come once in 5-6 months. I’ve never done it
that long. You killed me that night. I’m not used to that much
. We had sex for 2.5 hours. “You’re going to make me a sex maniac, vala
,” he said. We were talking on msn this morning.
He asked me if you were thinking of writing us . I said why do you want me to write or not? It wouldn’t be bad if you wrote yes
. Write my name wrong
. I said you will tell the bed part
. He said there would be no room, I would be ashamed. Or who will you be ashamed of?
When I said as if they would know you hee, he said you know him. From me
I said shame. Yes, I’m ashamed of course. Oh come on, for God’s sake
, we were together. So get under me

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