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I live with my mother and 20 year old sister. The event I’m going to tell took place when I was going to the middle two . I’m
a sex-loving man. Since my sister and my mother
are sexy women, I can’t help myself.
I can’t be with anyone because I ‘m young . But I look forward to bath days
Because it gives me incredible pleasure to watch my mother and my sister through the door hole .
Especially there is a position where my sister bends to check the water before getting into the tub,
at that moment I thought my heart would stop. Ami ‘s ass was laid in front of me
. Another bath day, I caught my sister watching my mother. I was so
embarrassed that I went to my room and went to bed. In the house as if from my sister
I was running.
A week after the incident, I was watching TV with my sister while my mother was at work . My sister wanted to look at another channel, and when I didn’t, she
started blackmailing me. He said he will tell my mother what he saw. I was very
embarrassed, my uncle understood this and sat next to me. He asked me how long I had been watching my mother
. I said about two months. He said to me, you’re grown now, we can share
some secrets. I was a little relieved. He asked me if I was watching him,
and I evasively answered a few times.
He asked how I found him. I said in a small voice, very wonderful. That
‘s when my mother came. Everyone had gone to bed but I couldn’t sleep at all. meanwhile my sister came and she
stuck to my lips without saying anything. as if breathing
I couldn’t get it. On the other hand, she helped me take off my nightgown.
The first time I held her breasts I was squeezing a girl’s breast. Then she took my penis
in her mouth. When he realized that I was going to ejaculate, he took it out of his mouth. I started to
lick her cunt. Of course I’m scared my mom might wake up. My sister turned to me
and said that her maidenhood was still there and that I had to do this from behind
. And it was in front of me. He told me to be slow at first, I inserted it slowly, but I had
a little difficulty, then I got a quick blow and exploded in his ass.
I was completely tired and my sister went to her room and I couldn’t
believe what I was going through. I was in a relationship with a girl and this girl is my sister. The next
day, I came home from school and my sister was home early because her class was empty.
has arrived. There was still 2.5 hours before my mother arrived. I placed a
kiss on my sister’s lips and started stroking her breasts. My sister
said let’s go to the bathroom. We both got undressed and went to the bathroom. The hot water and the slippery body were
amazing. We took the 69 position, we licked each other for minutes, my sister
was crooked, I was going to fuck her from behind again, but my pussy was in front of me, I couldn’t stand it, and
my sister didn’t say anything at that moment. Then he
turned on his back and I started fucking again
. Then we got dressed and went to the living room. I said to my sister I ‘m
sorry, my sister said why, I said because I broke her temper, I
suddenly said I couldn’t stand it, my sister said she’d be upset anyway. with my sister

I will write to you later about the events that I experienced with his friends and my mother.

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