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Hi. I would like to convey to you an exciting event where I live.
I was in the first year of university. I had not seen any other city other than Ankara yet
and I was very curious about Istanbul in particular.
That summer, I decided to go to Istanbul with my friend Ali . We set off with the pocket money we received from our families
. We toured the Bosphorus, palaces and museums a lot. Finally
, we realized that we were running out of money. Ali asked his family for money again. When the money came
, he said he wanted to return to Ankara. I said that I wanted to see my friend Okta and I
wanted to stay for a few more days. At that time, Ali
gave me some of the money he had and he returned to Ankara.
I called Okta on the phone and decided to meet in a park where money is entered.
Even though it was a bit difficult, I found the park and entered and started to wait for Okta.
When Oktay came, we sat on a bench and
started to chat and reminisce about the old days. My friend was very sociable, likes to try everything, was
addicted to drugs and drugs. During our conversation, the subject
came to drugs. I’ve never seen marijuana on him either.
I asked what it was like, and he took it out of his pocket and gave it to me.
It was something like brown animal dung wrapped in gelatin. While I was curiously
looking at the marijuana, Oktay shouted at the police. I involuntarily tucked the marijuana into
my pocket. We continued talking. 1-2 minutes passed,
a woman appeared next to us and said to me, my son, my dear, I am fahrettin.
started to hug. I’m not your fahrettin. Even though I said my name is Coşkun , I
couldn’t tell the woman. As I insisted otherwise, the woman got more angry and
said she would call the police. At that moment, the erar in my pocket came to my mind. If
I go to the police station and they search there they will see the mystery. I started to fear that they would think that I smoked or even sold cannabis
and that I would not be able to tell my problem
. Okay, I said to the woman, now let’s go home.
I was hoping there was someone sane at home anyway. We took a taxi and
came to a district after a long journey, I had never seen this district.
We got out of the taxi. First, we entered a very luxurious
apartment with a glass entrance. We got on the elevator. Get off when it stops. a door
stole woman. When the door opened, a very well dressed and very beautiful
woman opened the door. Where were you all this time when the woman saw me.
If a person leaves his wife for a week and goes away, he started to complain about what kind of man you are ( it turns out he
was my wife). Now I
thought we were on fire. The house was so luxuriously furnished. As I walked on the carpet,
my feet were almost buried in the carpet. It was filled with antiques
and decorated with flowers. Look again, my name is ma’am, I
live in ankara. Even though I said I don’t have any relationship with Fahrettin,
you think he is the wrong man, I couldn’t tell him. Meanwhile, the
woman who would be my mother called a place on the phone. After a while, there was a knock on the door and a
The man entered. Where were you all this time when you saw me?
He said did you rub it well? Even though I tried to explain to him that I was Coşkun and not Fahrettin, it
still did not help. The person who was
my father. You have slept under the bridge until today. He said how bad you smell, go wash.
Let me wash but I don’t know where the bathroom is. Anyway, our lady fell forward and
took me to the bathroom. Towel vs. gave. He tried to kiss me but it was evening
and I got over it. The bathroom was so luxurious I couldn’t adjust the hot and cold water for a long time
. I’ve never seen a bathroom like this.
I am the child of a poor family. I’ve never been in the bathroom.
I guess that’s the promotion from the basin to the bathtub. Everything was filled with scented soaps and perfumes.
I washed up with difficulty. I wore the new clothes they gave me. We
ate. Father and I drank red wine. (You
see how modern they are). After watching a little TV, they were always watching foreign channels
. We decided to go to bed and retired to our rooms. Meanwhile,
my mind is on the run. but I can’t get the mystery out of there. At least
I can sell it and return to Ankara because I think I have very little money. The first thing I did when I entered the bedroom
was to open the window and look down. I was calculating that I would cut the sheets
into strips, put them together and run away from the house. But
when I looked down from the window, I saw that we were on the 4th floor and that was impossible.
By the way, while I was browsing the room, I saw a picture taken with my wife.
And I realized that they were right in thinking that I was Fahrettin. Because
he looked like me like a speck of water. Anyway, we went to bed. My wife,
with the desire of not having sex for a long time
, started to tear off my clothes. She put my dick in her mouth and
started sucking madly . I was in four corners of pleasure, it was like I was flying. I
started kissing inch by inch starting from the heels to the lips and
stroking it with my hand . I was trying to move my hand around the edge of her cunt from time to time
and try
to stimulate her clit by inserting my 2 fingers in her cunt. Then I took the 69 position and started sucking her cunt and sucking her cunt deep into her
cunt. The more I suck, the more she moans.
He was angry because he left me without you. I ignored it
and started to suck his cunt more fervently and sometimes hurt him unintentionally. He said keep going as long as I hurt
you, don’t stop. He also took mine in his mouth,
sometimes sucking, sometimes kissing, sometimes stroking it with his hands. I finally
burst and ejaculated in his mouth. He was sucking my semen as if he was eating something sweet
. Then he started playing and stroking my dick again. Mine got bigger again
. This time I got her legs on my shoulders and shoved my dick in one go
. She groaned and started to say very nice, very nice. During the commute
, he did not sit idle, he was dancing under me. In the end
, he couldn’t stand it and began to shriek and squirm that I’m coming.
started. I just continued to caress, poke my dick in and out of your cunt.
As I put my dick in and out, he became lustful again and
started begging Sok, Sok, please fuck me in any way you want. While I was sticking my dick in and out,
I was sticking my wet finger in your ass and pulling it
out. Meanwhile, his lust was at its peak. I was starting to lose control now.
I started to turn and fuck your ass. It hurts, but she was moaning, “You
go on, it’s very nice, it’s beautiful. This time
I ejaculated in your ass. But while I was ejaculating, I was seeing that she was contracting and loosening what she brought.”
We cuddled to get some rest. But we either stopped for 10 minutes or we
didn’t, my wife with my dick again with great lust as if she had never been fucked
He started playing, taking it in his mouth and sucking it. When mine got up, I took his legs on my
shoulders. I was putting him in his cunt and taking it out and shoving it up his ass this time . How happy he was . There has never been another moment when I
wanted my dick to be 30-40 cm .
Although mine is of considerable size and
above Turkey’s average, for some reason
I started to wish it was 30-40 cm this time. When he was like this, who knows how good he would have been. It would
surely hurt him. Not every woman can get a cock of this size, but
. I brought it maybe 10 times by morning. However, my wife has had at least twice as many
orgasms as I have. When you can no longer move from exhaustion
almost collapsed on the bed. We started to sleep. I woke up in the morning with a loud noise
. I saw that the sash of the window was hitting the wall and that’s where the noise came from
. However, there was something strange about it. Cause I was at home and
in my own bed

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