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Hello, I’m Gamze, I’m 30
years old now and I’ve been married for 12 years. I got married lovingly when I was 18 years old
, and after I got married, I closed on my own will. We live in Munich, Germany. My husband and I got on well in every way and our sex
life was going well. Of course, we had our fantasies like everyone else
, but we were not looking for different excitements in other men and
women. So we
were living ordinary lives of ordinary people. Of course, me and my husband were out there shooting furtive glances at
other men and women .
But these were innocent escapades and
we weren’t pressing each other about it.

I was a virgin before marriage and had not had
much sex. At school , I made
friends with boys, kissed them and had sex without undressing
. Just someone (Hakan) licked my breasts and
stroked my pussy through the panties. I also
grabbed Hakan’s dick from inside the panties.
At that time, Hakan’s dick was too big for me. But
it was beyond, that’s all I’ve been through about sex. When the school
terms were over, our relationship with Hakan was over. I didn’t
cry or shed tears after her, because I
wasn’t in love with her and I knew I wouldn’t marry her. But
during our relationship, he always told me, “If you marry someone other than me, this is
fucking your pussy that I caressed but couldn’t fuck.
I would like!” he would say. At that time, in order not to offend him, I said, “Okay!” I would say.

A few years
before my marriage and throughout my marriage, I neither saw nor heard from Hakan , until recently I had an evening coffee
in a cafe in Munich center (in Marienplatz) with a girlfriend of mine .
We met Hakan’s eyes in the cafe and we both stopped.
First he mustered up his courage and said to me, “Hello!”
until you say. I didn’t know how to behave, though, as a
courtesy, “Hello!” I said. After a quick talk, he
asked me for my phone number, and I gave it without any ulterior motives. After he
left, I remembered what he said earlier and I panicked. What if
he really wanted to fuck me? After all, although I didn’t fuck with him, I
had an affair.
All kinds of things were going through my mind, I wonder if it was my number?
like I change. But how was I going to explain to my husband the reason
? Hakan could also threaten me to tell my husband. With these
mixed feelings, I made my way home…

He called me before I even got home
and offered to meet tomorrow. Meanwhile, he got
married and had children.
Hearing this gave me some relief and I accepted his offer. What happened at school should
have been a thing of the past and should have been forgotten
With these mixed feelings, I decided to meet him.

The next day, we met in a secluded restaurant (outside the center of Munich, we are both married, you know) . We both
started chatting a little shyly, but as the conversation progressed, the awkwardness and
timidity faded. While we were telling each other about our family and business life, of course, it would be okay not to talk about
the old days .
As I remember those days, thoughts of
how we desired each other when we were with her, but that we
had to postpone our lives because of virginity, ran
through my mind, but I did
not tell her about it. He was the one who made the rounds and talked about
how difficult it is to curb desires in youth and
how shallow our thoughts are.
Then came the crucial question, ‘Do I
remember my promise?’ asked.
I said that I remember, but that these were innocent youthful dreams
and would not come true. He also said that
nothing emotional could develop between us after this time and that our
ages were quite advanced. He talked about how to be
inspired by the days of youth we will experience from now on, and to create
a short excitement in our ordinary advanced life .

he was right. After that, it seemed
impossible to experience such excitement and escape from the ordinary in our lives, but I did not show it to him.
Hakan was
telling that he did not go beyond a few escapades about sex after marriage. While I was thinking why not, I was hitting the wall where
cheating is bad .
On the other hand, I thought that we limit ourselves to such moral
values ​​in vain
, that we should enjoy life
. As Hakan talked about these issues, I
was getting wet with the contradiction in my mind.
Thinking about Hakan’s dick that I had stroked before but couldn’t taste was
me crazy.

Hakan, “We
will meet one day you want, we will finish our unfinished business and the matter will be
closed there!” he says, tempting me and bringing me a frying pan.
I didn’t understand how it suddenly came out of my mouth,
“Okay then!” I said. He told me that we could meet at Tegernsee outside Munich (50 km away) and experience what we could not
live without seeing people in a hotel. “Okay, we’ll do
our business there next week, we won’t talk about this again!” I said. He was very happy
and said, “Of course, it won’t happen again if you don’t want it!” said.

We met a week later and
set off together. There was hardly any chance of anyone familiar to us wherever we went. And that relieved me a lot, because
in the end he was about to be disgraced. When we entered our room at the hotel , we
first left ourselves on the seats. Then Hakan prepared a light alcoholic and energy drink
for me and we started drinking. He was sitting next to me , I
could feel his breath on my neck. He started to kiss her lightly
. It was as if my body was being electrocuted. Although I used to know these
kisses, after my husband they sounded strange.
Understanding my mixed feelings,
his hands moved to my legs and from there to my ass for a quick result
. As he caresses so do I
I was relaxing, my legs would open on their own, allowing his hands
to reach my pussy more easily.
His lips touched mine
, waiting for her to reciprocate his kisses. Now I was sucking on his
lips and
giving him what he wanted.

Suddenly he hugged me and moved towards the bed. When I lay it on the bed , my
hands went to my pussy and I started to
caress my wet, swollen lips
. He was watching me while undressing. When she lay next to me on the bed
she started to undress me too and
I was left with bra panties. His dick was touching my navel, and after my husband’s dick, I understood better that I was right
about his size .
After I took off my bra in a ceremony
, he licked my breasts and
took over my cunt from my own hands. Then
she started to explore my whole body with her tongue. He was licking my neck, my boobs,
my belly and exposing my pussy by pulling it
out of the panties. Now I’m naked and
licking it finally reached my cunt. He
started making my newly shaven pussy rage with his tongue.
Feeling the warmth of his cock on my belly
and the
licking of my pussy was
enough for me to have my first orgasm. The waters were pouring out like floods, and he
continued to lick.

Then we turned 69,
it gave me great pleasure to put your cock in my mouth.
Thinking it’s time now, he said, “Come on fuck me!
You made my pussy angry, now split it, give me your pacifier, put it in
me!” I gave the message that I was ready.
“Don’t be in such a hurry, enjoy the moment,
I waited so long to fuck that cunt and I have
n’t fucked anyone in a week just to get fed. Don’t worry, I’ll fuck you at least three times
!” said. He put me in all fours position and
started rubbing his dick on my ass from behind. As his cock came to my cunt’s mouth
, I was throwing myself back and trying to suck his dick in
. He takes his dick
out and keeps rubbing my pussy on the lips
was doing. Then all of a sudden he stuck his head in and I stretched myself back
again. Half of his dick was inside me now, and
it gave immense pleasure because of its thickness. “Come
on, put the rest of it, so that nothing is left out,
fuck me by prickling!” I was moaning.

“You have a wonderful cunt, it’s
on fire and still tight for her age.
I will feed your pussy to my dick, it will
not forget its taste!” he was saying. Meanwhile, he was slowly inserting
the rest of his dick, sometimes pulling it in short intervals and putting the
excess back in my pussy.
When I felt his balls in my ass, I felt like there was a
stovepipe inside my pussy and my pussy was ripped
At the same time, I was angry with myself for not having experienced this taste before . Whatever happened after marriage was for his
luck, other dicks could not be tasted
. Ohhh that’s it, I
broke the chain and had to enjoy it.

After Hakan rooted his dick, he
stayed like that for a while. It was as if his dick was against my cervix
. “Get some pussy used to it, honey
, it turns out your husband’s dick wasn’t big enough
or you wouldn’t have had such a hard time getting it!” he
started to go in and out lightly. And I said, “Come
on man, finish your unfinished business, this is your pussy now,
fuck her! Let my pussy see what it’s like to be fucked!” I was saying.
In between, “Ohhhh pass, pierce my pussy! ” I was firing him. He sped up
his movements in response to my speech .
And I said, “Yeah,
root it like that, hard, rough fuck my pussy, screw your dick
!” I was making it faster
. His dick getting inside me like an engine piston

coming out, bringing me closer to a quick orgasm . He was grabbing my breasts while he was fucking my pussy, pinching
me all over. And groaning , I
ejaculated with an orgasm like never before.

“I’m done!” when I said to me, “This is just the
beginning, would I ever leave this pussy with a one-time fuck
? But first, let’s taste your ass!”
he took it out of my pussy and started rubbing it in my ass hole
. I seemed to object, but I wanted my ass, which I had not given even my husband
more than 1-2 times, to be fucked by this beautiful dick
. Hakan spit in my ass hole and slowly
started massaging my ass hole with his finger. After a while,
he started to push a finger inside me. He had a finger
in my ass and I enjoyed it tremendously, but his cock was
thicker and now he was spitting it out and rubbing it against my ass
. I will never forget that feeling,
I loved it. And it started to push me
He kept telling me to let myself go or
it would hurt. I followed what he said as best I

He grabbed the cheeks of my ass
and split it in two and began to load well. I felt it go inside me with a
pain, I bit the
pillow so as not to scream.
He began to move forward with very gentle movements . It hurt, but not too much
. He certainly knew his job very well. A little more, a little more, and I finally felt
his crotch on my hips .
My heart was still hurting. It took a while,
I guess it was just for me to get used to it. Then he would do it back and forth with slow and calm movements
. The pain in my soul lessened and
gave way to pleasure. It was easier to get in and out now, and it was
faster. Hank hadn’t
emptied yet. He started accelerating behind me
. I’m like, “Ejaculate in me, fill my ass with your semen
my man!” he groaned, accelerating faster and I
liked it more. It suddenly loaded very hard and
started to discharge. It was like a volcano had erupted in my ass
Hakan stood there, trembling, while his semen was flowing warmly into me . It waited inside me for a while and it came out of my ass.

“You have a beautiful ass,
it’s cracked open and it’s used to the dick now.
You’ll give it to your husband more often from now on!” he smiled. “You’re
also a master fucker. You gave my pussy and my ass their due
. It was worth it that I cheated on my husband!” I
replied. I was asking myself what
would happen next. The taste of this fuck
was hard to forget, but I loved my husband too. It’s as if he heard my inner voice,
“It won’t happen again if you want to, but the pussy that tastes my dick
will come back again. Since your husband can’t feed you, maybe he
‘ll understand, we can even fuck you together!” said.

Actually, it wasn’t a bad idea
. As my husband is not a conservative person, I could
find other women for him and in return, I could fuck with
others. After this time,
feelings such as love and attachment were far from us. “Maybe, but I
have one condition, my husband will fuck your wife, what do you say?”
I replied. Hakan paused a bit and said, “Why not?
So I can fuck you more easily!” said.

This is how the real story
We arranged Hakan’s wife for my husband, even if it was difficult . Now we all fuck together and we’re not
jealous of each other. In fact, sometimes my husband fucks Hakan’s wife
without us, and I fuck Hakan without my husband.
we enjoy life

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