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Hello, I was having a constant relationship with my friend’s wife. I’m fucking her crunchingly 5
days a week. Bigin’s husband found out about this and
raided us , we didn’t know what to say, his wife jumped out of there, my husband, I didn’t cheat on
you, I just can’t enjoy it when I have sex with you,
because yours is too big , he said, really, his pussy is too big. it was small
, her husband’s was too big, because we became friends, I saw it, it was thick and tall , and
his wife was a small petite type. My wife was a
big woman with a weight, I couldn’t make a groan no matter how much I fucked her so I told her I’d fuck my yellow wife,
I said I’ll fix it. One day I took my wife and went to them. I dressed my wife in a very
sexy way her wife He was not at home, he had gone to his mother.
We sat chatting or something and jokes started when he went to the other room,
I started to caress my wife or something, I stripped, my wife would come, I
said nothing would happen, the room would join or
. Let’s do it together, my wife, I said
come on, if you want, I said, come on, join us,
I said, I made my wife crooked, I’m fucking constantly, the room was undressed, her dick was huge
, my wife took it out in front of her, my wife said how much is that, she said it’s exactly what I
wanted, she took it in her mouth, she eats it, she literally licked it and laid
her on the floor he sat down but he was hardly eating as if he rooted in a groan
I was going behind me and fucking my wife for 15 minutes and she
ejaculated inside my wife for pleasure I also ejaculated in the back my wife
didn’t have protection if she got pregnant it’s not clear if it’s me or her because we both fucked constantly
then his wife came I slept with my wife in the room with my wife until the morning
but she was yelling at my wife a lot

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