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Hello, I would like to tell and share with you an incident that happened to us last year
. I am a civil servant, we were going to go on vacation with my wife on her annual leave
. We left the children with their grandparents.
It should have been a suitable and beautiful holiday to the Mediterranean side .
We wanted a wooded seaside location . There was a couple which we really got along.

Orhan and wish were around our age, 30 and 35. We
decided to go on a vacation together. And we found a seaside and wooded place as we wanted,
when we went there, we saw that there was only one hut. There was no other place

We said that we would divide the room into two, and we divided the room into two and spread the sheets
. We enjoyed the nature and the sea until the evening that day.
We had a barbecue in the evening and fed ourselves, everything was very good . We two families
continued the conversation. We had whiskey with us, we took it with us with coke and chocolate and we were
chatting with laughter.

My wife, Aslı, and Orhan’s wife, Wish, were both very well-groomed and
beautiful. My wife was even more beautiful, of course. There were some very comfortable
movements with the drink. They were both wearing mini denim skirts and white blouses
. And both of their breasts were visible through their underwear blouses
. I couldn’t take my eyes off.

I was looking at every opportunity, examining every part of your wish. Being my friend’s wife
, I was ashamed of what I had done. Meanwhile, our masculinity
was swaying from the shorts and the fluffiness was evident. I wasn’t trying to hide it, it was obvious that Orhan
‘s room was not hiding and his puffiness was more than

I was seeing it, and I’m sure I knew my wife saw it too. Anyway, we were
friends. The ladies were thoroughly drunk. And the shack was very dark.
They both got up and went to the shed and went to sleep. We continued the
conversation with orhan. 1 hour later, at 2 am, we were well off.

We said let’s go to bed and first I vc. I went to the food and then went to the shed. It was very
dark inside and my head was spinning. And when I said which of the dark, I recognized my wife in the white
blouse and immediately went to bed. My wife was asleep. 5 min.
Then Orhan came and stood over me, and then he slept on the next bed.
It was very quiet.

I could not sleep because of the effect of alcohol, my head was spinning. 15 minutes
passed, and voices began to come from the place where orhan and wish were lying.
It was as if he was muttering a wish and saying no. I couldn’t help but wanted to look. And
I lifted the sheet from where I lay and began to look. As far as I could choose from the darkness
, Orhan was stroking her hips with his hand. Dilek
was writhing orhan holding it.

He took off his underwear, it was white. And she put her head between her legs
and started licking her femininity. She was licking very voraciously. It was as if
he was thirsty for a woman who hadn’t drank water for years.
I could hear smacking sounds as I sucked the fluid out of her femininity .
Then she started licking her hips . She looked so beautiful, she.

I didn’t think it was that beautiful. And when he took off his shorts,
I saw Orhan’s dick for the first time. It was bigger and neater than mine.
It was thick and flared with the hips. Dilek was still sleepy and hadn’t opened her eyes
when she left Orhan. But it was
clear from the sounds he made that he was enjoying himself.

The moment Orhan took his place behind the wish and stuck his dick in the place he licked
, it hurt with the sound of your wish ahhhh. At that moment, I said to myself, bitch,
why are you yelling at the dick you eat every day. As Orhan came and went, the wish was groaning and
writhing. And that night, Orhan fucked the wish for about an hour, screaming
. I didn’t look after the first ejaculation.

I rubbed my wife’s buttocks and shoved my hard dick into the pussy
of my beautiful wife, who was lying next to me with her back turned, and I ejaculated in a short time. After that, it was spent listening
to the screams she was making even though the wish closed her mouth, and listening
to the sounds she made as her dick went in and out of her pussy. In fact , they were fucking each
other like hungry wolves.

I slipped away among those voices. I was stuck in the morning and got up and vc.
I went to eat. When I arrived, what should I see, there was a wish on the floor where I was lying and
he was naked under his clothes. I immediately looked to the side, my wife and Orhan
were naked. My wife had drops of semen on her belly, chin, hair. I
fucked the wish.

But it turned out that the woman I envied and watched until the morning, who made love like hungry congratulations,
screamed, flies with pleasure, and turned me on with great pleasure, was my wife, and Orhan was the one
who fucked her. They both slept hugging
. I was suddenly shocked, but it happened. I immediately
came out of the bar and had the orhan’s wire ringed.

Orhan opened it and I told him to come and see that I was going to the sea. At that moment,
I learned later that my wife also woke up and they both got dressed and left without saying anything
. We acted as if nothing had happened. Orhan
asked me how I slept at night. When I said that I had a hard time sleeping because of your screams and your
anger, Orhan was surprised at first and then
turned to me and said, “Sorry, it was the best night of my life.

He said I didn’t want it to end, I fucked until morning and when you said you didn’t do
it, I said I did it once and then I slept. So we both
explained the situation in some way.

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