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hi. I was from izmir,
we did it again to get rid of the tiredness of the year. By the way,
I’m berk 27 years old, my wife buse is 22 years old, we have been married for 2 years. We have a very
beautiful marriage and sex life. my wife buse is a
beautiful person who can embellish every man’s dreams, she is a super person with red hair, blue
eyes, height 170, 87-59-90. From the first day of our holiday
, sleep until noon, then the sea and pool, and
the night was spent in the form of disco drinks and entertainment until the morning. That day at the
pool, my wife was wonderful again, with her white string bikinis, the
eyes of the grudges were on my wife again in the whole hotel. This gave me great pleasure.
My wife, on the other hand, fascinated everyone with her usual comfort. After dinner,
we went to the medusa bar. It was very crowded as usual. That
night the bus looked great. She was wearing a halterneck pleated mini black dress with a completely open back and low-cut
neckline and high heels
. She wasn’t wearing a bra, as usual. under it, the g string
was showing a complete eye bath. We were drinking our drinks and dancing. Meanwhile, the
clock had reached midnight. Also, we were both smitten. All the men in the disco
were watching my wife dance and couldn’t take their eyes off her
. A little while later, a bottle of whiskey arrived at our table. When we asked who it was from, it
was two handsome gentlemen sitting at the opposite table.
they said. We thank you from afar. The dance music had begun.
My wife wanted to dance. I, on the other hand, did not want to get up from my place with the comfort of the drink
. Just then, one of the people who bought us whiskey came
to our table to see if I could dance with your wife
. I said of course, he had danced with other people before. When they got up to dance , the man was dancing
with his hands completely around his waist, and the bus was
wrapped around the man’s neck. The man was athletic
. He was about 185 height athlete type. The hours were ticking.
Now, Buse and the man whose name I learned later was Alper, were
dancing closely together. Alper Busenin’s neck lightly
was kissing. It was obvious that Buse was enjoying herself very much. The track was very
crowded. At one point I realized that I couldn’t see them. I started searching. but I
couldn’t find it anywhere. only the room of the band that I didn’t look at
was left. The corridor was very dark. I opened the door slowly.
A dim red light was on inside . I saw the alper with the buse on the sofa. It clung
to Alper Buse’s lips so tightly that it was as if he wasn’t kissing them, but was eating them.
Bush was ecstatic. I wanted to intervene for a while, but I
noticed that my son was also getting up and I decided to watch. I was
enjoying it too. That fresh busem was worthy of different tastes. Alper Busenin
untied the neck of his dress because he was not wearing a bra.
her breasts were completely exposed. he was licking them with one hand and
stroking between his legs. Buse was groaning completely ecstatic. Alper went
downstairs and started to lick the bus’s honey box. The bus was like crazy. Then he
took off his pants. I don’t believe it was about 23 cm and it was very thick.
How was this your little honey box going to take it? Alper got
between the bus’s legs. And suddenly he was loaded. Buse screamed so
much that if there was no sound at the disco, my whole heart would have groaned. their commute had
accelerated. buse was tearing the sofa apart with pleasure. suddenly
the bus ejaculated with a start. but it was still going on. then he laid the busse
on the table as he embraced it. buse in her hands officially
had disappeared. and after a while, alper also emptied.
Alper ‘s semen was oozing out of his honey box . then alper put it in his mouth. the buse
was licking like crazy. was up again.
He fucked another 23 cm bus . It was obvious that he was enjoying his facial expression very much. Of course
I enjoyed it too. In the nights after that, Busem
was with others.
Next time I’ll tell the bodyguard how you fucked

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