I’m ebru, I’m 21 years old. I want to tell you about an incident that happened to me 3 years ago. I was in the
last year of high school. I didn’t care about the exam or anything
because our financial situation was good. We used to travel with my best friend Hazal all the time.
One day, Hazal told me that it was a weekend party and we
had to go. I jumped headlong without knowing what was going on. It turned out it was a
sex party (I would have gone again if she had told me)
. The
men were older than us. After hanging out for a while, Hazal met someone and retired to
a room. I wandered around alone a bit and
got involved in a game played in the hall.
The people the bottle showed were having sex in the middle of the room. It was my father who came across me when the bottle
showed me. I was shocked. I was confused as to what
to do and froze
until my father grabbed my hand and pulled me into the middle of the hall. It clung to my lips without realizing what it was.
My bewilderment gradually gave way to lust, and I began to respond
. My hand went to his dick and I unzipped it and took it to my mouth
. Then he took me in his lap and we fucked in the air, he
emptied all his cum inside me. My father fucked me so much that he was the best
fucker of my life. We left without opening our mouths
. In the meantime, a couple of people were suspended, but
I did not face. Hazal came to my mind and I started to visit the rooms and
finally I found Hazal fucking with my father. I walked in and took a seat,
but they went on without hesitation. When they were finished, my father
explained the events to me. Hazal and my father had a relationship for 1 year and my
father invited us to this party.
I said that this event would stay between the three of us and left the room. I forgot this incident and continued on my way
About 2 years ago, my parents divorced. and 1 year ago,
my father got married with hazal. Now we live in the same house. It’s very strange, but it’s not
good for me. I can bring my boyfriends home as I want.

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