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hello my story I’ll tell you this is a real infidelity story because cheating
with another person another one of the event is made while living with her first
I saw the street too disasters with a woman saying lottery to get an excuse
, we met so but did not get out of my mind that one day a single
sit by the door from the inside I went apartmn passages from the apartment friends
who It was a place while I was leaving, I saw a perfume shop, what I saw, my
lottery immediately went in. We met while buying tickets, so
I said hello or something, I learned that it was his own shop, now I always hanged there. We met on the
street one day in the evening,
there was a girl next to him. it turns out
She was young because she was a daughter. She
had a little 4-5 year old daughter. I was seeing her in the shop anyway, of course, it had
been 6 months since I first saw her in the shop, I was
thinking how to open it. One day, I was walking around the bazaar around 10 am on
Saturday. she was going towards her place, she was wearing a black skirt
on a white blouse, she looked very sexy I immediately followed her. The passage was a secluded passage in the back street . We entered
through one of the doors of that passage, I
looked around, there was no one around
It was on her hips that I’ve been wanting for months
I was stroking him, I was squeezing him, he said don’t do it, but he liked it too, if he didn’t want it, he would have
broken the hell out of me. I told him everything, how much I
wanted him, how much I wanted him, but he said we are married or something, but he was responding, tell
me tea in the morning, I said let ‘s have tea in the morning. I squeezed her and she was laughing I caressed her breasts as I walked in We continued like this for a month I was stroking her breasts and hips at every opportunity I bought her sexy underwear one day I said wear it tomorrow I said I’ll see it on you I waited impatiently for that day I went to the shop after work in the evening but she said how will you see it was under the stairs in her shop

When I passed, it wasn’t visible from the outside, I said it’s late, I said, it was great. She was
wearing a 75 size bra because I bought the bra, but her hips were 100 and I bought two
sets, the same pattern 🙂 I wanted to kiss, I thought
of the stairs of my friends’ apartment, I thought we could kiss there, I said no , I said no
, I went again the other day, I was wearing jeans again I said come, this
time he said ok I came out I waited on the stairs I didn’t light the vending machine I
told him to enter without burning it I was waiting between the ground floor and the first floor there was
very little light I saw it coming the room saw me I
him instantly
I wanted to but he didn’t
come, we made love for 5-6 minutes, it was very enjoyable, we continued like this for 8-9 months, but he didn’t come
when I was in a skirt because he was afraid of me to fuck him there anyway,
said that he did n’t come when I first called because it was a skirt. He was saying no to my proposal again,
one day while kissing on the stairs, I gave my cock in his hand and
started pouting, we were like crazy, making love on the stairs is really enjoyable,
I recommend :)) We made love like that for 8-10 minutes, I emptied the room, it was
an unforgettable moment in my life, it was very, very enjoyable for
us to go this far I still refuse my offer to meet at a house.
As soon as he was turning it, he was saying that we were both married, all we didn’t do was we didn’t put my cock in his cunt I was saying that we didn’t
fuck with him, he
said that I did
n’t cheat
without having sex
I asked my friend for the key, I said I need a house
tomorrow, I took a day off from work in it tomorrow I went to the evening shop, her daughter was there , we were
meeting, actually, the room was a disaster, we chatted a little like a pear,
but my problem was to say that we would meet tomorrow, I pointed out
, she found an excuse to send the girl to another store.
I didn’t have time for your daughter, her daughter could come back, I immediately got to the point, I got
your friend’s key tomorrow, we’re going to her house, I said I’ll have you completely
now, I said no, if you want, don’t come here, I’ll put you on the back of the table I’ll
fuck you, I said I was going to know but then I looked at her,
she wins, we closed the issue, I left there around 9 am He would open
the shop at 9 am I was waiting for him on the street, I looked at him, he came, we
went to the shop, he went to the shop, but this time he has a skirt on, he has a nice blouse on him, he has a nice blouse on, he has a
very sexy smell, he will come, I’ll fuck in the shop
anyway :)) he said where is home, when I leave, get out
in front of the bank 5 minutes later I’ll wait, I said, follow me from 50 meters, I left after 5 minutes.
I saw it at the bank, I continued, it comes from behind me, it does
n’t fit inside of me. I was going to fuck the woman I did everything to fuck for 1.5-2 years. Up
to 10 minutes anyway, I entered the door, I left the door open, I
went upstairs, I opened the door on the first floor of my friend’s house, I went in, I
‘m waiting at the door so that the neighbors don’t knock We were leaving quietly without turning on the lamp , I warned
him, he came to the floor, I grabbed his arm and pulled him in. As soon as I closed the door ,
we hugged each other like crazy. I
waited for this moment for so long that I can’t explain
it .
before reaching the sofa
we slept on the carpet in one move I took off my panties and he
took off my panties, the dick was already upright with that excitement, we were breathing so often that
no other sound was coming out on the island, at that moment , I touched his dick on the island, and his cunt
was well watered, I put my dick on the lips
of his cunt, then he closed his eyes, at that moment my cock I inserted it with all my might, the pleasure and
pain were mixed together, I fucked her for 10-15 minutes, I took her out when she was about to ejaculate
and emptied her belly. It wasn’t protected because there was a risk of getting pregnant.
We continued for about 5 hours, she was crazy, we were having a rest
and having sex again, but I thought the best thing was to do it and fuck your cunt like that,
when I applied it, it came out . I enjoyed the room of course, but the most beautiful
it was her laying me down and taking my dick like that, I can’t forget that day, I ca n’t
forget that day, I was fucking her after 2 years . Thank you for your

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