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I am 34, my wife is rose, we are 28 years old, we were married for 5 years, in the first years,
our fucks were simple, everything would be over in 10 minutes, I would kiss and then
fuck and ejaculate. Of course, the reason for this was simply my wife. She
was both shy and ignorant about sex
. bomb you will understand. Over time, I
made him watch a lot of porn cds,
even though he did n’t want to
. I used to buy the most beautiful ones and watch them together at night.
Now my wife rose learned a lot, it was the 3rd year of our marriage,
my wife was impressed by the elephant we watched.
When I came to the room, my wife’s cunt was starting to water. When I entered the room, she pulled her hand out
of the claydite. I collapsed on the sofa next to her and hung on her lips . I
took off her bra and sucked on her big breasts . I immediately collapsed on the ground and took off my wife’s clay, and I was going to lick that white shaved pussy of my wife, which seems to have spread her legs . My wife brought her pussy close to the front of the sofa for my convenience, and I immediately started licking her pussy, I opened her pussy with my hand and started to stick my tongue out and now my wife opened her legs wide and started to lift them into the air. oan that white pussy

I see it was pink inside and it had a nice look while licking my wife wasn’t looking at the
CD anymore. She doesn’t need it anymore. Somehow she was lying.
She likes it when my wife is
licked. My wife suddenly came down on the carpet and said, put your cock in my mouth, so I put it in her mouth and my wife started
blowing me now , then I went downstairs, I said come on, bring your pussy to my mouth and I took my cock in your mouth, my wife came to the position and we both started licking. In this position, my wife’s big cock ass looked very good to me, I thought to myself, I wish I could get in that ass and I started to lick her ass hole a little bit, my wife both licks my dick and licks it

she was touching her breasts. When I put my tongue in her ass, my husband
was begging me to lick my pussy. So I said to my wife, “Your ass is very nice
, come on, I’ll fuck you in the ass
“. My wife got on top of me and sat on my dick and she got her
slippery cunt I was licking her tits and
stroking her asshole between her thighs that I grabbed from behind. my wife started jumping
and fluttering accelerating. I took the baby oil off me and went and brought
the baby oil. I had already bought the baby oil that day . I
said to my wife that I am going to oil and fuck her ass. I got on my knees
and licked that cunt again, the purpose is to be nice. next
I took the oil and applied it to her hips and mostly to her ass hole, and I dripped a little bit into the eye hole with
my finger. I rubbed it on my cock a little bit and
slowly got up and rubbed my dick’s head on her ass
. because it was the first time he was going to get his ass fucked. By the way, my wife
was fingering her cunt without letting me know, so I started to put it in your ass again
, and my dick’s head was slowly getting into her hole.
I took my dick out again and put my wife on the floor I had a doggy style done
, that provocative ass hole of my wife started to open and close, this time
I poured a lot of oil into the hole that was opened and entered her ass with 2 fingers
. i shoved my dick up your ass again this time my wife keep it up
go on, it doesn’t hurt, it’s nice, don’t be afraid
, I put all my dick in my wife’s ass because she said squirt in my ass, my wife is struggling unbearably now, I was flying deep in my
ass like a warm ember. I couldn’t hold my wife up and fly. He caresses her cunt with
one hand and separates her hips with one hand, while I enjoy looking at my dick that goes in and out of my wife’s ass, which is curled in front of me. I took my dick out of her ass, I looked at her hole, it was great, she should have been fucked and I started to shoot 31st, let’s masturbate with my wife, let ‘s both masturbate and look at each other, we started shooting 3 We shot 31 for 4 minutes. Believe me, it’s too much to stare at each other.

it’s enjoyable. I now shove my dick back into my wife’s ass and squeezing it all the way to the bottom, I contracted and ejaculated
into that ass I dreamed of that I loved so much . how beautiful was it guys

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