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I am 29 years old, married, tall, brunette. I’m going to tell you
about a true story that happened to me. But by hiding the names. When I first
used the internet, I was a novice in this regard. I discovered a
site where you play Okey. When I entered OK, a gentleman was cursing a woman

I said stop to this disrespect and gave the man in front of me his share
. The lady was very impressed. And he asked me my name and I
said it without hesitation. And a nice friendship was born as a result of this incident.

We were no longer talking on the phone. One day we couldn’t stand it and
we came face to face. She was pretty and married women. And he had children too.
Sex fantasies about her had never crossed my mind until I saw her.
Now I think I’ve fallen for him. When he was not his wife, I was going home

Before I came, the children were sleeping and we were making love like crazy.
He knew positions that I would never have thought of. She was a very hysterical woman.
I used to go and fuck it bit by bit every day now. So much so that for the first time in my life, I had
an ass fuck with him.

One day he called me again, my wife is not at home, the children are asleep. Come here to screw me up and give me
a good fuck. That word drove me crazy. ‘Doggystyle
fuck’ is indispensable for me.

Of course, I immediately jumped into the car and went to Sevtap’s house. On
the way, my dick was like a stone. I thought my pants were going to be ripped. He even
saw two 18-year-old girls in the bus while I was fixing my dick. And
they acted like I was licking me with their tongues out. I was stunned by how these girls were,
what they were in our time and how they are now.

Anyway, when I got home, Sevtap greeted me with her bathrobe. I immediately took off her bathrobe
and started licking her beautiful ass in front of the door. He was screaming
strangely. It was driving me crazy having your ass and butt right under my mouth
. I was sticking my tongue up your ass and your pussy. The salty
water pouring out of his pussy cut my dick like a handle.

I stood there and fucked my kin and dick. “Ooooh,” he said, pulling me off my
hips with both hands. Sevtap was a strange wife. It was
giving so well that blood pooled in the head of my dick. And my dick turned livid
. I started to take it out and put it in my mouth. And to that kind woman (
I always thought so in our phone conversations).

I was swearing and fucking unspeakable. That whore, whore. Words
hurt him so much, he always told me to die. While we were at the height of sex
, suddenly the doorbell rang. Just when I was just starting to come and go in the ass of the love
. His asshole was sucking my dick so well, I was feeling
great pleasure from it.

The moment the doorbell rang, I was surprised what to do. Her husband had come home. A man with a belly ,
hair sticking out of his shirt, looking like a complete slacker. When he saw us
like that, he suddenly got mad and started looking for something. And
he snatched a corner from the kitchen and stood before us. I was confused as to what to do out of panic
. The man was still
angry . The man was still angry. I later learned that his wife always talks about me when the two of them are having sex.

Even if he was the man, we would have fucked his wife now.
Sevtap started to caress and soothe the man, and I was standing
in front of them with squeaky balls. And the man smashed the parish on the ground and said, let’s see how you can
pry and show me my fuckin’ wife.

I was surprised at what I was going through. Sevtap came in front of me again and
took the deflated wound between her palms. He was sucking so eagerly that there was no
trace of my previous
state. He almost said to my belly.
I could feel my heartbeat on my dick .

Sevtap started to swallow my tassaklar while playing with his hands
. The man had his dick out now. He was trying to put our dicks
together and get them both in his mouth. The man took the love by the arm
and lifted it and started to fuck while standing. He was bouncing around in his lap.
The fact that the man’s wound was in and out of love had fired me up.
I was stroking my thick dick that was 20 cm too.

I was still a little afraid of the man, I guess. The man said to me, come on, I’m empty ass, let
my dear wife sting. I started to spit my dick and put it in his
ass. Sevtap was clamoring between us now. I was sticking my
dick with such passion that every time I stab, Sevtap was biting his lips

We fucked Sevtap in every position with her husband. The woman couldn’t even moan
anymore. Just when we were both about to squirt semen, the man
told me to throw my bitch wife’s face. So I took it out and poured it into your mouth and face
of sevtap. I think Sevtap was a complete bitch, because that much
was not even in my fantasies. As if she wasn’t the kind lady on the phone

Sevtap was lying on the floor with the satisfaction of being fucked by two men.
Spread your pussy on foot. My dick was starting to get up again, but I was
afraid that the man would do something, so I got dressed and left the house.

I don’t know what my wife would do if she heard this. It’s very nice, gang sex,
especially if you knew how
nice it is to fuck someone’s wife loudly next to the man.

Anyway, after this incident, the man calls for brandy and I go right away, we take the
sevtap between us and we fuck it well. Sevtap was eating cock like crazy.
He even got two cocks in Sevtap’s pussy once. I
always thought this happened in porn movies. But I was wrong
, there are people like Sevtap in the world…

Anyway, let’s see where this business will end, believe me, I’m wondering too

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