In the Bathroom With My Sister

I am a handsome 18-year-old boy. We are 4 brothers and we
live with my sister and my mother, the youngest of whom is 1 year older than me. My other older
sisters are married and live abroad.

One day, my mother and father went abroad to my sisters,
I wanted to stay in Turkey this time because we were constantly going back and forth. My sister
did not want to go either.

because there were make-up exams
and she was
going to struggle with exams. A lot of boys were running
after her at school, and I would always break their
mouths and fight with my sister. Anyway, let’s get straight to the point. One day my sister came from school and was taking a

I couldn’t stand it that day and I peeked at her, she had such a beautiful body, my
mouth watered,
I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I could n’t take my eyes off. I saw my sister naked for the first time
Our valve was right at the entrance,
I closed the valve when my sister was just shampooed. My sister called me and said, “Bring the water in the kitchen”.

I said ok. This was the opportunity I was looking for. I went straight into the bathroom, but my sister was
wearing a bathrobe. She said, pour the water down my head and I’ll take care of the rest. She
stretched her head towards the tub and curled up, so I emptied the water by watching the scenery behind her. I forgot to drain the
water from looking at
her butt, my sister understood that I was spying on her, but she wouldn’t understand

He said let’s pour it out. So I poured it right away. Just as I was giving up hope, my sister
turned around and there was no foam on her face anymore. She looked at my dick and saw that she was saluting in an
upright position. Then he said do you want to have sex with me. I
said ok. Then I grabbed his lip . And we started kissing like crazy

While I was licking his boobs, the room was playing with my dick. Then he told me to undress
. I said I would too and I undressed. He took my dick in his mouth and started blowing blowjob
. He was licking nonstop and savagely . I came to enjoy it so much that it exploded in his mouth. Then we started kissing again. I was stroking
his cunt
, then mine stood up again.

And my sister turned her back and said come on, let’s see. I said, have you
ever been with someone else before, the room said no, but I want you to be the first. I
stuck it with the current psychology and smelled it to the end. My sister was screaming . And
blood started to come out of her pussy.

But I was putting more in the room, I guess he was enjoying
it. He didn’t say stop.

She also asked me to squeeze her butt hole. I said ok I used the soap in the bathroom to fuck her butt hole. And I started to insert it slowly. And I emptied the
gotune. Then I
said I turned off the valve. Then she said you did well in the room and she laughed.
Then we both took a shower and I was washing her while taking a shower.

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