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Hello, I am murat, I am 28, 1.72 height 74 kilos brown hair young man, this
is completely true, I am working in a company, one day
, while sitting at my computer, I got a reply from someone I had emailed before
and he said he wanted to meet me and we started chatting, his name was
Erdal. They were a married couple at the request of his wife. They decided to make a fantasy . I could
n’t trust them. I had always read such stories before, but I never
believed in any of them.

We said let’s meet at the place and we met in the village of Mecidiye. The man was
32 years old. He was not as handsome as me. We chatted for 1 hour and parted ways to meet again .
My wife called me in the evening and
said she wants to meet with you. I went to the address she gave.
my heart was pounding , we started to eat and they would do it first. I didn’t know
what to do about this job for the three of us.
After about an hour, sprout went to the kitchen, I said, if
you’re ready for erdala, let’s get
. I started feeling embarrassed and relaxed
I told her to be, erdalada started to undress here, I started to
lick her breasts, I took off her dress and when I saw the thong on her , I
passed out Both of them were very surprised because it was much bigger than Erdal’s and it was thicker I put it in the mouth of the sprout and he couldn’t take it in his mouth and we switched places with the sprout I started to insert the sprout between his legs and I started to insert my dick it was very difficult to get in. I said your husband didn’t fuck you at all. 1 minute later I ejaculated inside the sprout’s cunt this time erdal started to go in and out

I started to put it in the mouth of the sprout and it started to harden again erdal emptied
and collapsed on the bed meanwhile i was continuing to give the sprout to his mouth
and started licking his earlobes he was dying of pleasure I almost
said I will fuck you until morning
and I was licking both her asshole and her pussy and I
licked the sprout and emptied the sprout,
she was begging for sting now i started stinging i started pumping my groan was moaning i
tried every position i know i had 3 shots and
sprout went to the bathroom by the way erdal was still sleeping i was fucking the man’s wife the man
was sleeping next to us I got up and went to the bathroom
the sprout was twiddling the tub was adjusting its water my tool was like an iron
again I started to get in and out of the sprout’s pussy again in the tub and now
it was the perfect pink ass hole it
After a while,
I started to speed up and now the sprout was screaming for pleasure instead of pain We
fucked in the bathroom for about 1 hour I threw it in the bathroom in 2 posts
, it was the first time that she had never ejaculated, she said that she ejaculated with such pleasure, we
slept at around 05 o’clock in the morning I left the house as if nothing had happened
Now, every week, Filiz calls me. I go to them. We
fuck until the morning

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