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It all happened after the fantasies my husband and I started having in bed
I started to imagine him as another man and he as another woman . Then, of course, our conversation developed about having sex
with someone else. I didn’t believe this would happen. Also
, I married my wife when I was a 17-year-old virgin and had never been with another man

He called me one night and wanted me to know that he had a lot of work and that he couldn’t come home before 11 pm
. He said he wanted me so much and that
I should wait for him in bed with my hottest things when he comes home. I went to the bathroom and started taking a shower
. I started rubbing my slit with my hand, then slid a finger inside me
. After a while, I started to put my second finger in and out of my
vagina. In this way, I reached my own orgasm and got out of the dust and lay on
my bed. I don’t know how long I slept, but I was woken up by sexy

My wife was licking my clit and sticking two fingers in and out of me. When I woke
up, I realized that there was someone else with us
because both of my breasts started to be stroked. I
panicked, not knowing what to do.
They both told me to sit next to me and relax and enjoy as much as possible. My wife introduced me to “Halil” and started to
watch us. Halil approached
me and started kissing me passionately. His hands were not empty either, they were caressing all over my body
. I felt something inside me begin to stir
. He was squeezing and stroking my hips with his hands. When we got to the 69 position
, he was using his tongue so well that
I felt electrification all over my body.

I opened my mouth wide and started licking his big cunt. Ten minutes
later he carried me to orgasm. He pulled me towards his mouth and
started sucking on my orgasm soaked cunt. Now he
couldn’t stand it any longer and he started to spread my legs and slide his penis inside me.
After a couple of attempts, he stuck his whole penis into our wet
I forgot how many times I had an orgasm, Halil
accelerated his entrance and exit and started pumping his sperm into my pussy. It
ejaculated so much that I felt my cunt fill with sperm and they were leaking out
. Halil finished his work and lay down next to me. My wife got into my leg
and started to lick the pleasure juices left by me and Halil. This event
I was very aroused in front of
him and sat down with my cunt over my husband’s mouth. It was really very fantasy, my husband
wanted to suck the pleasure juices left by another man.

While I was sharing my insides with my husband, I couldn’t stand it and had one more orgasm.
Then he got behind me and started rubbing his penis against my back hole. Meanwhile,
Halil was rubbing his phallus in front of me on my lips. I
opened my mouth and started sucking his.
My husband came in behind me and started to stick his whole penis in and out.
I felt like a real bitch when I thought I made both men happy , and that feeling was great.
I thought to myself that we should repeat this as often as possible
. After a while, my wife started to moan, accelerating her movements
and squirting all her sperm inside me. Then Halil
pulled his penis out of my mouth and started to ejaculate on my face.

The next day, after my wife left, I felt a knock on my bedroom door . When the door opened, I saw Halil and told him that my wife was gone
and invited him inside. Saying that he came to see me,
he grasped it tightly with his arms and started kissing me. I was already
aroused by his touches and he immediately went to bed and buried his hard penis in my ass.
If he was at his house, I began to cry out loud
even though I knew our neighbor in the next room would hear my screams. This incident
got me even more excited. We were together in different positions until noon
. Later, Halil started to take his penis out of my head and insert it into my back
. He made my hole so wide that I no longer have control
I thought it was necessary.
However , he continued to push and pull hard, dominating me with his large penis . A long time later, he started to squirt his hot
semen into me, groaning.

I got up from my place and after taking a shower, I went out to our backyard and started to sunbathe
During this time, I thought about whether I should tell my wife about my relationship with Halil alone . While I was raising my head, I saw our neighbor Tayfun coming towards me
on the lawn of our garden .
Tayfun was a very witty and nice person.
We had chatted about sex a couple of times before and she told me about a few of her fantasies, and of course I told her about the fantasies we
shared with my husband .
When he saw me half naked, he
asked if I was ready for his fantasies. At that moment I realized that he had heard my orgasmic
screams and what was the only way to silence him?
I decided it was okay to do it. Let’s go home, I got up
from my seat.
When we entered the house, I started to undress, feeling like a real bitch . Then I got down on my knees
and undid the button and zipper of his pants. When I took off his panties , his
phallus popped out in front of me. I
took it in my mouth and started sucking it.

This was the shortest blowjob I’ve ever had in my life. In less than a minute or two
, my mouth started to ejaculate. But when he went to rest, I
was just determined. My wife came home around 8 pm. He told me to dress very sexy
, he would take me out. I put on my silky short
dress. I also wore my black stockings, suspenders, and high
-heeled shoes. When I asked him where we were going, he said that we were going to a
party and that he was going to leave me there and
go somewhere else where he would like, and tell me what I had been through the next day.
We walked into the club and got a drink and sat at the bar. A
man came to me and offered to dance. I have no hesitation
I accepted this. He was quite a nice man.
As I danced, I felt his penis getting bigger and starting to put pressure on my stomach. It must have been quite large
. We danced and drank all night. Finally, he
offered to go home. I accepted that and we left.

When we got to her house, I saw 5 men sitting in the living room watching porn movies
. Then we sat next to them and started to watch the movie.
After a long kiss with my man he started squeezing and rubbing my nipples
which really got me fired up. She took off my dress and threw it aside,
and at that moment the other men began to focus their attention on me
. I got close to his huge penis and started pushing it up my
throat and pulling it out.
I was so hot that I couldn’t wait any longer to take this organ that I licked . One of the men
started to poke and stick his finger in my pussy. He then slid his penis inside me. At that
moment, I realized that they all wanted to fuck me. I said no but
three men came in front of me as if they were standing in line with their upturned penises.
I threw myself forward. They grabbed me right away, and while I was on my knees,
a man started sticking his penis in and out of my pussy again. I realized
that it was too late to do anything now, and I had the feeling that I
should try to savor it. The penis of the man who entered me and came out was also
considered large, and he knew well how to insert and pull it out. Within a
minute or two I started to ejaculate in concussions, and this
continued until they filled my pussy with his sperm. The other man had already taken his place. Another
was putting his penis in and out of my mouth. I’ve been sick of my three holes all night
. My face, breasts, pussy and back hole were smeared with sperm.
One of the men dropped me off at my house, but he didn’t accept my breakfast invitation
and left.

My wife and I started to lie in bed and I started telling her what was going on.
When I told him that I was with exactly five men, he got really
excited and started kissing and licking me all over. I fucked with my wife until the sun
came up. After everything was over, I
couldn’t stand so much penis and squeeze, I was feeling really bad.

Now I sleep with whomever I want whenever I want and then I tell my wife
. I started living like a bitch but I like it so much
and I want more

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