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my wife was very flirty
Hi. I’m Hakan, 38 years old.
My wife Musharraf is 34 years old and we have a child with brown fish and fish. Despite this, the physique is very pleasant.
With the freedom given in her own right, my wife always
wears self-confident loose clothes and loves exhibitionism, albeit a little. Skirts with slits, nylon
stockings and suspenders are a full set. Even I sometimes
see it from behind on the road, I say I should put it in that ass. You must have understood the flirtatious side of me when I said I should
put it in that ass.
It’s been 10 years since I got married, he hasn’t made me do it for once . It was also possible that they were very close to their colleagues
because they worked in the public sector. He generally has a despotic nature
and likes to give orders left and right. At home, he almost has a say in me.
I look at him with admiration and do whatever he says. Even though he is my wife, he
even tells me when we will have sex. Of course, fake unions do
not satisfy me at all. We literally never fucked once. As time passed, he started to come home from work cheerfully, which was enough to increase the question marks in
my mind . Musharraf, who has not compromised
his seriousness until this time, has been feeling very cheerful from work for the last month, but his indifference towards me continued at home. I didn’t think it was likely, but still, follow the devil in me, sneak to the workplace and take a look. he nudged me. Above-the-knee skirts my wife wears, low-cut shirts, black or tan

As much as the colored socks turned me on, I wonder who else was turning me on from the workplace,
not knowing them was destroying me. Although my work in the public
service made this follow-up job difficult, I still
put my mind to it. Every morning, we leave the house together, first drop the child off at the nursery,
then drop off my wife at work, and from there I go to work. Again, one morning, my wife got dressed beautifully , she wore a cream-colored body with a
skirt on the knee, no panties , and a cream-colored body . It made me mad that she would go to work like that with short red hair. Musharraf

I stopped at work, went to my workplace, said that the child was sick and needed
to go to the hospital in pain, and I immediately left and
went to my wife’s workplace. I went to the office where he worked, my wife was not there. I asked the people there where he was
. They said that the chief will come in a little while. 10 minutes later, the chief’s door
opened and he came out with a laugh. He was shocked to see me in front of him with his socks peeled off and his socks
-Oh, you’re here, huh.. what happened, why did you come,
-I had a job in the bazaar, so I thought I’d stop by and have a cup of tea.
– you did well, my dear. He said, we sat down and he was both making me talk and
fixing his clothes. Meanwhile, the chief’s door opened, the tall handsome man
A thousand men came out of the young man, and what caught my attention was the bulge in the front of the man,
so to speak, it was as hard as the handle of a cuter and
it was obvious even from the outside of his trousers. That’s when it became clear how true my suspicions were
. The man was both younger than me and his dick
was quite large as it seemed. He came to us.
– Hello, I am Cem. Welcome, you are the wife of Musharraf.
– E.,. Yeah. The reason I paused was because he spoke sincerely towards my wife, as if
I am a foreigner and he is Musharraf’s husband. We sat down and drank tea. Cem
always compliments my wife and my wife responds with laughter. It
was a very friendly environment. On the one hand, I get angry at this sincerity.
On the one hand, I was participating in the conversation without showing it. In the meantime , it was impossible not to
see the free kicks given by my wife to Mr. Cem, who was sitting across from my wife,
because Cem’s eyes were
looking at me and under my wife’s table. I wonder what kind of image it was under the table, my anger
could not prevent me from being aroused. I said whatever. I asked permission and got up and
went to my workplace. The obvious thing to do was to enjoy it and to
see my wife’s betrayal with my own eyes and even photograph it or take it on
camera. After that day, I was taking leave from my workplace for one reason or another
, and I was trying to follow Cem Bey with my wife, but
I could never see the two of them leaving the workplace alone. Is he alone?
I was thinking, it was his slander, my thought was
could it be just a business relationship? I didn’t know what to do, neither of them gave any opening.
After a while, my wife said that they are going to picnic with their colleagues at the weekend,
if you want, I can come too. At first I said ok
, but then when he said “come with me if you want”, it seemed to me that he was telling me not to
come. Yes, the day I was waiting for came, this time something would be certain.
– No, my dear, I was thinking that there are things that I have to deal with at work that day
, you go and have fun. I said, there was a false sullen look on his face. He said, ”
Well, what should we do? And that day came
and we got up early in the morning Musharraf started to get ready.
she wore a piece dress, as a continuation of a floral skirt below the knee, the top
was sleeveless and again a low-cut dress, sneakers
, no socks, smooth legs, white thong was a real drink. On the way out, the boy was
asleep and gave the instructions.
– My dear, when the child wakes up, have his breakfast and then you go for a walk
, my dear.
– Of course, honey, don’t worry.
At this time, the car horn was heard, my wife said excitedly, here they came,
ran to the window, waved and left with a kiss on my cheek.
I looked through the window . There was a van full of people, their co-workers and their wives set off
. Their destination was a mountainous and forested place outside the city.
Our child woke up, I had his breakfast, and after I dressed him,
I took him directly to my mother-in-law. By the way, almost 2 hours had passed and
I couldn’t fit inside of me, I took my camera and went straight to where they were going
. When I got close to the place where they had picnic, I got out of the car and
started to search for the minibus on foot. After a while
, I found the minibus and my wife’s colleagues. Since the terrain was forested and rocky, it
was easy to follow. Everyone was immersed in conversation, the ladies were having barbecues, the men were
chatting, and my wife was both helping with the work and taking
care of Cem. What I noticed was that my wife was opening her legs to Cem, without being noticed by the others
, and the man had big eyes.
it was happening. Meals were eaten, drinks were drank, and of
course, the one who took his wife went for a walk. My wife and Mr. Cem also took the opportunity to disperse and, keeping a distance between them, they slowly disappeared by looking around towards
the rocks to the opposite side of everyone . Yes, it was the moment I was waiting for, these predictions were not in vain. But there was a problem, I was on the opposite side and it would take some effort to get there , after a while I reached the direction they were going with my camera, there was no sound, no people, rocks and few trees. 20-25 meters inside, I saw my wife Musharraf’s skirt hanging from the edge of a cliff . I passed silently to a place where I could see them diagonally

I wasn’t even breathing, I turned on my camera and yes, I was not mistaken in
my thoughts. My husband Müşerref Cem was leaning in front of him, voraciously
licking his big and thick dick, making the man
‘s cock dance in his mouth. My anger was almost gone, and my dick was starting to turn into a stake
. It was a beautiful sight.
She was losing the man’s cock deep in her mouth , taking it out again, and
licking it up to her balls, and she was enjoying it a lot. Cem Bey, on the
other hand, closed his eyes and held Musharraf’s hair with both hands and pressed his mouth to his dick
. After a while, Musharraf stood up, leaned his hands on the rock,
slightly protruded his hips towards Cem Bey, and began to shake his eyes.
she was looking at Cem unconsciously, almost inviting him to fuck her with her gaze
. Without lowering his pants, Cem wet the
head of his dick, which was outside, gathered my wife’s skirt around his waist, gathered his thong
on his hips, rubbed it for a couple of cunts and then suddenly inserted it. My wife
was provoking the man by saying, “Ohhhhhhhh, very good, continue my darling Ahhhhhh”
Cem, on the other hand, was kneading Musharraf’s waist with one hand, and his breasts with the other , which he had tucked into his stomach.
It was already in the position that my wife liked the most . They continued to fuck like this for quite a while. I’m coming later
He said out of his mind and started pouring his sperm into the mouth of my wife who was on her knees . I’ve already flown what
trousers were left, what did not sink, what a kilo, I was dirty all over. They then
stood up, straightened their clothes, and walked to their friends with
a distance between them.

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