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My aunt is 51 and I am 30 years old. My aunt is a
beautiful woman with fish flesh, white skin and big ass. Her name is Ayten. I stay at my aunts. My uncle used to travel for business
. I was overly
attracted to my aunt, I would think about her and watch her when she entered the bathroom. I must have fucked my aunt,
I had it in my head. My aunt had a safe that was locked, that safe was
always locked. When she entered the bathroom again, she forgot the key on the safe ,
I immediately got the key, I had a key made for me. When my aunt was not at home , I opened the safe, took my aunt’s diary to read it.

I started. Oh my god, my aunt likes me, she
can’t say anything because I’m her brother’s son. When I learned this, I was happy and
took my aunt’s birthday 3 days later as an excuse and invited her to dinner. We drank wine at dinner
, my aunt and I got high. When I got home, I started to touch my aunt
‘s butt, my aunt said, don’t be my nephew, and I said that I
read the diary and that I loved her and wanted to fuck her. I kissed his lips
, stroking her breasts, my aunt was moaning, saying that if I wasn’t my nephew, I could
fuck him. I was saying that I was going to fuck her, make my aunt moan
. My aunt couldn’t take it anymore, fuck if she said so.
I stripped her with my own hands, licking her big ass, cunt, my aunt moans
Aslan said that my nephew licked his aunt’s cunt. all of a sudden he put his hand
on my dick, laid me on my back, took my dick in his mouth and sucked
it up to my balls. He wanted my well-shielded dick in his pussy now. He went to bed and opened his legs
, he was saying fuck me, I was rubbing my dick and pissing him off
. When my aunt, my dear nephew, put that sweet dick in my honey box, I
suddenly got inside. my aunt was pulling me by my butt,
kissing my lips. My dick lion, nephew’s cock is sweet, blow my pussy,
fill me with your cum, water all over my pussy ohhh you’re fucking great, my nephew
was saying I’ll eat your cock. While I was saying that I was about to come, my aunt
told me to cum on my cunt, so I ejaculated thoroughly. we were relieved
We were kissing after fuck, I was
playing with my aunt’s black pearl asshole. I told my aunt I would fuck her ass. My aunt said she never did it, it was a
sin. When I heard that you didn’t do it at all, I was very horny, I said, okay
auntie, you will do it with me first and so you will be only mine
. I said that your ass will be mine only, my aunt accepted it by force . I made my aunt doggy
. I started to lick your ass hole, my aunt was moaning
, sweetie, your aunt was saying, do you like it? so i said yes and then i said let’s ask
my dick and started pushing her back. my aunt said it hurts and she said don’t do it.
Let me cream a little bit first, I put her head in slowly, my aunt, do it slowly, first get used to it,
fuck my ass, then put it all in, I rooted my aunt .
she takes pleasure in the pain ahhh it hurts but fuck me my nephew
, widen my asshole, he was always saying fuck my ass. He wrapped my dick well , should
I ejaculate in my aunt’s hole, I said I’m my aunt Ayten, yes, fuck it,
she said. My aunt’s aunt and her ass were watered with my sperm. My aunt
was saying that you should always water them, my dear nephew, your aunt’s pussy, your ass is now yours and
now we were constantly fucking

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