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I live with my family, I am 27 years old and I work. A woman who was a distant relative of my mother would come to us and spend the summer with us, I wanted to stay for about a month and she told my mother that she wanted to have fun in Turkey. I objected and said, ‘What is a woman we do not know doing in our house? My mother, on the other hand, said that she came from another country and that she had not been to Turkey for a long time. Fortunately, this woman who did not accept came and became our guest. The woman was a foreigner and quite beautiful woman of 45 years old. She was doing sports and was a very happy woman, she had a very different atmosphere than the women here.

It was obvious that he loved life very much, and he also enjoyed living it. I started to like the woman, I liked spending time with her, but my mother was hanging out with us and I had to send my mother away somehow, so I started to plan it. Because my mother couldn’t speak English anyway and I always had to translate for my mother, I was very tired, I have to say frankly that I didn’t have such bad intentions. I just wanted to spend more time with the woman, get to know her a little more, and send her away because I was bored with my mother. I made a plan and told my mother that the woman wanted to go out at night. My mom said she’s not someone who goes out anyway, so you take it, I won’t come. I said to the woman, come on, let me show you some Istanbul nights tonight, she happily accepted and we went out. Although the woman is 45 years old, she is tiny,

I could see the men passing by were looking at her, and I was proud of it, everyone was watching her, and she was the one that stood out, not the young girls. After all, he was always playing sports and really looked younger than his age. She was a very beautiful woman with blonde hair and green eyes and also spoke English, so she was remarkable. She was smiling all the time. This woman impressed me a lot. I wonder if she would give it to me if I asked? I was thinking about this as well. Anyway, I took him to the bar and we were getting high, he was drinking well, not getting drunk. During the conversation, I asked him if he had a girlfriend. I was shocked to hear that he was living in the same house with his girlfriend and they had been together for nine years for a long time, but later he said something that shocked me.

I asked what it meant that they were having a free relationship, I mean, we are with him, but he said that we also have sexual relations with the people we want. I was really shocked because I had never heard of anything like this before, of course I was very happy to hear that. I suddenly gathered my courage and with the courage of the drink, I asked if you would sleep with me right now. He smiled and said why not. That’s when I realized that I could fuck this woman now.
After drinking a few more glasses, while I was making plans to go to the hotel in my head, he said let’s go home, so I said let’s go to the hotel. He said he wouldn’t be too tired today, unfortunately I had to accept it and we went home. He was sleeping in the next room, and I was so mad I could be fucking him right now, but I couldn’t do anything. I masturbated that night and slept nervously. The next day, he greeted me with a smiling face as if nothing had happened, was he talking like that under the influence of alcohol?

On the one hand, I was thinking about it. After a little more talking at the breakfast table I said I’d take her out again tonight, she happily agreed, I had to fuck her tonight now. I had a tough evening and went out. I had to cook this thing before I got drunk outside. After drinking a glass, I approached him and placed a small kiss on his lips at the bar, I was very curious about his reaction but he just smiled. Okay, this woman was gone now I was going to fuck her tonight, it got me a thrill. I was having a little chat and occasionally kissing his neck on the lips, but being careful not to get drunk. Because when he got drunk, he wanted to go home and he was tired, then when we had the third glass, I said come on, let’s go to the hotel, and he said okay.

I started kissing her lips, I placed small kisses on her neck, she smelled very good and as I said, she had a beautiful body. When I saw her muscular legs, bustling breasts and beautiful shoulders when she was naked, I was very horny. I immediately got down on my knees and started sucking on her vagina. He started to moan, I brought him to pleasure. I should have given him so much pleasure that he should have wanted to have sex with me now, she. I sat her on the bed and spread her legs while I slapped her tongue against her vagina. I continued to lick her vagina, at the same time I was inserting my fingers into the woman and trying to make her happy, now she was moaning little by little and she was enjoying it. Later I got up and put my penis in his mouth he gave me a great blowjob he really knew the job. After all, she was a free woman who had a free relationship and slept with the man she wanted.

I think he gave me a blowjob for 5 minutes, but now I wanted to feel his femininity. I got him up again, leaning him against the wall with his back, and leaning forward a little. I slowly got into him, he didn’t like rudeness, I knew that, I should have been nice. On the other hand, I was trying to make him happy, while I was walking slowly, I saw that he was not making a sound, I started to speed up, while I was fucking him fast, he started to moan, he was very wet and horny, I was really enjoying it. It was amazing to fuck this gorgeous lively body and I was banging it hard and listening to these sexy voices. Then I turned her around and took her in my arms. She was already a very thin and beautiful woman standing on my lap and I continued to fuck her like this while I was kissing her lips. I then laid him on the bed and I squatted in front of him and continued to fuck him like that. I was making a quick commute and the room was very enjoyable, too.

Porn story But I didn’t want to separate my lips from hers, I was kissing her neck and trying to please her until I was out of breath. He was responding to me, we both started to contract and we reached orgasm at the same time, trembling. It was amazing, I’ve never had a simultaneous orgasm with any woman before. It was an amazing feeling to feel her vaginal contractions. I lay right next to him and we sent three more mails by morning. The woman was tireless and said that I came out much better than she expected, and during our stay, I fucked her every chance I got and sent her back to her country, full of sex

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