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I fell in love with my married family doctor
All my life I ‘ve experienced erotic stories that I probably won’t be able to experience again . The story of I fell in love with my married family doctor, whose every second is in my mind, deeply affected me. Indeed, I was swept away at the sight of him, almost burning to be with him. It all started so ridiculous and progressed so fast that even I am surprised. Anyway, I need to share the events with you in order and relax.

erotic stories
Real Picture Of Bitch Family Physician.
From the outside, I am one of the ordinary students who came to Mersin to study at university. But since I was little, I have never had an easy life. The load on my shoulders did not listen to my age, it got on as I got on. This made me mature early. When I finished high school, I didn’t think about going to college for two years. Because at that time I was also making money on youtube. Don’t think of the phenomenal types, I was making money in many different ways. Since I trusted my earnings there, I didn’t care much about the university or something. My father and mother were constantly fighting, and I was in between when I said I would separate these fights. We had fistfights with my father many times, but we held back at the last moment. This was upsetting everyone. For this reason, I wanted to get away. I worked for a year and won the university in Mersin with a good or bad score.

At first, I was staying at home. But both my roommates and the layout of the place were suffocating me badly. Concentrating on my work on the Internet and relying on my earnings, I went out to my own house. It was a little difficult for me to organize, but I succeeded. As things got better, I signed up for the gym or something. My social circle had expanded a bit. Don’t look at it like that, I’m a bit of an introvert. That’s why I said from the very beginning that it is highly likely that I will not be able to experience such a story again. I was in my second year. He even had 🙂a girlfriend. He didn’t have that kind of look, no beauty, but he had a good heart. I wasn’t in love, I was just liking. I knew more or less that he was also of the same mind as me.

It was winter, I had a bad cold. I woke up one morning, my tonsils were swollen like a drum. I took a shower, brushed my teeth. Since I did not feel an ounce of relief, I called a taxi and went to the health center where I was going for the first time. Yes, I had never been before so I wasn’t one to get sick easily. There was no one when I was taking a turn from Figen, my family doctor. A minute later, my queue number went off and I knocked on the door and walked in… Oh my god! There was the woman who truly adorned my dreams. With her white skin, red hair, hazel eyes, honey lips… As soon as I entered the threshold, I was frozen and I couldn’t stop looking at her.

Here you go…

Hu hu, please sit down!
His voice echoed in my ears and I came to my senses. But I was still under the influence of her beauty.

What is your complaint?
I am sick…
Interesting, generally healthy ones would come, but…
She was laughing, giggling, making a joke, my beautiful Figen. I accompanied him as a patient with swollen tonsils.

My tonsils… Swollen…
Hmm, let’s see.
Whatever it was called the white stretcher he examined his patients, it was pointing with his sweet eyes.

With the stick in one hand and the light in the other, it crept up to me. I was breathing hard, but I could feel the smell of her perfume to my bones.

Open your mouth, say aaa.
I obeyed his instructions and shouted ah in front of the woman I fell in love with. 🙂Probably no doctor would feel anything while his patient, even if he was handsome.

Abooo, what happened to them?
I involuntarily laughed at his reaction. What the fuck is Aboo. Both sexy and sweet!

Why did you laugh?
Your reaction… You’re so sweet.
Thanks honey…
When did you stop talking with you and us and call your patient dear? I interpreted these as being influenced by me, but it wasn’t. In general, he was extremely warm and friendly. Of course, people like me could easily misinterpret this.

Let’s listen with your back open.
I think because of illness and inexperience, I had completely taken off my sweater.

Voov, if you just peeled it off, why did you take it out completely?
How should I know…
I was embarrassed but didn’t show it. I only had a black shirt left on me.

Looks like you don’t come around very often?
Yes, I get very little sick.
I guess you’re full when it happens… Will you turn your back?
I chuckled a little, then turned around as he said. He pulled my black tank top inside my trousers and stretched it up to my shoulder:

Grab your athlete.
As I did as he was told, he attached the iron structure of the cold stethoscope to my back:

Breathe… Exhale… Breathe… Exhale…
I felt the stethoscope pull from my back and stopped holding the athlete.

Will I live, doctor?
I am not a prophet, but you will not die with this disease.
Oops, I was hopeful for a while.
Why do you want to die at this age?
My soul has aged a lot, doctor, if there is any medicine, write one for him as well.
Sorry, but I can recommend my psychologist friends.
OO immediately treated like crazy, no way but like this
He closed the subject with a smile and continued:

I wrote antibiotics, throat spray etc. You’ll find it fast. Use the medicines too, you will regain your health in 3 days.
Thank you so much. Of all the doctors I’ve ever known, you’re probably the friendliest.
Considering that he is rarely sick, and considering his age, this is quite natural.
I think that’s right too, thank you again.
You’re welcome, have a nice day dear.
Yes, that’s how I met the love of my life. Although he didn’t have a ring on his finger, there was another last name besides his own on the nameplate on his desk. It didn’t take a genius to know he was married. Well, do you think this situation inhibits my desire to experience sex stories ? Of course no! As soon as I got home, I searched and scanned the social media and learned everything from her hometown to her age, from her husband to her education life. There were great obstacles in front of us for him to live something with me. For example, he was 29, which means 8 years older than me. He was married, and if we judge from the photos I saw, they were very happy. Luckily they didn’t have kids, at least there was an open door for me to dream about🙂

I’m Not Sick This Time My Doctor

Although the fact that I am so obsessed with it is frightening, I am not one to engage in absurd acts. Three days had passed, and there wasn’t a moment when I didn’t really think about him. Even when I was fucking my girlfriend, I dreamed of him, I was totally pissed off. I jumped in the taxi, stopped by the patisserie, and as far as I understood from social media, I gained half a kilo of his favorite dessert, Şöbiyet, and went to my family doctor. Click, click, click…

Hello doctor, how are you?
OO thank you, I’m fine, how are you?
Just like you said, on my third day, I regained my health. You know, just because healthy people usually come here, I did that and I didn’t come empty-handed.
You are a man of the world, he…
He opened the box of sweets and his eyes widened when he saw the words:

You are the man, my favourite!
He got up from his desk and moved to the single chair in front of me. He put the dessert on the coffee table right in front of us and handed me the plastic spoon in the bag.

So thank you.
Yeah, it wasn’t weird, was it?
I mean, I’m not used to such things, but it’s a very elegant move.
His gaze was very different from the previous development. He was really impressed when he saw me in front of him again. After taking one last glance, he brought the word to his mouth in one swift motion. His wide mouth, suitable for his full body, engulfed them all, savoring it with great sensuality. Covering his mouth with the back of his hand:

It’s so good, where did you get it?
There is a person from Gaziantep two streets down, I bought it from there.
Exactly, that’s really good. Let’s eat too…
I accompanied him while he continued to watch. She looked gorgeous in a white gown and a floral dress underneath. It was really hard to contain myself without imagining those big breasts, she. I wanted to fuck right there, but how?

We talked sweetly while eating our dessert. I learned that he came here two years ago and got married a year ago. I mean, if I had come here as soon as I got to university, maybe we could have had a very different relationship. Of course, we couldn’t change the past, we had to look ahead. By asking questions about me from time to time, he had three or five data about my life. After he buried his last dessert, there was a little cream on the corner of his lip. Unable to control myself:

What happened?
I could see how deeply he was breathing, his eyes squinting, as I slowly extended my finger and took the cream on the corner of his lip. Was he really impressed with me?

Cream… It’s on your lips a little bit.
Hey, thank you. For everything. It was a good moment for me.
It was time to go, I stood up.

What do you mean, thank you Figen. You healed me in three days…
He stood up and stretched out his hand:

Congrats again then, dessert was great. If you come again, please come with your hands full, Uras.
She was smiling, but while holding her hand, I couldn’t smile the same way, I couldn’t help looking at her honey lips. Realizing this, Figen stopped laughing and looked at me in the same way. I couldn’t control myself anymore and pulled the hand I was holding to myself and placed a quick kiss on his lips. It was an incredible moment, and my doctor, who wasn’t expecting it as much as I was, quickly pulled back and slapped himself.

Idiot! Idiot! Im married! The married!
I can’t forget you since the first time I saw you… You are so beautiful Figen!
Figen, who looked into my eyes, did not respond to my words. If he had gotten the fuck out of my heart, I would have run away without looking back. But I was standing, still standing in front of you. Luckily I stopped, it snuggled up against me and began to taste my lips with the same desire. While his hands were between my head, I was slowly descending from his waist to his hips. I could feel all the softness and width of her hips in my hands over her white coat.

He suddenly stopped kissing. I thought you were sorry. After a brief glance, Figen walked past me and locked the door of her room. She took off her white apron and stayed in her flowery dress. He took another step and, continuing to kiss me, sat me on the stretcher he had examined three days ago. I put my hand on her legs. Before I could get enough of her honey lips, I pulled my hands from under her skirt to her hips. Feeling her hips so close, grabbing her… Oh my god, was that real?

Figen had hardened, laid her on the stretcher and climbed on top of me. My dick was now so iron cut that it ripped my pants apart.

So you can’t forget me since the first time you saw me?
Yes, you have entered my dreams. The woman of my dreams!
He took off the buckle of my belt and then the button of my pants. When he stripped off my zipper, my penis, which was forcing my baton, became more evident. He pulled my pants and boxers up to my knees and pulled himself back towards my erect dick. Despite the fact that my dick touching her vagina over her panties drove me crazy, I wasn’t in a hurry, I was enjoying every second of it. He kissed me as if he couldn’t taste my lips, he stripped off his panties with his fingers and shoved my dick into his warm cunt. I had come to enjoy it enough to empty. She was so wet I could have slipped her cunt like butter. But I didn’t even want to move, in case I ejaculate. It was starting to go up and down slowly. His silent ‘ohh’ sounds were seducing me as well. I ran my hand over her top of her dress to her breasts. It wasn’t obvious that she was wearing a bra, but even her pussy was enough. If I could, I would have stopped time right there, I was so happy.

Tired of going up and down on my dick, Figen turned to my lips again, out of breath. As he bit my lips and ran my tongue on his tongue, I could feel his delight from the increased pace of his heart rhythm. I slowly reached over to where I was and kissed his neck and moved down. He was tired just in time because if he had continued a little longer, he would have emptied me. I couldn’t let this escapade end before we reached orgasm like that. I got down to her feet and peeled her skirt up from her legs. That’s when I saw that the panties underneath were black lace. I pulled her panties off after her and exposed her hairless white cunt. I parted her pink vaginal lips and inserted my tongue into the hole between them.

It was starting to hit me. Apparently, he loved to be given oral sex. Not content with that, I took my hand from her hip and brought it to her clitoris. I remember how my hair was while I was licking her cunt and stroking her clit. He was enjoying himself immensely, I could feel his legs shaking. Realizing that it had thickened, I took off her panties from her feet. I parted his legs and sat between them. I just licked my erect cock and shoved his head of the puss into my drool and then the rest.

You are very good!
I know honey, I’m really good at sex! But I said this from inside, not outside, while looking into your eyes. I could tell by the way his eyes were half unconscious that he was enjoying himself as he kept coming and going. I accelerated, the faster I got, the louder it got. He was really squeezing himself so they wouldn’t hear him groan and fucked in the hospital. Still, he couldn’t help saying ‘ohhhhhhhh’. When I accelerated as if my waist was going to come off, Figen was pushing me with her hand. Her legs were contracting, reaching orgasm. I couldn’t help myself in front of that wonderful visual and I ejaculated inside. I collapsed on him like a punching bag. I had no strength left. My head was right between Figen’s shoulders. I could feel her startle as my breaths changed with each of her body. I started to run my fingers over that masterpiece face, his lips.

You are like a work of art. You are the embodiment of the word beauty. I love you so much Figen!
Yes, Uras… Apart from you, I also love my husband.
We didn’t have to think about it so quickly.
You fucked it up so fast!
It was too early to say divorce and come from your husband. 🙂That’s why I remained silent, I continued my silence by placing my kisses on your neck and lips.

What if I order you lunch at noon tomorrow?
Just order it and let’s be rosewood on everyone’s tongue.
So let’s do this, come to my house. I’m already alone. Let me prepare the meals with my own hands, let me do the same, you just ask…
You’re crazy, you’re crazy. He can’t stop, he’s a madman who doesn’t know what to do!
Will you come?
My phone is on the table, let me save your number first.
Finally she stopped smirking and her beautiful face smiled. It would not be easy for him to digest what happened, but I would not let it end with a simple adult story in the health center …

Welcome Sultan of My House!

I have never cared so much for anyone, especially myself, in my entire life. I got up early in the morning and went grocery shopping without even looking at work. As soon as I arrived, I went into the kitchen and seriously did everything I could, from the soup to the rice to the soup. I started to wait for my love Figen with these dishes that I cooked in a variety of ways. He warned me not to call or text before I send a message. Therefore, I had no intention of attempting to disrupt his order. Even though I had described my house yesterday, I got a message saying location…

Welcome sultan of my house!
He must have been impressed by my welcome and my words, as he placed a kiss on my lips as soon as I entered:

Welcome, my love.
I want to eat those tongues that say my love but first eat
It smells like sweet, what did you do?
I did whatever I believed you would like…
I took it by the hand and brought it to my kitchen. I was super excited, but I could realize that Figen wasn’t as careless as I was. He enjoyed being with me, but he was also disappointed that he was cheating so much. I could have ignored it, until she struggled to separate her husband…

I served the food one by one. He had a hard time believing that I did it all because I did it really well. My hand was prone to the kitchen. Since my mother was also working, I cooked a lot like this when I was younger. When she put the word to him in the sweet stage, his eyes widened and he looked at me with grateful eyes:

You are a great man, Uras…
You are great too my love! I hope you like it, it’s my first time doing it but let me tell you…
If there was poison from your hand, I would eat it crazy…
Come on, taste it, will you like it?
After adding the cream with his fork and knife, he took a piece from the end. Although he tried not to show that he was far below his expectation, I could tell from his facial expression. In an effort not to reveal:

Well done, good luck…
Luckily you can’t lie, doctor…
I laughed and tasted it too, and it really wasn’t good. Whichever way you look at it, it didn’t work. He opened youtube on the television, and the songs were humming softly from the back. I got up when I heard the snow-white song of your father, which is one of the songs I listen to often.

Get up, get up, get up!
What happened?
My favorite song is playing, let’s dance.
No, no, you’re really crazy…
He took my outstretched hand and straightened up. He was wearing leather pants and a black sweater underneath. We came to the front of the television, we started dancing by giving a click or two to the song. Okay, it was an arabesque piece, but it was about dancing there at that moment. He was also very in tune with us.

It’s a beautiful piece…
He says how beautiful it is, that my luck is snow white…
I’m here, what more…
Figen, who is 170 meters tall, lifted her head slightly and looked into my eyes. I think it was inevitable that one would feel enormous in hazel eyes. I gave a kiss, just like the first one, short and clear! It didn’t take long for the response to come.

We quickly made our way to the bedroom. I took off his sweater and leather pants as I went to bed. I accompanied him by taking off my clothes. It was impossible not to get stiff as I lay on my bed in red sexy lingerie. The woman I had in my dreams was in my bed…

I slid my hand inside her panties as I kissed her lips. Her vagina was soaking wet again. It was more than enough for my doctor to see me. I moved from her lips to her earlobes to her neck, where she was most aroused, as she continued to caress her cunt. I quickly took off my partner’s bra, which had been thickened with kisses in the hollow between her shoulder and neck. Finally seeing her big breasts so close made me extremely horny. She had not given birth, but was large and slightly drooping as if she had. Frankly, it was exactly what I wanted. While I continued to caress her cunt with my right hand, I was stroking her breasts with my left hand and licking their sharpened ends.

Come on now, will you drive me crazy with pleasure…
This is just the beginning my love…
I took my hand off her cunt and licked her way down to her vagina. I ran a short tongue over her panties and scraped them up to her legs with my teeth. I was cutting his gaze, there were those horny eyes again. It came to a great consistency, just like me.

I put my straight dick in her pussy. It was wide for him, but it was so meaty that it was wrapped around my dick. I started pacing between her legs. Seeing her boobs blown off every time I rooted my dick made me horny even more. I grabbed them with my hands and bent to their lips. I was kissing and stroking her breasts without slowing my pace. I could tell he was enjoying himself immensely, again by the insane acceleration of his breathing. We were no longer in the clinic, as she wished:

OHHHHH! You are great! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…
Every time he shouted, I accelerated as if the rust on my ears was being wiped away. Figen had her legs locked on my hips. His legs were twitching again and his eyes were rolling. He couldn’t take it anymore and reached orgasm by sighing deeply. I was already waiting for him, again, like a waterfall, I left all my children to their home without getting out of it. I lay next to her as I thought I wish she’d gotten pregnant. Figen, who was trying to control her breathing, turned her face towards me:

You’re so good in bed, you know that?
Be you in my bed and the rest is not important.
You just have to stop ejaculating inside me like this, you’ll get me pregnant before my husband…
Husband and wife… Why do you keep saying it?
I don’t want you to forget, maybe I don’t know…
He stopped looking at me and lay on his back. He reached for my cigarette pack and placed a branch in his mouth, reaching for the nightstand just to the left of my bed. Then he lit it and inhaled the smoke.

Do you really love your husband?
Well, what about me?
It’s not a love like I feel for my husband, but there is a desire. So I want to be with you.
You know I’m ready to be with you, right?
I’m aware, crazy, it was your determination that seduced me anyway. I knew from the very first examination that he liked me.
It’s not like you’re disliked. You are the woman of my dreams. I am ready to do anything for you. Just ask is enough!
I am the gamli hazan…
I don’t understand?
I am sad hazan and you are Bahar, listen and give up, listen and give up…
I knew it was a song from the way it hummed with its melody.

This is my song, my love. How about we dance to the accompaniment of this?
He was emphasizing his age, I understood…

I’ve been through a lot, Figen. On the first day, I said that my soul is no different from an old grandfather. I found life with you. That’s why if you are sad hazan, if you are sad, if you are spring, I will be spring. You can’t see me as a simplistic evasion.
One day you will give up, believe me. You will give up before me!
He got up. I also lit a cigarette while I was wearing my underwear in front of me.

The food was great, well done.
When will you come again?
I don’t know, I’ll call you…
Figen, wearing her trousers and sweater, had come to the door and was getting ready to leave. The awesome sex felt like it was going to end with her walking out that door. I was not mistaken in my feelings. Supposedly I was going to give up on him, but it was the opposite. He had given up on me. He didn’t call for two days. I called during business hours and he did not pick up. I called the next day and he didn’t pick up. I went to the health center and got permission… There is not a single interaction on social media.

Our acquaintance, which had not lasted a week, seemed to end as quickly as it began. She regretted it, her husband had found out… I didn’t know, but it was obvious that he didn’t want to talk to me. Anyone who wanted to call would have at least made their voice heard. During a comfortable month, I buried 70 raki almost every day. With his song, with my song… He drank as he drank, it wasn’t enough. Even my girlfriend gave up. He couldn’t make sense of my situations. We already knew we weren’t in love with each other. She had stopped coming and going too. I was alone again. The last time I went to the health center again, they said that he was assigned to another place. In other words, he even changed his place and disappeared for good. My new family doctor was also male.🙂Joking aside, it took me a long time to really get over it. Think how much time has passed, I am still in love with my married family doctor and I am sharing my story with you here..

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