At New Year’s, my sister and her boyfriend were hanging out at the bar. My sister looked
very sexy with her black body, yellow pleated, mini skirt and black long boots.
She looked just like Yeliz Yeşilmen. The drink was like water on
the table. As the night progressed, her lover
started to eat my sister with the effect of her drink. It started. I liked it very
much. He almost fucked my sister right there. At that moment I
made a plan to watch how my sister was fucked. Her name is Mert
, I said let’s continue at home, and she jumped bravely. As soon as we got home, I pretended to infiltrate on the sofa. Mert and my sister went to
the bedroom
,2,3 minutes later I went to the room and the door was ajar . The view
shocked me.

Mert started to lick my sister’s feet, he licked her legs upwards
and lowered his thong, he plunged his head into my sister ‘s pussy, my sister
was moaning, she took off her bra, she was sucking and biting her orange- like
. It
started. On the one hand, it stuck to my sister’s lips and she was sucking.
I thought I was dying of pleasure. Mert pressed the head of his dick to my sister’s cunt in one
move, his head went in.

He took my sister’s legs on his shoulder and started hitting harder now. My sister is
enjoying it. Come on, man, he moaned, man, he started to speed up and screamed and ejaculated in my sister’s pussy. My sister screamed and had an
orgz. He told her to take his dick and made my sister lick it.

When my sister as frequent repetition stone abandı.mert ablamı me on again
took him under official yell to shout to sikiyordu.abla my all sides
pm to soktu.mert my sister again soak had banged manly cum
bilmiyodu.vurduk by vurdu.abla me has shattered my sister now has baygınlaş
did not open his eyes manly complete bull He
turned my sister upside down and licked her back. She wanted to fuck my sister in the ass. My sister objected, but Mert was going to fuck her.
She creamed her cock with her finger
and softened it by applying cream to my sister’s ass hole. She pressed the head of the dick, but it didn’t go in. It was too tight, she
tried again , when she put her head in, my sister screamed, and when it was loaded, she put it to the bottom of
my sister’s eyes. it was about to come out and it started coming and going
When she got used to it, my sister enjoyed it. It didn’t take long. Mert ejaculated behind my sister
and collapsed. Since my sister couldn’t ejaculate, she fingered her cunt and the room
emptied with a moan. Mert fucked my sister 5 times that night.

now i’m fucking my sister. I told my sister that I watched you and
recorded your videos. now she fucks with me too. I’ll tell you how I fucked my sister
another time

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