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Hello, I’m Gökhan, my wife’s name is Serpil, maybe you will find me very strange, but my wife and I got married by loving each other. We were very, very happy before. We loved each other like crazy, we got along very well on everything, but on everything. Until I had that unfortunate accident… Experiencing the worst thing that could happen to a man had completely cut me off from life. I was cut off without eating or drinking. I never spoke, I was always staring into space, cursing fate like this. But despite all these negativities, life would go on. And I just couldn’t accept it. One day, I gathered all my strength and confronted my wife, Serpil, whom I love very much and told her to listen to me. “She is only 24 years old, She started crying when I said that I don’t have the right to want a relationship with a man who is disabled and most importantly, who has lost her sexual power like me… It was my honor and my love for him to say that the same things can happen to him, that life is common and that he wants to fight this fight together until the end. increased many times. We are living in the second year of that bad event. As he said, he was always with me. We went on holiday together this summer, while everyone prefers the seaside, we preferred Trabzon, where plateau tourism is held. We settled in a tiny villa type house on the promenade we went to. Plenty of oxygen, ice-cold spring water, trout and lamb were delicious. 1 km from where we left off after lunch one day. we went away. Everywhere smelled like pine forest and musk. I was sitting in my crippled car, my wife Serpil was lying on the grass. We heard a creak, and behind us appeared a large man with a beard and a bushy moustache. First he greeted me, “Get well soon brother.” said. He introduced himself, his name was Metin. And I said, “I’m Gökhan, this is my wife Serpil.” I said. He stated that he was satisfied and asked about my accident. I told him and I stated that I had been in this state for two years. He was surprised, “You still have such a beautiful woman, you are one of the lucky people in the world.” said. The fact that Metin acted so sincerely puzzled me for a moment. He was right, I had completely forgotten the sexual needs of my beautiful wife Serpil and condemned her to sexual hunger like myself. I had no right to this. But my wife did not accept the divorce either. It was then my turn and time to make sacrifices. The sex my wife needs is with this man, I wanted him to live without wasting any time. I could say this at once without hesitation. Both my wife and Metin were surprised. But when I insisted, he was grateful for Metin’s life. I told Metin to satisfy my wife’s sexual needs right in front of my eyes. Metin got up from his seat and approached my wife, hugging her and suddenly kissing her lips. My wife wanted to run away, but Metin was too strong, and my wife helplessly closed her eyes and fell into Metin’s arms. Metin was sucking my wife’s lips like crazy and stroking her legs under her skirt… A little while later, Metin took off his own shirt and trousers, he was left with only his panties. His dick looked like a pile, as if he was going to tear off his panties. My wife suddenly got down on her knees and pulled Metin’s panties down, took his dick in her mouth and started licking it like crazy. In an instant, they were both naked in front of me. Metin was lying on his back on the grass and sitting on top of my wife Metin, already with his dick deep in her cunt, sitting on top of her like crazy. Metin knew his business very well, he fucked my wife rhythmically, making my wife cum three times in a row. Later, my wife curled up in front of Metin and told Metin that she wanted to fuck her ass too. And he immediately wanted Metin to shove his dick in his ass. He didn’t care about the pain. The text was so heavy that my poor wife was writhing with pain and her ass was bleeding. There was no mercy left in Metin anymore. This job took about three hours. They were both devastated. We returned to the villa, they went to the bathroom and washed together. Then we all ate together. They laid me on my bed and started having sex again in front of my eyes… Metin stayed with us in the villa for a whole week, and he constantly fucked my wife in the ass and ass. Now our life is for three people, Metin has joined our family, the three of us are living together and we are very happy. And I love both very much. Because it would be so cruel for my wife to live without sex at such a young age. And best of all, they do all their fucking around me, which makes me so happy.

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