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bangla seks I am 39, my wife Zeliha is 37 years old. My wife, who has blonde and white skin, is beautiful and attractive. He takes care of himself, he doesn’t care about anything.

We have two children named Kadir and Irem. I have a private workplace in Antalya that works on advertising and posters.

when our 17-year-old son Kadir and our 16-year-old daughter Irem couldn’t get along and were constantly fighting, we enrolled Kadir, who was going to High School 2, in Konya Anatolian High School next to his grandfather.

Our daughter Irem, who has started high school1, is studying next to us. Both of them have good classes, but when they get together, they break out Decadently. We found the frame separating the two.

Since I can’t go because of my job, my wife Zeliha goes to our son Kadir every two or three weeks when it blows on her head. After seeing both his parents and Kadir for three or five days and relieving his longing, he returns.

My wife got up in the morning and said that she wanted to go to Konya when there were no plans. I thought you probably missed Kadir again. Oh, he said I should come and see. After breakfast, I took my wife to the terminal and boarded a flight.

When I returned to my workplace, my daughter Irem came to mind. She was at school and did not know that her mother had gone to Konya.

I spent the evening thinking about Irem, who recently caught my eye with her tiny school skirt and became more and more beautiful day by day.

When I got home, I told Irem that you are the lady of the house while your mother is away, so come on, prepare dinner. Oh, when he tries to whine about dad, both by giving him gas and stroking his heart; your mother is the queen of this house, whatever she says happens, but when she’s not there, this house needs a lady, that is, a queen, right? I said, look around, can you see the queen other than you?

Okay, but I’m very hungry right now, there’s nothing to do quickly, he said let’s tell him from the outside.

You’re the queen, okay, wife, tell me what you want, I said. When I said my wife, she looked me in the eye, without waiting for her to say anything, you are the lady of this house, and I call the lady of the house my wife. Now tell me, I said, what should we eat.

After we talked about let’s eat this, let’s eat that, we decided when the food that would come the fastest would return and we placed the orders. He came in a short time, we were already really hungry, we opened the packages on the kitchen table and ate there.

While Irem was packing up the table, I got up to go into the living room. As I passed by Irem, gently stroking her hips with the back of my hand, my wife, I said, let’s make two coffees and drink mutually.

Okay, you go ahead, I’ll pack these up and I’ll do it later, he said. I went into the living room and turned on the TV. I took a tour of the channels and stopped at a channel with a magazine program.

A little later, Irem came with a coffee tray in her hand. He handed me the tray and shook his head from side to side and said, Here you are, husband.

After thanking me and getting my coffee, I said, come sit next to me and let’s drink together. While drinking coffee, we started talking about the stars in the magazine program.

I was praising Irem at every opportunity and talking about her beauty. Irem liked a dress, I said it would suit you better if you wore it. She liked the hair of the woman in the program, so I stroked her hair and said that yours would be great if you went to the hairdresser like her. He found someone’s makeup heavy, I immediately said that you are prettier than him without makeup.

He looked at my face with the most innocent expression and said ’twill be beautiful. My wife, I said these can’t pour water on your hands, and we laughed.

But I said if you want, I’ll take you to the hairdresser tomorrow and get your hair and makeup done. She was so happy about it and hugged my neck.

The coffee was over, we watched TV for a while, then we ate fruit, it was time to go to bed. Irem had begun to doze on the sofa where she was sitting. After waiting a little longer and closing his eyes, I took his arm and took him to our bedroom and put him to bed, saying let’s go to bed.

There was a combed capri on it, and under a combed capri again. I went back to the living room and turned off the TV. Then I took off all my clothes and came into the bedroom. I lay down on the bed slowly and waited.

I hugged Irem from behind, who was lying on his side with his back facing me. His heart was beating fast, he was pretending to sleep.

I stroked her back, arms, legs and hair for a long time. Then I gently pulled down his caprice. When you get a little whiny, my beautiful wife, I’ll take you to the hairdresser tomorrow and get your hair and makeup done. I interrupted her by saying that I would also blow-dry her hair.

I laid her on her back and stroked her breasts under her T-shirt for a while. He was going to whine again when he took off his T-shirt and threw it away, so I’m going to take my beautiful wife shopping after the hairdresser and buy the most beautiful dresses. I said that if my beautiful wife wants, I will buy her high heels.

He seemed to be sleeping with his voice cut off. Like me, the room was bare, and now I was stroking it comfortably all over. I licked her from her walnut-sized breasts to her belly and pussy.

It was no longer whining, but whispers of liking were coming. I spread my legs, kissed and licked the lips of her pussy and started to go in and out of her pussy with my tongue.

It was obvious from every state that he was enjoying himself. This beautiful and narrow hole was waiting for me to enter. I didn’t want to keep you waiting too long. I immediately put a condom on. I spat out the entrance part of her pussy a lot and started to enter and exit slowly.

The pace got faster and faster, and I stuck my whole dick in. I came up with speeding go gels. When I dropped myself next to Irem, I saw the blood on the sheet. I picked up Irem, took her to the bathroom and told her to take a shower. I threw the bloody sheet and alezi in the washing machine and washed it.

When I got into the shower, Irem was still washing. I put a kiss on your neck and told you to let this be our secret. Shaking his head, he said it would be so.

After that day, whenever my wife goes to Konya, we are together with Irem.

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