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Hi guys, I have a step-sister and I always wanted to fuck her, but I couldn’t say to her. One day, while I was sitting in the living room, she came to me with a tight thong and my dick started to look like a pile, my step-sister was engaged now have a good read. Her fiancé was a smug, irritable person named Ferit. When he came to us, he could not see anyone but Serpil. He would stay with us for hours and would not leave Serpil’s room.

They wouldn’t even take me seriously when I objected to this situation. While Serpil was on her weekly leave with him, she would return home late in the evening. They were eight years apart. Since Ferit’s father was a builder, he used to hang out with him too. Although he did not work himself, he managed thanks to his father. He had a late model car, it was unclear what the fuck he was doing with it. Everything was expected of him, including lechery. All these thoughts were gnawing at me as the doubts in my mind were increasing.

In previous years, we used to go to the village every summer as a family and take a vacation for a few months. But that summer, since Serpil was working, I had to stay with her. It had been more than a month since my father and stepmother had been to the village. There was no negativity during the time we stayed at home with Serpil. Serpil used to go to work at 9:00 in the morning and return at 19:00 in the evening. Even though it’s been late lately, I wasn’t obsessed with it. While I was against Serpil’s wearing sweatpants before, I was not saying anything anymore. Honestly, I even liked it. Even the traces of the panties he was wearing could be seen next to his full, round hips that did not fit in his sweatpants. At first, she wore normal panties, but lately she became interested in thongs. The thong under the sweatpants split her hips in half. Although his condition was noticeable, he was quite comfortable with me.

My feelings towards Serpil began to change.
Our house, which was very hot in the summer, did not sleep at night. Serpil’s reproaches also confirmed this. He was saying that he couldn’t sleep because of the heat, and that he went to work tired without sleep. He had trouble getting up in the morning. He asked for help to remove it. When I entered his room to wake him up one morning, I was met with an incredible sight. Serpil was lying face down, panty bra. If I said panties, it was not a normal panty, it was a thong. The thong she was wearing was lost between her hips. Only the top was visible. She hugged the pillow and pulled her hips back. Her white skin was unbelievably beautiful. The white hips glowed like zucchini. This image destroyed me. I couldn’t stand the view and ejaculated in my panties.
After that day, my view of Serpil had changed even more. He was with his fiancee until late on his days off. When I told him that I didn’t like his fiancée and that anything could be expected from that mean, I was advising him to be careful. Serpil knew very well what I was saying.

He said to me, “Don’t worry, Gökay, you can fully trust me on this!” He said and I trusted him. I didn’t go after him because I trusted him. In the following days, we became more sincere about these issues. I brought 6 bottles of beer on the way home one evening. Since my parents were not at home, it was okay for me to drink. Serpil hadn’t even opened her mouth about it. He said to her, “You drink too, girl!” I said. Serpil said, “Töbee tobee, are you crazy!” he says, he didn’t want to drink. And I said, “Drink that girl, it’s okay!” I kept insisting. Finally, “I drink, but if I get drunk, you’re responsible!” said. We were listening to music and drinking.

When Serpil finished her second bottle of beer, the words were rolling in her mouth, her eyes narrowed and she didn’t know what she was saying. Serpil said, “I’m dizzy, am I drunk now?” then he burst into laughter. A beer or two, as I’m used to it, didn’t impress me. Watch Porn. While I was controlling myself, Serpil started to lose herself. I wanted to know what level of relationship he had with his fiancee. When I asked, he was trying to explain in half. Other than kissing and groping, they hadn’t been in a relationship yet, she told me. While her fiancé wanted more, she said that she did not allow it. As the time passed, Serpil was passing out and getting drunk. He couldn’t take it anymore and slumped into the chair. A short time later he passed out and fell asleep. It was so sweet, so beautiful that I couldn’t get enough of looking at it. Because he was lying on his back,

Several times, “Serpiill! Serpiill!” He was lying dead even as I called out. I mustered up my courage and approached him. I nudged a few times, crouching on my knees. As she fidgeted, one leg slipped off the seat and touched the floor. His current image was unbearable. Her open legs also revealed her cunt. The pussy inside the sweatpants looked like it had been cut in half. Her bulging round cunt got me incredibly excited. My cock, which was already up, started throbbing at this sight. I put my head between his legs and started to smell his cunt over the sweatpants. I almost ejaculated while I was smelling your cunt. It was incredible and smelled amazing. I wanted to touch it, but I couldn’t dare to touch your pussy. As my desire and desire grew, I could not restrain myself.

I touched his cunt over his sweatpants, thinking of whatever will happen. I was trembling with pleasure at that moment. I was trying to learn its shape and diagram as I felt the indentations and protrusions of her pussy with my fingers. His sweatpants were thinner and easier to handle. I opened the sweatpants to see her pussy. Her tiny panties didn’t even cover her cunt hairs. This image was inevitable when the panties she was wearing were thongs. I wanted to see more when I was looking at the top of her pussy. I had to take off his sweatpants for this. If I were to take it out in the living room, I wouldn’t be able to find words to say when he woke up. “Get up girl, don’t sleep here, go to bed and lie down!” when I called out, he just muttered something I didn’t understand, that’s all. I grabbed his armpits and lifted him up. After I hugged him and carried him to his room, I lay him on my back on the bed. I turned on the light and sat at his feet. taking a deep breath, I grabbed the elastic part of the tracksuit, slowly peeled it off his legs and removed it from his toes. Now only her black thong remained.

My heart seemed to stop as I took this little piece of cloth that didn’t even cover her pussy. I finally took it out. I bent her legs at the knee to open them sideways to see better. Now her cunt was fully exposed. I had a perfect view. The slit between the long hairs stretched from one end to the other. Her pussy’s lips were covering her mouth left and right. Her clitoris, on the other hand, was small but alive. As I continued to examine it, my cock was up and throbbing. Her bare hips looked huge. Next, I grabbed her ankles and opened her legs up and to the sides. Her hips were now exposed like zucchini. The existence of the asshole surrounded by black hairs was not even apparent. It smelled like piss as the heat of her pussy hit my face. This scent that hit my nose was more effective than even the highest quality perfume.

I mustered up all my courage and licked my tongue, then slowly started licking it. It had a salty taste. Although it was salty, I liked it. There was a possibility that he would wake up. I thought I should have been more careful. I slowly let go of her legs because of the thought in my head. I had to immortalize this image. I may never get an opportunity like this again. I went and got my phone from the living room. I took her pussy and her ass down to the last detail and recorded it on my phone. It was a great investment for me not to withdraw 31 days in the future. Until that moment, I had been trying hard not to ejaculate, now I wanted to ejaculate. While looking at Serpil’s pussy, I started imagining various fantasies. I wanted to fuck her, fuck her, but that wasn’t possible. I started going in and out, even if it was a dream. Within a minute or two I started shaking.

I ejaculated for seconds. The semen gushing out of my cock had ruined the sheet. But that was not the case. This was an unforgettable moment for me and I wanted to live it to the fullest. After a few minutes, I was thoroughly relaxed and came to my senses. I put on his thong first, then his sweatpants, and fixed his top. After cleaning up the spilled semen on the sheet, I looked around to see if there was any negativity. Only the wetness of the offspring remained on the sheet, it didn’t matter, I was sure that it would dry by morning because the weather was hot. I turned off the light and left the room.

When I woke up the next day, it was 12:00. Serpil had gone to work. When I checked his room, I noticed that the sheets had been changed. When I looked at the basket where the dirty things were put, thong, sweatpants and a sheet were in the same place. I was really wondering if he had understood something. When I came home at around 22:00 in the evening, Serpil had cooked dinner and was waiting for me. Because I came late, “Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you for hours. I didn’t eat either because I was waiting for you!” Although it bothered me for a moment, the smile on his face softened me. “Sorry girl, I don’t want you to starve! Then what will our people say!” I said. Serpil said, “Did you apologize, Gökay?” he snapped. And I said, “I will not apologize to my only brother, but from whom will I ask, girl!” I said. He thanked me for this statement. Then he brought the subject up to the previous evening,

Am I too drunk?” she asked. I said, “You had two beers and you passed out. You couldn’t even stand, my mother cried when I carried her to your room. How heavy are you girl!” When Serpil hung out, “Don’t be ridiculous!, I’m only 55 kilos, do you think 55 kilos is too much?” said. I specifically said that because girls don’t like being called overweight. He started laughing when he realized I was joking. That evening, we ate our dinner and watched TV as if nothing had happened. The next days passed normally. While he was commuting to work, I was just hanging out. While Serpil continued to meet with her fiancee, these meetings sometimes lasted until late hours. When he returned home one evening, I noticed that his face was sullen. “What is that girl? A thousand pieces falling from your face!” I hung up. “Nothing!” he said, but when he saw that I was drinking beer, he went and brought a glass and said, “I want to drink it too, pour it for me!” she said.

He took the glass and began to sip, drank it all in one gulp. Seeing this situation, he said, “Hop hoop! Drink a little slow!” I said. Actually, it was my business to drink, I wanted him to be as drunk as last time. I filled my glass for the second time. After popping a couple of nuts into his mouth, he started sipping again. He looked like he was arguing with his fiancee. It was read because of his anger. I liked this situation when I was taking the beers one after the other. As I watched it, I remembered what I had experienced that night. I knew very well what a pussy she had. She was wearing a knee-length skirt today. Since the skirt was loose, she had gathered the edges of the skirt under her legs. The legs, visible up to the knee, were smooth and immaculate. He must have waxed or epilated. As he sipped the fourth glass, the words began to roll in his mouth. He didn’t even know what he was saying.

This time he drank more than last time. It was getting out of control. As he bent to and fro, his taut legs would occasionally open, revealing his white legs up to his calves. I couldn’t help but look while I was worried that he would understand. This image made my dick move. My heartbeat accelerated as I leaned forward and tried to hide it. Then Serpil said, “I have to go to the sink!” he stood up. As I passed by, I noticed that he was squeezing himself, it was obvious in every way that he was stuck, he was almost peeing under it. He opened the bathroom door and shouted, ‘Zoorrt!’ she farted. He went into the bathroom cursing. The beers he drank had forced him to pee. He was peeing with such pressure that the sound of peeing could reach the living room. She was both peeing and farting from time to time. After she got out of the toilet, she went to her room. Although some time has passed,

I went to his room to see what was going on. The light in his room was on. I quietly approached to find out what he was doing. When I looked through the open door, I saw that he was lying face down. The skirt opened up to her hips, revealing her milky white legs. The shapely protruding ass looked very beautiful. I mustered up my courage and went inside. “Serpil! Serpil!” I called. He was not responding in any way. He was ecstatic and fell into a deep sleep. I took this opportunity to sit next to him. Her milky white legs looked immaculate. I slowly pulled her skirt, which covered her hips, to her waist. Now I had a wonderful sight before me. The panties tucked between the hips were like a stream flowing between two mountains. Her light blue panties were so sexy. The spots on her hips caught my attention. When I examined it carefully, I couldn’t believe what I saw. The bruises on her hips looked like fingerprints. It didn’t take a prophet to know who did it. I think he had sex with his fiancee.

I was angry, but this was not the time to think about it. The hairy places that were before were like a clean cream. I touched her skin lightly. With the palm of my hand, I started stroking her legs, then her buttocks. It was an incredible feeling. The serpent lay motionless. As my caresses increased, so did my self-confidence. After mustering up my courage, I decided to take off her panties. His elastic bands tightened his waist. I slowly started to peel off her panties, holding them by the sides. In a matter of seconds, I was also out of the panties. There was still no movement in Serpil. Her hips were in the square in all their glory. For a moment it seemed to move. This move made my job easier. He broke his right leg towards the knee while opening it to the side. The view I saw was extraordinary. Her hair-cleansed cunt glowed like a gourd. The line dividing the middle seemed clearer now. His hips were red. This rash could be from the friction of the panties. I thought so myself at the time.

The little tongue stuck between the line looked amazing as I extended my hand and felt her cunt. I was lightly stroking the place that split in the middle. After stroking it for a while, I stretched her cunt’s lips with my fingers. When I looked into his hole, I was gone. It was obvious that she was a virgin. He had a tiny hole under his pee. When I pulled my fingers away, her mouth was closed instantly as her cunt’s lips were alive and hard. While I was examining Serpil, I was stroking my cock on the other hand. His back hole, which was hairy before, was, I’m sure, immaculate now. Curious about the back hole, I head for her hips. When I stretched her hips by holding both sides, the sight I saw frightened me. I couldn’t believe it while I was saying to myself (What is this?). The hole, which was tiny before, seemed to have grown. His ass hole was open like the mouth of a bottle, his insides exposed.

Obviously, he fucked Serpil in the ass. His hole was still loose because he had fucked it a few hours ago. I was incredibly excited by what I saw. I couldn’t stand this situation any longer and suddenly I started to have contractions. I messed up my panties while ejaculating with great pleasure. I went to the bathroom and took off my dirty clothes. I thought of Serpil’s situation in the evening, now I understand better why she was angry when she came home. I cleaned myself thoroughly and came out of the bathroom. When I returned to her room, Serpil was still lying in the same position. I pull myself together and stretch my hips a second time. I spit the saliva that had accumulated in my mouth into his asshole. After feeding the saliva with my finger, I pressed my finger into the hole. The slippery finger slipped easily into it.

I slowly started to move it back and forth. The heat inside was burning my finger. Then I tried it with two fingers. It was easy again. As he increased the number of fingers, the hole in his ass was still accepting, his mouth was opening as he opened it. For a while, I continued with four fingers. When I took my hand away, the mouth part was closed instantly. While I was squeezing her ass hole with my fingers for 10-15 minutes, Serpil didn’t even get a whiff. Meanwhile, my cock was lifted and hard as iron. Now I had to decide. If I missed this opportunity, I might never get another chance like this. It’s now or never. I definitely had to try this. I spread my legs sideways. I grabbed her waist and pulled her back. I brought it to the twitching position a little bit. I placed my body between my legs. I spat a lot in his ass hole. After lubricating my cock, there were no more obstacles. I pressed my hardened cock to his mouth.

I started to load while I was getting support from my arms so as not to lose weight. I was trembling with excitement when he got in. When I said a little more, a little more, I inserted it halfway. The hole surrounding my cock was incredibly enjoyable. As I moved back and forth, I slowly started accelerating. God, what a pleasure this is! It was the first time I was fucking someone in the ass, and it was my stepsister’s ass. As time went on, I was sobbing with pleasure as I tried to shove it deep. When the slipperiness subsided, I stepped back and lubricated it with my saliva. Then I inserted it again. For a few minutes, I was experiencing pleasures that I had never experienced before. While I was fucking Serpil’s ass, I seemed to forget who he was. His hips were touching my groin as he pressed my cock all the way down. The softness of the hips was really great.

While I was fucking for minutes, I was moving more comfortably now. The hole had been loosened and opened well. But I was still enjoying it immensely. Since it was the second time, it would take me a long time to ejaculate. I didn’t think I could hold out any longer. But as the wave of pleasure engulfed my entire body, I realized that I was about to ejaculate. Before ejaculation, I had to decide while I was fucking fast. I didn’t even have a chance to decide. I began to ejaculate deep in her ass with great pleasure. For a few seconds, I emptied all my semen into her ass. After a while, I pulled over.

I felt a little bit of regret. Worried he’d find out in the morning, I brought a running napkin from the kitchen. As I wiped her hips with a napkin, my eye caught her pussy. When I felt it with my finger, I realized that it was custard. I wasn’t interested in her pussy because I was ejaculating. First I put her panties on her feet, then I pulled her skirt down and covered her legs. I turned off the light and went out. I went into the bathroom and took a nice shower and came out but he was still staring at my unsaturated dick and he came back to me and took the big cock in his mouth and started sucking and sucking again and made me sit down and he sat on my dick and took it in his ass and put it on me She started jumping and while she was jumping, I ejaculated into her ass with a big bang and a ‘ohhh’ sound came out of the girl and after that I continued to fuck her constantly.

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